House Republicans Unanimously Re-elect Paul Ryan As Speaker

If there was any speculation about the fate of House speaker Paul Ryan following his acrimonious relationship with Donald Trump over the past few months, that can now be forgotten because moments ago House Republicans unanimously reelected Ryan as speaker for the next Congress.

As Bloomberg reports, Paul Ryan can thank Donald Trump for helping shore up his hold on the job.

The president-elect’s appointment Sunday of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus to be his White House chief of staff was a key signal to House Republicans that Trump plans to try working with Ryan, a man he attacked bitterly on Twitter several times in the final months of the campaign.


"Welcome to the dawn of a new, unified Republican government," Ryan toldreporters Tuesday after House Republicans’ weekly closed-door meeting. "This will be a government focused on turning President-elect Trump’s victory into real progress for the American people."


Ryan and Priebus are longtime friends and allies who rose through the same ladder of Wisconsin politics.


"Hiring Reince Priebus as his chief of staff is a perfect indication of our new president’s desire to get things done," Ryan said during a Wisconsin radio interview Monday. "Not to mention the fact that we all know Reince very well."


Priebus’s appointment has buoyed Republican hopes that Congress will be able to work closely with a Trump White House to enact significant legislation.


"It’s a good thing, I think, for both the White House and certainly a good thing for the House conference that we’ve got the kind of relationship that Reince and Paul have with one another built up over the years," said Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma.


Cole also noted that Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who served in the House for 12 years, is close friends with Ryan as well.

We note that the entire U.S. House will vote to formally select speaker in January.