7 Murders In Chicago's Deadliest Day Of 2017 As Trump Tweets "Totally Out Of Control"

Yesterday marked the most violent day of 2017 for folks living in Chicago as the city recorded at least 13 shootings and 7 homicides.  According to the Chicago Tribune, five of the victims were killed over just a two hour period, including a woman who was eight months pregnant.  Meanwhile, the violent Wednesday night brought total shootings for the year to 495 with 99 homicides.

Of course, Trump has been persistent in his threats to "send in the feds" if Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanual fails to "fix the horrible 'carnage' going on" in his streets.  Earlier this evening Trump commented on the latest spike of violence, saying:

"Seven people shot and killed yesterday in Chicago. What is going on there - totally out of control. Chicago needs help!"


Of course, this latest Trump tweet mimics similar messages sent last month:


Per data from HeyJackAss!, Wednesday marked the deadliest day in Chicago since Christmas Day last year when the city recorded 8 homicides.

Chicago Murders


And, for the first time in 2017, YTD homicides have officially exceeded the violent 2016 pace and looks set to surpass 100 for just the first two months of the year. 

Chicago Murders


Finally, just like 2016, the violence continues to be heavily concentrated in just a handful of neighborhoods on Chicago's South and West Side.

Like last year, the Harrison police district on the West Side has seen the most homicides: 16 this year compared to 12 this time last year, according to Tribune data.


The Austin district, also on the West Side, is close behind with 11 homicides.  Last year, it wasn't even among the top five at this time, Tribune data shows.


The next three districts are Ogden on the Near West Side, 10, Englewood on the South Side, 9, and Calumet on the South Side, 6.  The Near North district had no homicides this time last year but has recorded two this year, according to Tribune data.

Chicago Murders