After Trump Bashing, SNL Goes After Mainstream Media "Fake" News

In what seems like a sudden and shocking about face, the Saturday Night Live team of 'comedians' appeared to take a shot at the 'fakeness' of mainstream media news and the omnipresent (pre- and post-election) bias towards anti-Trump and pro-liberal perspectives on any and every headline that crosses the wires...

The hidden 'WestWorld'-ness of CNN (and the mainstream media)...

As ScreenCrush so eloquently puts it, if it seemed like SNL’s Anderson Cooper sketch might have been on a loop, there’s good reason for it.  

The cycle of reporting / contextualizing / reacting to / normalizing / supplanting Trump scandals is exactly as arduous as it sounds, and all 'Hosts' need to go in for maintenance eventually.

However, as clear as this sketch were in their embarrassing exposure of the 'real news emperor has no clothes' narrative, it was not enough for The Donald, who tweeted angrily:

And just to emphasize that SNL is also eager to maintain relevance in these rapidly changing times, it also provided the following sketch on the liberal "bubble" world in which the "unthinkable did not happen." SNL's live studio audience - according to many a resident of said "bubble world" - and which was not quite sure at which moments to laugh, may have suffered a terminal cognitive dissonance moment after watching these two clips.

Too little, too late?