Clinton Media Chief Urged Fake "U-S-A" Chants At DNC "To Contrast Trump's Angry White Men"

According to leaked emails from the Clinton Campaign, one man's patriot is another "person of undefined sexual identity"'s "angry white man."

The latest Wikileaks dump exposes the hypocrisy of a divided America as Oren Shur - Direct or Paid Media for the Hillary Clinton campaign - calls for fake "U-S-A" chants during Hillary's DNC speech.. to contrast the hate-speech-filled "U-S-A" chants at a Trump rally...


It's all about the optics...

thought - optics tomorrow night


Just a thought … in the Miami speech, the diverse crowd behind HRC holding the little American flags was very cool – and at one point, a small U-S-A chant broke out


Maybe something like this is already in works, but wonder if tomorrow night, we should be more purposeful about generating the U-S-A, U-S-A chants during her riff about the need for togetherness and unity (assuming that’s still part of the speech), with people holding the little American flags – since that’s what America is really about.


Would be a subtle, yet powerful, contrast to the angry white guy U-S-A chants at Trump events when he spews un-American hate talk.

So to clarify - when Trump's 'deplorables' chant "U-S-A" it is racist, bigotted, hate-speak from angry white guys... but a horde of Democrats fake chanting "U-S-A" is what American is all about?

Better than chanting "No More War" we presume?