Trump Jr. Rips into Comey: 'You're the Head of the FBI, You're Not Some Baby'

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Donald Trump took away James Comey's job, now his son will take away any semblance of dignity he has left. In an interview with Judge Jeanine, Trump Jr. laced into Comey, mocking the former FBI head and flat out calling him 'dishonest' and of 'bad character.'  

"He has proven himself to be a dishonest man of bad character," Trump Jr. told Jeanine Pirro on Fox News. "They spent 10 months chasing a rabbit down a hole with the sole purpose of taking down my father.   "We were vindicated."   "Of all the things that were leaked, the only thing that wasn't leaked was that Trump was never under investigation," he said. "Because there is nothing there.   "How come that's not leaked?
  Trump Jr. hit Comey with a verbal gravity hammer, saying "I think his divisiveness, the way he handled things, everything that leads up to this that we've seen over the last few months, and now that we know how he handled the Loretta Lynch thing, explains perfectly why he totally should've been fired."   Judge Jeanine posited the idea, in light of the revelation that Comey had leaked to the NY Times, the possibility that he had leaked to the media in the past. Trump Jr. concurred, "I think almost without question. He said he's a leaker. You know, if he did it this time, how many time did he do it? I wish there was a follow up for that.   He added, "If the head of the FBI is saying 'well if I was a stronger individual, I may...', give me a break. You're the head of the FBI. You're not some baby, pretending, like, does anyone believe this? And if he is, he's that guy? He's not strong enough to say something that he believes is right that he goes and writes a memo and then leaks it to the NY Times? I mean, I can't imagine anyone actually believing that that happened."


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Let's face it. Comey is a bought and paid for PussyBoy who was cough between a rock and a hard place because the Master Manipulator and Blackmailer of Souls, Hillary, thought she was invincible and entitled to the throne. Thank you Deplorables, Alt Right Media and Donald Trump for showing these Scum Bags the door. The Real Work has only just begun. 

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The Trump soap opera goes on and on … Trump showing almost daily what ignoramus idiot he is, making off the cuff foreign policy jeopardizing US 11K personal base in the Gulf, a lot of people injured and killed in London and he thinks the most important thing is his personal quarrel with Khan and focus on Khans idiotic remark.1600 Pennsylvania Ave. swamp is now drained of any resemblance of dignity it pretended to have had.And now they line up with Jr. to defend the nonsense. You couldn’t have made this up.

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He expects the same two tiered justice he gave to Cankles. He was strong enough to criminally leak to NY Times. He hopes the sheeple identify with his claimed cowardly nature. With sheeple, no logic, only emoting.

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Listen people, it's simple. This is the way I run government:

* If you pledge loyalty to me, you will not be fired
* If you fail to pledge obedience, you will be fired
* If you are family, I will give you a senior government job

This is the way a great democracy works, under me.

It's a tremendous form of government. The best!


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Idiot.Of course the POTUS can ask his Department heads to pledge loyalty to the President. You dont want them operating like poltical operatives, being insiders for the opposition party.  You your own sick interpretation on loyalty has it being something else.  It is in fact the Loyalty to implement the Presidents and Congresses laws and regulations, loyaltiy to not leak to the MSM and others. OH Wait - Comey did all those things wrong. He refused to prosecute Clinton given overwheling evidence of law breakng.  Oh wait he did leak to the MSM against the POTUS.Comey acted like a political operative of the  Dems and Deep State.  And you wonder whey  Every POTUS wants Loyalty from his heads.There was no accusation of Obedience, you liar - but being Antifa Snowflake you will just makes stuff up - you work for NYT??

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Comey is a snowflake coward. Everyone should send crayons and play dough for him to play with in his soon to be safe place, federal prison!!

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Time for DOJ and President to start getting tough with this Russia nonsensse.Sessions should IMMEDIATELY cancel the Special Counsel that Comey manipulated into being.Which is simply a set-up by Comey and Deep State and MSM.  Trump and Sessions would be stupid to allow it to continue.In fact I aksi believe Trump may have the executive power to instruct the DOJ to end the SC.Doesn't matter if the lunatic Dems and MSM whine, they will anyway, that's their game, all the way to the mid-terms.The Special Counsel has prosection powers, so there is nothing to stop him to continue the game corruptly and have a fake prosection of Trump.Comeys testimony was after all these months proff that there is nothingon Russia, and there was no obstruction of justic, especially given the POTUS has executive power to simply tell Comey to stop any investigation without need coercsion if he wanted.AND Sessions should IMMEDIATELY announce a Grand Jury into the leaking by former FBI Director Comey, there now being confession to law breaking on at least one occassion.Time to fight back - fire with fire

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Comey does a LOT of sitting on the nest of explosive evidence eggs. ... Is it really fair to rip him a new one when we could just blow the old one?

George Webb has something to add to this suit too

He may drop off a care package to the WH tomorrow.


~~~~~))** George Looks For The Naked Lunch Or At Least A Decent Hooter's Restaurant **((~~~~~

George just isn't going to let this Molly MacCauley case go.

Investigators are like that sometimes. ... Real pit bulls about some special case. ... Something about the case just won't let them get a good nights sleep until they figure it all out.

And sometimes murders turn out to be not murders at all. Those are the cases that really keep you up at night.

Day 231.01 =
` (The lay of the 'crime scene')

Day 231.02 =
` (Some background on Molly)

Day 231.03 =
` (Spook drops and clandestine meetings)

Day 231.04 =
` (Geo data is very valuable - Cui Bono)

Day 231.05 =
` (The Spook and Snoop Market Bazaar)

Day 231.06 =
` (VFW - Beer a $2.25! .... Hey George, this isn't Hooter's!)

Day 231.07 =
` (Back on Molly's trail........ Into the middle of Baltimore. Always back to the organ harvesting, even of your own people. ... Waste not, want not! ... Spook code for squeeze out every dime on every op.)

Day 231.08 =
` (Off to DC and NASA .. The Supacore data sucker folks. Judical Watch and Freedom Watch are some of the lawyers we need in DC if this will ever get fixed.............peacefully.)

Day 231.09 =
` (DoC and NOAA has the geo data many people all over the planet lust after. .......... That would be big bucks for that data. ... Resources For The Future, don'tya' know.)

Day 231.10 =
` (SEIU - Pirates are always fighting over booty and loyal crew members)

Day 231.11 =
` (US DVA - Soft targets for organs and funky meds. .. The Vets take it in the caboose coming and going)

Day 231.12 =
` (George is heading for the White House press room. ... How far will he get? ... Will Donald Trump get the message?)

Day 231.13 =
` (Live from the reflecting pool on the Mall in Wash. DC - Link below)

Live Interview with George Webb and Jason (The Midget) Goodman:

Wrap up and Future Plans =

~~~~~~~~ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~

Killary likes big bucks. ...... She loves NOAA Geo Data.

Well sir, George, you get an 'A' in Tenaciousness, I'll give you that much. .. And you sure know how to pick them. .. Is everyone you know a spook, Mr. Webb? .... Or do you have a private copy of the big Spook Business Yellow Pages and a 'The Spy Who's Who' in your back pocket. ... You sure seem to know an awful lot about snooping and spooking.

What IS up with that? ......... Is there something you aren't telling us, George?

Oh, silly me, of course there is plenty. .......... Sorry I axed.

---*--- ALERT! - from GW/JG Spy Safe House HQ ---*---

Uh oooh, well, a full out misinformation campaign from the Deep State Evil Pirate bad guys, huh? ........... So what else is new Jason?

Cowboy up there, sport, this is a deadly business and sometimes you get called unpleasant, hurtful names too.

Oooooh, the butt hurt!


That better be a wrap for the day George. .. That was a long one. ... I wonder if there is a Hooter's in DC where we can go unwind and watch the day's replays? .......... What do you mean there are too many distractions at Hooter's to concentrate on a today's recap? .. I didn't say Hooker's, George, I said Hooter's, and besides distractions are The Midget's department. .......... I think he did the troll distraction thing well today. ..

Maybe we should let him have the first Hoot as a reward.

Live Hard, These Videos Would Be Better If There Was More T&A, George, But I Guess They Are Exciting Enough For Now, But Don't Spies Know A Lot Of Hot Chicks Though?, Die Free

~ DC v6.5

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People should look up the powers of a Special Counsel - it is extensive, and not just investigative, it can lay charges and prosecute.This is Deep States wet dream now - the SC can decide to lay any charges he likes based on the flimisiest of reasons and drag Trump personally through the courts for ages.

  • This is why it should be cancelled immediately and replaced with something less punitive.