The "Islamization Of Europe"? What's Behind Erdogan's New Muslim Political Network

Authored by Yves Manou via The Gatestone Institute,

  • What is notable is that France's new Muslim party, the Equality and Justice Party (PEJ), is an element of a network of political parties built by Turkey's President Erdogan and AKP to influence each country of Europe, and to influence Europe through its Muslim population.
  • What is their program? The classic one for an Islamic party: abolishing the founding secularist law of 1905, which established the separation of church and state; mandatory veils for schoolgirls; and community solidarity (as opposed to individual rights) as a priority. All that is wrapped in the not-so-innocent flag of the necessity to "fight against Islamophobia", a concept invented to shut down the push-back of all people who might criticize Islam before they can even start.
  • "[The Islamist party's] purpose is to conquer the world, not just have a mandate. Its mechanics were already established.... Islamists took power in the name of democracy, then suspended democracy by using their power.... Convert the clothes, the body, the social links, the arts, nursing homes, schools, songs and culture, then, they just wait for the fruit to fall in the turban... An Islamist party is an open trap: you cannot let it in. If you refuse it, your country switches to a dictatorship, but if you accept it, you are at risk of submission...." — Kamel Daoud, Algerian writer, in Le Point, 2015.

In the legislative elections that will take place June 11 and 18 in France, political parties are finalizing preparations: choosing their candidates, and printing posters and stickers. Business as usual? Not really.

(Image source: Rama/Wikimedia Commons)

One newcomer arose in the political spectrum: a Muslim party, the Parti Egalité Justice ("Equality and Justice Party"; PEJ).

What is notable is that PEJ is an element of a network of political parties built by Trukey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP), to influence each country of Europe, and to influence Europe through its Muslim population.

PEJ: A Pro-Erdogan Party in France

The PEJ was created in 2015 in Strasbourg, the de facto capital of eastern France, on the border with Germany. PEJ has already approved 68 candidates -- not enough to cover the whole territory but enough to compete efficiently in districts where Turkish and Muslim populations are strongly represented. French citizens of Turkish origin are estimated to represent 600,000 people in France, out of a Muslim population estimated at 5-15 million, but official statistics do not exist.

Another Muslim party, "Français et Musulmans" ("French and Muslims"), is also quietly preparing to erupt on the political scene of the French legislative elections. "Français et Musulmans" originates from L'Union des Organisations Islamiques de France (UOIF) which has been rebaptized "Muslims of France". "Français et Musulmans" is the French branch of Muslim Brotherhood.

The PEJ, is the first party in France established by Turks. PEJ already participated in elections of the Provincial General Assembly in March 2015, but was eliminated in the first round. According to the magazine Marianne: "PEJ is closely connected to Council for justice, equality and peace (Cojep), an international NGO which represents, everywhere it is based, an anchor for AKP", the party of Turkey's president, Recep Tayip Erdogan. According to L'Express "many managers of PEJ are also in charge in Cojep".

What is their program? The classic one for an Islamist party: abolishing the founding secularist law of 1905, which established the separation of church and state; veils mandatory for schoolgirls in public schools; halal food for all schools; support for Palestinians; and community solidarity (as opposed to individual rights) as a priority. All that is wrapped in the not-so-innocent flag of the necessity to "fight against Islamophobia", a concept invented to shut down the push-back of all people who might criticize Islam before they can even start.

According to the magazine Marianne, Mine Gunbay, responsible for women's rights in the city council of Strasbourg, fearlessly and tirelessly denounced the metamorphosis of Strasbourg into "political laboratory of the AKP". Strasbourg is the city where Erdogan was authorized by former president Hollande to hold an electoral rally in October 2015. Legally.

Another noteworthy Turkish move in France is the probable nomination of Ahmet Ogras, the representative of Turkish Islam in France, as next president of the Conseil français du culte musulman ("French Council of Muslim worship", CFCM). Ahmet Ogras is known for his good relationship with Erodgan's AKP party. CFCM is the legal structure built by French politicians to have a single Muslim talking-partner. Until now, all presidents of CFCM were of Algerian or Moroccan origin.


In Austria, in 2016, "Turkish citizens" founded the New Movement for the Future (NBZ) party. The goal of the party is to give Turks a voice in politics across Austria. The NBZ Chairman, Adnan Dinçer, explained that the rise of extremist right-wing parties have caused them to work faster. "Political actors are making decisions about the minorities working here, but we are not involved in this decision-making mechanism," he said. The NBZ makes it clear that they support controversial Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and condemn the "Gülen movement", which the Turkish government claims carried out a coup attempt in July 2016.


Denk, a party founded by Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk in March 2017, became the first-ever ethic minority party in the Dutch parliament. The party, apparently a mouthpiece for Turkish president Erdogan, won three seats in the recent election, which was focused on immigration.

Party leader Tunahan Kuzu said: "This is the beginning of a new chapter in our history. The new Netherlands has given a vote in the House."


The Muslim population of Bulgaria is made up of Turks (Sunni), some Shi'ites, Bulgarians and Roma, who together represent 7-8% of the total population. In Bulgaria, there are three Muslim political parties, in which most of the members are Turkish and Muslim.

One of these parties is The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (HÖH), founded in 1990 by Ahmet Do?an. In 2014, HÖH was represented by 38 people in the 240-member parliament and had four MEPs in the European Parliament (EP).

HÖH, which made a coalition with the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), thus has a say in the country's administration, even though leadership changed after a 2013 assassination attempt against Do?an.

Because Erdogan was not satisfied with HÖH, he has worked to create other pro-Turkish parties in Bulgaria.


Many Germans of Turkish descent have chosen to invest in German established political parties and influence them from within. Some, however, are trying to influence policy from without.

The Allianz Deutscher Demokraten ("Alliance of German Democrats", ADD) is a small party founded by Remzi Aru, evidently as a reaction to the German Parliament's recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

ADD is friendly toward Erdogan and has been trying to establish an electoral base within immigrant and Muslim communities. Its leaders nevertheless had difficulty collecting the 1,000 signatures necessary to participate in the May 2017 North Rhine-Westphalia state election.

Another Muslim-German party is the Bündnis für Innovation und Gerechtigkeit ("Alliance for Innovation and Justice", BIG), which has existed since 2010, but without much success.

German law prohibits foreign funding of political parties, and a party of Turks would have to fulfill a certain range of obligations to get its certification as an official political party.

The Islamist Trap

An Islamist party in a democracy is, according the Algerian writer, Kamel Daoud, "a trap". Especially in France. In an op-ed published in Le Point in 2015, he writes:

"An Islamic party in France? What a fascinating political object: one cannot refuse it, but one cannot accept it. Nothing better summarizes the situation as a French trap... If France says Yes, she submits in the long term. An Islamic party is an Islamist party by a natural slope.... By definition. Its purpose is to conquer the world, not just to have a mandate. Its mechanics were already established.... Islamists took power in the name of democracy, then suspended democracy by using their power. At best. At worse, Islamists opted for the approach of the crab that keeps its claws behind his back: no political ambitions, but a millenary ambition in the mind: convert the clothes, the body, the social links, the arts, nursing homes, schools, songs and culture, then, they just wait for the fruit to fall in the turban... An Islamist party is an open trap: you cannot let it in. If you refuse it, your country switches to a dictatorship, but if you accept it, you are at risk of submission....


"As soon as it bursts onto the political scene, the same consequences appear as in Algeria, Egypt, Pakistan, the Sahel or Tunisia: it divides the country between Eradicators (those who want to eradicate the Islamists) and Reconcilers (those who advocate dialogue with Islamist monologue) and the Fatalists (those who are waiting for something good to happen)."

As a fine political analyst, Kamel Daoud knows -- and everybody knows with him -- that nobody in France has the solution to confront the Islamist problem. The only question is: who will win? Reconcilers or Eradicators? One thing is sure for now, Reconcilers are in power for the next five years.

Another thing is sure: the first veiled woman elected as a Member of Parliament will trigger a civilizational that which has no equivalent in French history.


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When will the Gatestone Institute get around to writing an artlcle on Barbara Spectre.They are willfully ignoring Spectre as one who has the answers to the deliberate population transformation.So since they are ignoring her even as they sound the alarm about all the wild Islamics, who really signs their paychecks.They are playing both ends against the middle.Would it really surprise anyone if Spectre were the office manager or some administrative assistant at Gatestone.  

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So what ? In a democracy you better get used to candidates, that you would never vote for. The 0.56% of votes says it all and is probably somewhat equal to the result of the French election (first round) yeasterday. No one single candidate for the "Egalité et Justice" party will be present at the Second Round in a week.

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Mimir ... Not sure I agree with your assessment of the Gatestone Institute. The Gatestone Institute have shown themselves to be purveyors of truth.More importantly, we cannot have any discussion that excludes GOD of the Bible and His prophetic messages. Below is one view of how Islam will be used by GOD to accomplish His purpose in the Middle East and Europe. It is a mistake to ignore the Bible which everyone appears to be doing at this time.Below is one prophetic viewpoint of how islam will be used in the Middle East by GOD in the days ahead. Antichrist Bloodline by (Perry Stone)

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"Another thing is sure: the first veiled woman elected as a Member of Parliament will trigger a civilizational that which has no equivalent in French history."

trigger a civilizational what?

No proofreaders around? then do not publish until somebody not on drugs is at the terminal.

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This is nothing new. The Israel Lobby operates in every country of the world to influence politics.Nothing to see here, move on                .org

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'What is notable is that France's new Muslim party, the Equality and Justice Party (PEJ), 'So very funny including the world Equality in the name of a Muslim party, there is no equality in Islam, just ask the average Muslim woman and the Justice they speak of is Sharia law.Liberal western woman who have welcomed open immigration with open arms are in for a bit of a shock in the future.

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France, Germany and England have let the invaders into their countries with open arms and now thiy are doomed. They will never be the same. The cancer has spread and there is no stopping it there now thanks to the liberals. 

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Twelve people, six of them police officers, were injured after a Molotov cocktail was hurled into and exploded at a restaurant in the French capital.Three people were airlifted to a hospital after suffering severe burns from the fire that started as a result in Aubervilliers, a commune located in the northern part of Paris, around 8:30 p.m. Sunday, the day of parliamentary elections in France...... Police have not identified a suspect for the crime (Newspeak for Ramadan man)

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As I've always said

  • Islam is a totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion.

Islam is simply incompatible with our culture and needs to be expunged from Western countries else it will destroy us.

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More zionist propaganda. These guys have been preaching the downfall of Europe thanks to a "Muslim coup d'etat" for 10 years. And they've been wrong all the way. Do you ever hear Gatestone Institute speak about how Jewish elites are heavily entrechned in elite positions in European politics, economics and arts? Of course not!

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"And they've been wrong all the way."How so? Are we not seeing Islamic migrant populations rapidly increase across much of Western Europe, particularly in France, Germany and NL? Britain also has a lot of them. Do we not see ghettos of Islamic people?Islamic people breed like rabbits and in 1 or 2 generations will become a serious influence in politics and social policy. They will demand the intro of Sharia law and totalitarian governance, all anathema to Western culture. Democratic accountability will be out the window.What we are seeing is the beginning of an Islamic coup d'etat and the right time to take decisive action is NOW before it becomes a civil war on the streets of these nations.And for the record, I take the exact same view of any other religious sect who attempt to exert undue influence and control. That would be the jewish tribe.

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I would observe this post describes the political agenda in support of a rigid religious belief system introduced in Europe and other western countries, and which confirm the priority and nature and extent for separation of church and state.

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EEurope deserves to be enslaved by the subhuman cult of Islam. They are libs and by definition stupid and possess a finda.ental lack of knowledge when it comes to identifying evil. Welcome to your new life as slaves of the haters.

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AKP, of which Erdogan is head, is the Muslim Brotherhood by a different name.  The Muslim Brotherhood is considered by many, including Arabs as a terrorist organization. Erdogan is funding Muslim Albanians/Kosovorians/Bosnians and is creating terroroist cells in the heart of Europe to cause havoc when he desires in Europe.  NATO nations are currently not doing anything because they don't want to completely hand over Turkey to Russia; the irony of course is that Russia doesn't want Turkey either.  So instead of collaborating with Russia to wipe out this miasma they use Turkey to get their points across.  Sooner or later this will stop and Turkey will no longer exist in today's form.  The Turkish Islamic Caliphate of approximately 600 years will come to an end finally and Europe, including Russia and Ukraine will be able to move forward.