Full-Time Jobs Soar By 457K To Record High; Part-Time Jobs Tumble By 490K

While Trump will surely point to the record drop in people not in the labor force - in addition to the overall 227K jobs gained - as proof he is starting off on the right foot (not to mention the S&P which remains within a fraction of all time highs), one other aspect of today's jobs report the President will likely highlight is that in January, the recent trend of "part-timing" the US labor force abruptly reversed, and according to the Establishment Survey, the number of full-time jobs surged by 457K in January to a new all time high of 124,705K.

At the same time, part-time jobs tumbled by 490,000 to 27,405K, the biggest monthly drop since last June.

If Trump really wants to undo the "Obama recovery", this is one particular trend he will want to focus on in the months ahead.