Number Of Potential Migrants Worldwide Tops 700 Million

Viruses, violent conflicts and a host of other regional calamities helped revive peoples’ desire to migrate permanently to another country between the years 2013 and 2016 as the number of potential migrants climbed to 710 million, according to a Gallup poll.

Globally, 14% of the world’s adults wish to migrate, with the highest rates seen in sub-Saharan Africa (30%) and areas of Europe outside the European Union (21%), followed by Latin America and the Caribbean (18%), the Middle East and North Africa (19%), the European Union (20%), Commonwealth of Independent States (15%), Australia, New Zealand, Oceania (9%) and North America (10%).

The lowest rates were found in Asia, starting with South Asia (8%), East Asia (8%) and Southeast Asia (7%).

Regions that saw the largest increase were areas of Europe outside the EU, which rose by 6 percentage points, the Caribbean and Latin America, which climbed 5 percentage points, and the Middle East and North Africa.

While still not back to the 16% Gallup measured between 2007 and 2009, the desire to migrate has risen in several regions thanks to the slowing post-crisis economic recovery.

The Gallup poll revealed that in 31 countries throughout the world, at least three in 10 adults say they would move permanently if they could. These countries and areas are found in every region except Asia, Oceania and Northern America. At 62%, Sierra Leone had the highest rate of dissatisfaction with current circumstances, likely thanks to the 2014 ebola outbreak. Haiti and Albania tied for second at 56%, with Liberia coming in fourth at 54%.

The US continues to be the most desired destination for potential migrants, as it has been since Gallup started tracking desire to migrate a decade ago. One in five potential migrants name the US as their desired future residence, followed by Germany, Canada, the UK, France, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

While the number of potential migrants who’d prefer America hasn’t changed significantly from previous years, the number who’d prefer Germany has risen massively – from 28 million to 39 million, likely thanks to Chancellor Angela Merkel's vow to take in refugees, a decision that led to a 50% rise in migrant crime.

Interestingly enough, the UK lost some of its appeal as a desired destination after Brexit, a decision that was largely based on stemming the tide of immigration to Britain. The poll showed that approximately 35 million potential migrants named the UK as their desired location, down from 43 million between 2010 and 2012.

The rise in the desire to migrate likely reflects the increasing unrest in some parts of the world, where war, famine, disaster and disease are plentiful. It’s possible that the US could lose some of its appeal because of Trump, Gallup said,though that seems unlikely; with about 147 million would-be migrants saying the US is their preferred destination, it holds the number-one spot by a considerable margin.


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don't let them in. under *any* circumstances.X amount of tears & bloodshed NOW - by not letting them in - or 10000X later: when they have to burned out and driven into the sea at bayonet-point. it's a shitty choice, but those are the choices

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My argument separate from the displaced people of the ME affected by bombing and fighting, is that Soros and "supporters are more than happy with setting up and funding the movement of Africans to Europe through Libya to italy (and Europe). It is putting the idea that you can have what they have by going there and demanding financial support, housing, medical, food and training "just cause".  You can't equalize the world this way without some real fighting and right now I see sides being drawn on allowing in migrants.

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4,000 Muslim refugees hit U.S. in May aloneAccording to data from the State Department Refugee Processing Center, a total of 3,957 refugees were admitted into the United States in May. It represents a 19.3 percent increase over April’s figure of 3,316 and is the second consecutive monthly increase in refugee admissions.

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Islamists have built a powerful infrastructure of terror inside Europe's cities. These terror bases are self-segregated, multicultural enclaves in which extremist Muslims promote Islamic fundamentalism and implement Islamic law, Sharia -- with the Tower Hamlets Taliban of East London; in the French banlieues [suburbs], and in The Hague's "sharia triangle", known as "the mini-caliphate," in the Netherlands. These extremist Muslims can comfortably get their weapons from the Balkans, where, thanks to Europe's open borders, they can travel with ease. They can also get their money from abroad, thanks to countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia.These Islamists can self-finance through the mosques they run, as well as get "human resources," donated by unvetted mass migration coming through the Mediterranean.A jihadist takeover of Europe is no longer unthinkable. Islamic extremists are already reaping what they sowed: they successfully defeated Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen, the only two European candidates who really wanted to fight radical Islam. What if tomorrow these armed Islamists assault the Parliament in Rome, election polls in Paris, army bases in Germany or schools in London, in a Beslan-type attack?The terrorists' ransom is already visible: they have destabilized the democratic process in many European countries and are drafting the terms of freedom of expression. They have been able to pressure Europe into moving the battle-front from the Middle East to Europe itself. Of all the French soldiers engaged in military operations, half are deployed inside France; in Italy, more than half of Italian soldiers are used in "Safe Streets," the operation keeping Italy's cities safe.23,000 potential jihadists in the UK, 18,000 in Belgium, 10,000 in Germany, 15,000 in France. What do these numbers tell us? There might be a war in Europe "within a few years", as the chief of the Swedish army, General Anders Brännström, told the men under his command that they must expect.

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Civil war really is inevitable in Europe - there is no question about it.  Tragically, the ones who implemented all of these policies regarding immigration will be long dead. One only has to look back in history to see that it will be repeated, and this time there will be no need to invade cities like Vienna as they will already be in situ to succeed and Europeans have been so brainwashed they will just roll over and submit. 

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60+ million non-English speaking foreigners in US, thousands more arriving each week.

Eventually, the streets of the US will run red with rivers of blood.

It's a mathematical certainty.

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They have nowhere left to flee. Every western nation has been suffering nearly uncontrolled migration for 50+ years. The US is dead, Canada is dead, Australia was the last large country to end their culture-protecting quotas (so not dead yet, but headed that way), and the remainder are too small.

The closest I see is either Russia or a massive war somewhere modern arms could provide easy decisive victory (South America? Africa?).

It's more likely that they'll be exterminated than that they'll succeed in fleeing.

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Interesting to see where the millenials will go. They will be the more enterprising of their generation. They will be the smarter ones who will not pay debts kicked down. The baby boomers with savings should follow them. Destinations opened for economic immigrants (i.e.those who shall suck on the welfare teats) should be avoided by baby boomers. (Say Yours to them). New tribes shall be formed with talents in new habitats/homes that have less debts. Nesting in or moving to the comforts of cultures, religions, races, etc are poor choices for none of these shall feed you. There is no freedom in poverty.  

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You would think with 700 Million refugees diluting the world's counties nationalism would have dissolved, toss in false flags of CIA/MI6 terrorists round the world folks would have submitted to the NWO by now...but they're losing and the people of the world are waking up.

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Overpopulation.  When people pump out more babies than there are jobs, the excess babies migrate.  And they bring their overpopulation culture with them.

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Has anybody here not read "Camp of the Saints" by Jean Raspail? you haven't you should. It is eerily prophetic as it was written 1973 and was dead on in terms of descibing the invasion (except for a few details), especially with regard to liberal rationalizations and propaganda justifying the acceptance of the refugees and the shaming and criminalization of anyone who questioned it.All that remains to be seen at this point is if Raspail's prediction for the ending turns out to be as true as his prediction of the invasion and the behavior of its enablers.I had thought him wrong, but with each successive election in Europe going to the open borders candidates, I'm now leaning toward the author being 100% correct.  

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They didn't turn their backs on God. They were led astray by their politicians, who sold them out to the old world kleptocrats.This isn't rocket science. Tptb fear their own nation. Since machine guns its gotten progressively harder to slaughter dissenters on foreign guns. Since the Russian revolution tptb have developed other tactics to hobble their fellow man and secure their undeserved positions of wealth and influence. Tptb aren't the best and brightest, they are crippling and killing off the best and brightest as soon as they identify them. Every generation their inbred club keeps getting dumber. This is an op to secure their power over a populous weaker and dumber than themselves by massively weakering and dumbing down the populous. The irony is that tptb are setting themselves up to be subjugated by smarter and stronger outsiders. If you're paying attention you'll know that the undesired outcomes of these schemes tend to manifest about 2.5x faster than tptb plan, due to unanticipated factors including acceleration by others hostile to tptb, tptb are usually still in their house of cards when it collapses. 

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Sicily G7 Summit Proves Invasion Can Be Controlled: No “Refugees” Allowed While They Meet…German Government Report: At Least 6.6 Million Nonwhites Waiting To Enter On Europe's Borders"At least 6.6 million nonwhites pretending to refugees are already waiting to invade the Continent, according to a secret German government report leaked to the Bild newspaper."…

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Wars are necessary for the West to survive as was....That's why we have the boundaries we do, but we never had Snowflakes before....You can lay this acceleration 100% on Obama...

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> with about 147 million would-be migrants saying the US is their preferred destination

Actually, is way lower for U.S. per-capita than for other countries.

Here's the Top 10 (with % of population that would be the migrants if they all entered):

Singapore (64%)
Switzerland (61%)
New Zealand (61%)
United Arab Emirates (56%)
Australia (55%)
Canada (50%)
Sweden (45%)
Saudi Arabia (44%)
United Kingdom (35%)
France (33%)

And the bottom 3 (of the survey):

China (1%)
Brazil (3%)
Russia (5%)…

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It probably is the destiny for mankind to blend into a multi-culti blend, but if that's the case, let it happen naturally, at it's own pace. This group apparently wants to force it now, even though we are far from ready for this. All they will end up doing is making a mess of things, and setting us back. They are similar to the 'techies', who just can't wait for the singularity...and ram their inventions down society's throat, 'disrupting' everyone's lives for their amusement. And just like the human 'mutt-makers', they try to engineer that which must be allowed to progress naturally, and end up setting their own cause back when it all fails spectacularly. It fucking pisses me off. We all get one ride on this life, and these social engineering asswipes think they have a right to fuck up billions of people's one shot at a decent life just so they can play games. They do things that can totally screw a person's entire world, as if they had a RIGHT to do it.