House Passes Stopgap Spending Bill Averting Government Shutdown; Senate Next

The US House of Representatives passed a one week stopgap spending bill to keep the government funded through next Friday, as lawmakers continue work to finish legislation that extends funding through the rest of the fiscal year.

Next, the bill will go to the Senate, which is also expected to clear the vote later today, and then send it to President Trump for his signature.

It remains unclear just how Dems and GOP will agree on a long-term spending bill over the next 7 days if they were unable to do so as of today, especially with Trump conceding in virtually all controversial items such as the Wall along the Mexican border. However, we do know that Democrats may now hold government hostage, passing weekly bills to ensure that Republicans do not pass some version of Obamacare repeal, although as reported earlier today, even that effort appears to be too loft for House republicans at this moment.