A Bewildered Tucker Carlson Takes on Delusional Senator Graham Over Syrian Strikes

I want you to watch this video, so that you know what you're up against. We aren't dealing with rational people. Here is the Senator from South Carolina, a man with great power in this country, telling Tucker Carlson with a straight face that taking out Saddam was a good idea. Additionally, he said taking out Libya was a good idea. Now he wants to take out Assad, because 'he's killing his own people.' It's called a civil war, actually, and he wasn't killing anyone until American sponsored ISIS invaded his country. For about a year, I've been blogging a lot of politics, hoping that Trump's message of 'America first' was genuine. I see now, much to my dismay, that's not the case. While some of you don't take issue with the Syrian attack, I view it as the rubicon that Trump crossed to be part of the club, one with John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Nancy Pelosi. This isn't about supporting Assad, but about setting priorities and properly analyzing risk. In many respects, this is much akin to trading. We place bets and hope that they work out. But any good trader knows that the monetary loss isn't the most important factor in a bad trade, but the time lost in hoping for a return. How does destroying Assad help you? How does spending $84m on 59 cruise missiles help towards that elusive infrastructure bill? It doesn't. There will be plenty of true Trumpers out here to fulfill your need for partisan propaganda. I can no longer provide such a service, as I've decided that I don't trust the man anymore. Anyone who placates filth like the man featured in the video below is undeserving of my valuable time. Please listen to his words, interpret his rationale, analyze his cadence and body language -- and juxtapose that against Tucker's -- and tell me Graham isn't a dangerous person. And here's the other side to the story. Content originally published at iBankCoin.com