"Is This Thing Still On?" Obama Returns To Personal Twitter

Shortly after handing over the official POTUS Twitter account to Trump, who for now appears more interested in using his existing, personal account for his tweetstorms, creating headaches for trading algos which will have to monitor not one but two presidential accounts going forward, on Friday afternoon Barack Obama officially marked his transition from president back to private citizen on social media, tweeting from his personal @BarackObama Twitter account.

"Hi everybody! Back to the original handle. Is this thing still on? Michelle and I are off on a quick vacation, then we’ll get back to work," Obama said in his tweet. He also tweeted information about the Obama Foundation, which he plans to launch in Chicago and run during his post-presidential life.

Even back in the private sector, Obama's reach on Twitter will remain nearly 4 times greater than that of Trump, with 80.9 million followers, compared to the 21 million followers for Trump. Then again, Obama does have a substantial head start.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama's longtime White House photographer Pete Souza posted his final photo of the departing president Friday, showing Obama leaving the White House for the last time. The one-word caption for the post reads: "farewell."



A photo posted by Pete Souza (@petesouza) on Jan 20, 2017 at 12:06pm PST