Podesta Emails Reveal Illegal Coordination With David Brock Super PAC

Another startling discovery from the "Podesta Emails" seems to indicate that the Clinton campaign openly coordinated with the "Correct The Record" Super PAC run by David Brock...which we believe is technically a felony.  That said, we're sure the FBI could find a way to argue the intent. 

Per the email below, Podesta wrote to Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary's Director of Communications, among others in the campaign, in March of last year asking whether the campaign should be coordinating with "Brock" to attack the "Clinton Cash" book as a "Murdoch Special."  Palmieri clearly agrees with the coordination by responding with a simple "Yes."

Of course, all of these conversations were conducted via gmail accounts rather than official campaign accounts...better luck next time keeping the shady stuff off the record...

Super PAC


The questions over coordination with the Super PAC began after Clinton strategist, Jim Margolis, sent around an email about a rumor that 60 Minutes was working on a story on the "Clinton Cash" book written by Peter Schweizer (we wrote about the book here:  "Clinton Cash: "Devastating" Documentary Reveals How Clintons Went From "Dead Broke" To Mega Wealthy"). 

Deputy Communications Director, Kristina Schake, confirms that she also heard about the potential 60 Minutes story and pointed out that is precisely why they "desperately want to get the book ahead of time."

Super PAC


Ironically, as The Washington Free Beacon recently pointed out, the Campaign Legal Center just filed a legal complaint with the Federal Election Commission last Thursday alleging illegal coordination between Hillary's campaign and the Brock Super PAC which, as they point out, is "prohibited by federal law."  Seems as though Assange pretty just won this case for the Campaign Legal Center.

A legal complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday accuses the Hillary Clinton campaign of illegally coordinating with David Brock’s super PAC.


The Campaign Legal Center charges that Brock’s PAC Correct the Record contributed nearly $6 million in in-kind donations to the Clinton campaign in the form of coordinated expenditures, Law Newz reported. Such donations are prohibited by federal law, according to the complaint.


“Correct the Record is a $6 million Washington D.C.-based political committee that spends millions on opposition research, message development, surrogate training and booking, professional video production, and press outreach for the benefit of the Clinton campaign—and by its own admission, does so in full coordination with the Clinton campaign,” the Campaign Legal Center said in the complaint.


“Because Correct the Record is effectively an arm of the Clinton campaign, million-dollar-plus contributions to the super PAC are indistinguishable from contributions directly to Clinton–and pose the same risk of corruption,” the group said in a statement.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Bernie Sanders previously criticized Clinton for hiring Brock as her lead super PAC operative in May, calling him “the scum of the Earth.”

Sanders accused Clinton of distorting his record on issues ranging from the Wall Street bailout to gun control through the pro-Clinton PAC Correct the Record, which is run by Brock.


“There are a lot of decent people who know how to raise money from rich people. That run a super PAC,” Sanders said, criticizing Clinton’s hiring of Brock.


He alluded to Brock’s takedown of Anita Hill in the early 1990s after she accused Justice Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearings of sexual harassment.


Brock in 1993 authored “The Real Anita Hill” that he said detailed her “true motives” in accusing Thomas. He later said the book was a lie intended to destroy Hill’s credibility to protect Thomas’ reputation.


"I don’t have anybody on my staff who has spent his life as an attack dog who has gone about trying to destroy political opponents. And I think that should make people. They play very dirty … Their response is look, that’s the world we live in, that’s what you gotta do. I understand that. I don’t think that’s what you gotta do. I don’t think you hire scum of the Earth to be on your team just because the other side does it. You gotta play in a little bit different way."

As we've asked before, how many plumes of smoke have to be discovered before an official fire is declared?