Victim of Obama Administration Surveillance Order, James Rosen, Discusses His Experiences, says Trump Wiretape 'Plausible'

Back in 2013, Fox News journalist, James Rosen, was named a 'criminal co-conspirator' and 'flight risk' by then AG Holder -- which led to a series of events that made Holden later regret doing it. With Holden's explicit direction, the DOJ secretly accessed all of Rosen's gmails, contacts, and surveilled of more than 20 phone lines connected to him, including his mother's phone in Staten Island, NY. The Washington Post's Dana Milbank wrote a piece on the ordeal, saying "The Rosen affair is as flagrant an assault on civil liberties as anything done by George W. Bush’s administration, and it uses technology to silence critics in a way Richard Nixon could only have dreamed of. To treat a reporter as a criminal for doing his job — seeking out information the government doesn’t want made public — deprives Americans of the First Amendment freedom on which all other constitutional rights are based." Here is Rosen recounting his affair and opining on the plausibility of Trump being a target of the Obama administration too -- which he affirmed in the positive, 'in the age of Snowden.' Suggesting that Obama never ordered surveillance on an American citizen is somewhat ridiculous, when in fact we know of very public instances, like Rosen, when it has been done. Considering Obama's non-stop panning of Fox New during his terms, some find it hard to believe that he wasn't directly informed about the Rosen spying. Content originally generated at