Necons Demand Action in Syria, While Serious Questions Regarding the Chemical Attack Remain Unanswered

Today, President Trump 'changed his mind' about Syria and Assad, due to the horrific pictures showing victims of a chemical weapons attack that killed dozens in the ISIS controlled city of Idlib. The media has been plastering one dead child after the next -- evoking emotional responses from people looking for a villain to bomb. On a much smaller scale, these are the same tactics that were used to draw us into the 9/11 wars, which still persist in all of their horrible, indecorous, calamity, 16 years hence. Trump has changed his mind. Before we start send sorties into Syria, trying to take out both Russian and Syrian forces, how about we first see evidence proving this was a government sponsored attack? Thus far, according to the NY Times, this is all we have -- this one flimsy attestation by 'witnesses.'

Witnesses said the gas was delivered by a government airstrike. The attacks raised the possibility that the Syrian government used a banned nerve agent, like sarin, after it agreed in 2013 to eliminate its chemical weapons program.

Fox's Geraldo 'Al Capone Punk'd Me from the Grave' Rivera offered his take, stating the obvious. It made no sense for Assad to use chemical weapons, especially after the US made overtures accepting his rule in the country.

The US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, gave an overly dramatic speech regarding the attacks -- standing up and showing pictures of dead children, asking Russia 'how many children have to die before Russia cares?' Russian officials have a different account of the events in Idlib. They said Assad attacked an ISIS weapons depot, which had chemical weapons in it. Can we be sure who is telling the truth? No. But, thanks to social media, some serious facts have been presented, such as people receiving gas masks two days prior to the attacks and an anti-Assad reporter, writing about a chemical gas attack 24 hours in advance. How can we explain this? Personally, I think we'd be fools to believe anything ISIS or the 'moderate rebels' have to say on the matter.

Let's examine the timeline and what has just transpired. The war that the neocons have wanted for the past half decade in Syria, displacing Assad for a 'pro-western' leader, was just greenlit by Trump. Bannon was booted from the NSC, amidst rumors that Trump's son in law, Jared Kushner, was leaking info to the Morning Shill, Joe Scarborough. Nikkie Haley sabre rattled Russia, Syria and Iran at the UN. Trump 'changed his mind.' Rex Tillerson told Russia to 'rethink Assad.' And, lastly, Trump called Merkel to discuss the Ukraine. This is either the best game of 10d waterpolo ever played or we've been had. One last thing before I go. Motive.

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