Billionaire Dem Donor Thinks His Party Needs A New Message - "No One Votes For Polar Bears"

Tom Steyer, the Billionaire founder of the hedge fund Farallon Capital, spent $87mm funding liberal campaigns and ballot measures all across the country in 2016 and got absolutely nothing in return but a Republican-controlled Congress and White House.  Something tells us the 2016 election cycle was one of the worst "investment" ROI's of Steyer's life.

But despite his stunning losses, like Obama, Steyer is convinced that Americans still overwhelming agree with liberal's just that those policies aren't being explained well enough for people to understand them.  Per The Hill:

He said he still believes most voters agree with Democratic ideals, though the party didn’t effectively convey them in November.


"I think there’s no doubt that we reflect the will of the people to an overwhelming extent. I don’t think we were successful in conveying the spirit behind those policies, and I don’t think we were successful in transmitting the urgency behind those policies,” Steyer told The Hill.


While the economy added millions of jobs under former President Barack Obama, the recovery from the worst recession since the Great Depression brought with it stagnant wage growth. Steyer said that drove voters away from Democrats, who shepherded the slow-growth economy during Obama’s eight years in office.



Sure, because it couldn't possibly be that the electorate actually understands the following data, or at least feels the impact of the Obama "economic recovery" farce in their daily lives, and chose to try something new.  Perhaps Steyer could more "successfully convey" why the following facts about Obama's "economic recovery" are positive for the majority of Americans.



But, unlike many political hopefuls and the majority of the establishment in Washington D.C., at least Steyer is somewhat self-aware.  After considering a run for the California Governor's seat, Steyer admits that the 2016 election cycle left him, as well as the mainstream media, completely confused about the priorities of American voters. 

He had expected to make a decision about whether to run for governor, he said, in a world in which Hillary Clinton had taken the presidential oath of office, not Trump.


“The truth of the matter is, it’s different. The world did not play out on November 8 the way I expected it to, and I want to make sure whatever I do is well considered and responds to the reality of what’s going on,” he said. “I’m still intending to do the most impactful service I can in terms of standing up for the values I care most about.”


Steyer said climate change issues can appeal to middle-class Americans, but only if those issues are cast as an economic appeal.


“On an economic basis, acting on clean energy is positive in every single fashion, including creating millions of net good jobs,” Steyer said. “No one votes for polar bears. People care about local, human issues, period.”

Oh well, we do hope that Steyer runs for office soon as we look forward to a solid, concise explanation of exactly how the abysmal Obama recovery was good for the country...we, apparently like most Americans, still don't fully understand it.