Obama's Surrogates Continue to Deny Trump Tower Surveillance, But Evidence Suggests Otherwise

The President's tweets regarding alleged Obama wiretapping of Trump Towers during the campaign is making a lot of waves this afternoon -- with the Sunday lineup of shills being interviewed on political discussion talk shows. From what we can gather thus far, the White House is calling for an investigation into the President's claims that Obama wiretapped his offices. Rep. Schiff (D) calls the charges baseless and without merit, pointing out that Sean Spicer has said he would not discuss the matter further until it was investigated through the proper channels.

Trump's spokeswoman said she did not trust the Obama denial, illuminating a few points where the Obama administration had been less than forthcoming about their meddling in the past.

Here's the former Director of National Security, James Clapper, saying, unequivocally, that there wasn't a FISA court ordered wiretap on candidate Trump. George Bush's former AG, Mukasey, said there was some sort of surveillance taking place on Trump or his cohorts during the campaign. If we strip it all away and simply look at the facts on the ground, President Obama either illegally wiretapped candidate Trump's offices or did so legally -- that much is certain. If James Clapper is correct that there wasn't a court order for surveillance, then logic dictates they were done outside the boundaries of the law. The middle ground is a revelation that someone other than Trump was being surveilled at Trump Tower and Obama's talking heads are merely obfuscating the facts, in order to derail a proper inquiry. Radio talk show host and former assistant to AG Meese wraps it all up nicely, concluding that Obama's spying was overt and blatant tactics of a police state. Content originally generated at iBankCoin.com