Ahead Of Monday's Terrorist Threat, Texas, New York Are Taking Measures

Earlier this morning we wrote about a report that U.S. Intelligence sources were warning "joint terrorism task forces that al-Qeada could be planning attacks in three states for Monday."  According to CBS News the pre-election day targets were thought to be New York, Texas and Virginia though no specific targets were mentioned.

Alas, even that may be on the horizon because as CBS News reported moments ago, the news station has learned about a potential terror threat for the day before the election: "Sources say U.S. intelligence has alerted joint terrorism task forces that al-Qeada could be planning attacks in three states for Monday.


CBS adds that it is believed New York, Texas and Virginia are all possible targets, though no specific locations are mentioned.


A senior FBI official told CBS News, ““The counterterrorism and homeland security communities remain vigilant and well-postured to defend against attacks here in the United States.  The FBI, working with our federal, state and local counterparts, shares and assesses intelligence on a daily basis and will continue to work closely with law enforcement and intelligence community partners to identify and disrupt any potential threat to public safety.” During holiday seasons and when big events are approaching, intelligence about potential threats always increases.

Now, according to the NY Daily News, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is alerting New Yorkers to expect "more state police, more National Guard, more soldiers on duty" than during any other election day.  Though the Governor's office hasn't issued an official response, Cuomo noted that he's not surprised by the election day threats given that New York is often a target.   According to Reuters, the NYPD and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey have been alerted to the terrorist threat information and are continuing on high levels of patrol already underway.  

Gov. Cuomo, speaking in Brooklyn, declined to confirm the FBI report but said he wasn’t surprised by it.


“The bad news is New York is often a threat,” said Cuomo. “The good news is we’ve been living with this for over a decade and we get prepared for it. We take every threat seriously, so we’ll be prepared.”


“We were already planning an extraordinary police presence for Tuesday,” the mayor said. “New Yorkers should assume Sunday, Monday, Tuesday is going to be a continuum of a high level of police presence.”


The annual New York City Marathon is set for Sunday.


Cuomo said New Yorkers going to vote Tuesday will see “more state police, more National Guard, more soldiers on duty than ever before.”

Meanwhile, per CBS, Texas Governor Greg Abbott also responded to potential terrorist threats by placing law enforcement officials on high alert.

Gov. Greg Abbott issued his own response on Friday morning. “My office is working with law enforcement officials and we are continuing to monitor the situation in close coordination with the Texas Department of Public Safety. Texans should go about their daily lives as usual, but remain vigilant over the next several days and report any suspicious activity to state or local law enforcement,” Abbott said. “The State of Texas will continue to do everything it can to ensure the safety and security of its citizens.”


Of course, with any last minute terrorist attacks likely to skew votes toward the Republican nominee, we would assume this is just another effort coordinated by the Russians to undermine the U.S. election process.