Talk Radio Host, Dr. Michael Savage, Goes on Epic Rant Over DNC Candidate Sally Boynton Brown and Anti-White Democrats

In response to  poor Sally Boynton Brown's anti-white rhetoric, who is vying for leadership of the DNC by promising to shut her fellow white people down, Dr. Michael Savage offered poignant commentary -- hearkening back to when Amy Biehl was killed by S. African retrogrades --  bridging the two anti-white women together by describing them as being afflicted by an acute mental malady -- bordering on self-immolation. Listen to the clip. I promise you it's worth your time. As a party trying to govern all Americans, one has to theorize the democrats are merely pandering to demographic trends -- hoping to solidify their standing with latinos and black Americans -- by casting hideous aspersions and division in white communities -- attempting to marginalize them -- in an effort to secure long term power over the American economy and military apparatus. These purposeful, deceitful and hateful policies -- directed by them, are employing identity politics and fomenting discord in people from an early age -- using Hollywood and media as channels to direct their propaganda, so that they could profit from it when the scales tip in favor of their voting block.


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