OreGONE - Oregon Joins California In Proposal To Secede After Trump Victory

Just yesterday we wrote about the "Calexit" proposal that was starting to gather steam after Trump's historic victory on Tuesday night.  Now The Oregonian points out that a group in Oregon has also filed the "Oregon Secession Act" in response to the perceived notion that "Oregonian values are no longer the values held by the rest of the United States."  But, unlike the Calexit proposal, the distraught Hillary supporters in Oregon are thinking big picture and have invited the states of California, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada and Alaska to all band together to form a new nation.

On Thursday morning, Jennifer Rollins, a lawyer, and Christian Trejbal, a writer, filed the Oregon Secession Act.


"Oregonian values are no longer the values held by the rest of the United States," Trejbal said over the phone Thursday.


Those values? "Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness," Trejbal said, "plus equality."


"Obviously," he said, the ballot proposal "came about partially in response to the election results on Tuesday."


Trejbal said that joining forces with other states like Washington, California and Nevada is "a viable way to go forward."


These states, he said, "could all get together and form a nation that uphold the values that we share."


To start the ballot title drafting process, the Oregon Secession Act must receive 1,000 signatures. Trejbal said he and Rollins would be at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland on Thursday night to begin the process of getting those signatures.

And here is the full 1-page proposal...clearly they put a lot of time and effort into this between their violent protest sessions and crying fits.



The good thing is that the devastated Hillary supporters are moving through the "7 Stages of Grief" pretty quickly as they seem to have already reached stage 4 after only 3 days.  That said, we suspect the depression stage could last for a little while...college professors shouldn't expect our snowflakes to be taking tests for at least another couple of weeks.