Northwest Braces For "Polar Plunge" As Temps Expected To Fall 35 Degrees Below Average

As Al Gore's battle against the ever elusive ManBearPig rages on, forecasters with the national weather service are warning residents of the Northwestern United States to brace for severe record low temperatures of up to 35 degrees below average and extremely heavy snowfall. 

Polar Plunge


Of course, the winter storm expected to hit over the next couple of days will only add to the agony of those in Chicago who were already hit with the biggest "fall" snowstorm in 75 years.  Per WJBC, O'Hare airport got 6.4 inches of snow on Sunday which passed the previous record of 4.8 inches set back in November 1940.

State Climatologist Jim Angel said Sunday’s snowfall total was the heaviest snow accumulation for a fall-winter season’s first snow at O’Hare International Airport and likely other sites as well.


“It was the greatest first-of-the-season daily total for Chicago at O’Hare Airport,” Angel said. “That’s the biggest one-day jump to the winter snowfall season.”


Sunday’s 6.4 inches of snowfall at O’Hare blew past the old Chicago record of 4.8 inches in November of 1940.

Meanwhile, North Dakota families woke up this morning to massive levels of snow accumulation, 30-40 mph winds and temperatures of -30 degrees. 

Polar Plunge


Per the following video from Weather Nation, 55-mph winds, combined with heavy snowfall, created white-out conditions across much of the state.


Per, the onset of extreme winter weather was brought on courtesy of a huge jet stream of Arctic air that is expected to sweep across the entire country this week...

It comes after it was forecast on Monday the arrival of massive cold wilds from the west started to push temperatures down from coast to coast.


'Frigid air from the depths of the Arctic will plunge into the United States as the jet stream (a fast-river of air along which storms travel) drops southward,' the online forecaster stated.


The freezing winds are expected to impact temperatures in the Midwest on Wednesday and Thursday, before the east coast cops it on Friday.

Polar Plunge


...bringing record low temperatures reaching nearly -30 degrees in certain areas...

Polar Plunge


...and snow accumulating to over 2 feet in certin parts of the Northwest all the way to Colorado.

Polar Plunge

And just because it seems appropriate, we conclude with Al Gore's epic warning of the "single biggest threat to our planet," global warming (aka ManBearPig).