Former CIA Director, James Woolsey ‘Stunned’ Comey Leaked Private Discussions With President to Press

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Former CIA Director under Bill Clinton, James Woolsey, is 'stunned' that former FBI Directors, James Comey leaked notes of private conversations with the President of the United States to his friend and then the press. The CNN host, Fareed Zakaria, attempted to advocate on Comey's behalf, suggesting that since Comey was a 'private citizen' he had the right to leak his notes. Woolsey was having none of that horseshit and said it was 'stunning' that 'he would give up the secrecy of a conversation with the President of the United States.' In the land of snitches, everyone is a leaker.


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CNN trying to suck Comey's cock.Bad news CNN - it doesn't matter that Comey is out.The conversation with the POTUS WAS when he was FBI director, even typed in a FBI car and computer - FBI property, and by definition classified.I can't give out secrets from my work, because I quit or was fired, and say this is my recolection. The nuke codes are.....

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DOJ Sessions better cancel the Special Counsel if he knows what is good for him.The SC can invent any form of crime for prosection he likes, no matter how silly, and then tie Trump up in court for a year.The Comey Special Counsel manipulation was a set up by Deep State to get Trump.  They hope they can get a paid for judge to get Trump.Then to the Supreme Court . There is no longer any need for the special counsel,

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This whole shit show is getting under my skin.... when does the Trump team go on offense..when does George Webb get his White House press clearance..When is Wasserman Shitz in the headlines...I'm gettin old here fellers...

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It's interesting to me that Comey used to be Number One on the Democrats shit list with even Clinton herself laying part of the blame for her defeat squarely upon his weasel shoulders.But now he's their Knight in Shining Armor doing battle with the evil Trump.Comey is now a man who can do no wrong whilst all the while spouting the Gospel truth.

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Comey followed the FBI M.O. of making later, or much later, written reports of conversations, aka Form 302.

"Without recordings, the sole arbiter of what an interviewee says, is the FBI and its form 302."…

OJ was acquitted because the jury correctly believed that police or government compromised witnesses' testimony cannot be trusted.

Trump can unilaterally change FBI policy and have all interviews/interrogations recorded.

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Taped only, by "presumption," if you're in custody.

"This policy establishes a presumption that the FBI,DEA),ATF and USMS will electronically record statements made by individuals in their custody,"
"This policy also encourages agents and prosecutors to consider electronic recording in investigative or other circumstances where the presumption does not apply,including the questioning of witnesses."

Never speak with the FBI or police by law professor:

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This shit is gotta stop Trump, DOJ and new FBI are gotta get down to business and ignore the MSM altogether.. The Deep State and Dems are going to be pushing Russia nonsense, and obstructing justince nonsense right through to 2018 and 2020. Time for the DOJ get downt to real business:Sessions - cancel the Special Counsel and say the matter is done based on Comey's memo and testimony.Get those investigation and Grand Jurys going.Trump can stop playing the Russia and obstruction game - also tell the matter is done, fuck off. No more. The MSM will be going ape shit protecting Clinton Foundation, Seth Rich Assasination, Clinton Server & Lynch, Comey's lying to Congress, and Comey's criminal leaking.There is plenty of real stuff that needs to be done that will send the MSM crazy, and spend more time protecting their surrogates than attacking Trump over crap.

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It will accelerate panic in the Dems and more lunatic behaviour, totally lack of any policy except Antifa protesting and hug a muslim terrorist immigrant.Then the dirt starts to  come out on Comey, Clinton Foundation, and Lynch.The Dems will looking nothing like a viable option to vote for come mid terms.And the MSM has already jumped the shark, so more lunacy from them will not affect the public.The strategy should be to send the Dems into blind panic - making them look like crazies, and GOP extend they majorities. This is a much better strategy than Trump being their punching bag.

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Our election votes are recorded by fully automated machines. But the FBI still uses hand written "notes" produced by memory to record interviews. That is back asswards.

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I guess using a recorder is too complicated. I do not believe that a recording device wasn't used. Neither NY or DC has laws against one party recording another party.

Law states, if one person in the conversation records another, it's legit.

We know that Comey did this. We know Comey kept copies of his recordings with Trump, and after he was fired he didn't turn the tapes over, and we know his memos weren't turned over.

He would catch serious hell for having hidden tapes. He knows that. So he and his buddy Richman, sat down, listened to the tapes, made the memos.

Comey knows his memory will fade, so to explain his crystal clear memory, he really relies on the tapes, but pretends he is using his memos.

The investigators have never asked him if he has tapes. If he has tapes at his home. If he has allowed others to listen to his tapes.

They only drill him on what he offers. They never take the next step and assume that he has recordings that he should have turned over.

Comey is a weasel of the highest order. A cowardly weasel.

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Fareed is a pure 'Ministry Of Propaganda' clown.

Along with these Bozos:


~~~)) *HONK HONK! * Here Comes The Impeachment Bozo Bros Bus ((~~~

Isn't this Nueter Mueller fellow the clown that FLOPPED the 911 investigation?

Are they going to drive their little clown car right into the courtroom?

Or are they going to use the valet parking under the Cool Ray Burn building and all disembark their big clown asses away from the C-Sandex camera crews?

There is no shame at all with these buffoons and they can't even recruit any new budding clowns anymore ( Who knows, they may cook and eat all of the little clowns before their first performance) Or paint new faces on the old ones. ... Slippery Jim, Sleepy Bob and Creepy Joe are getting stale and very unfunny in the recycle.

The clown spirit cooking chef must be on vacation because the magic just isn't getting the illusion past the Internet sniff test crowd these days.

So instead of giving the Lie Stream Media a rest they double down on the price of Clown Shit Show Circus tickets and give it 'what for' with renewed ass clown vigor.

They will crucify Donald Trump with a cum stained blue dress. ... You go ahead and laugh if you think that's funny, they are DNA testing those crusty spots in the FBI clown lab as we all sit here snickering and about to puke. ... The spots are probably Chinese mustard but it won't matter because the Bozo Bros already have the Congressional Clown Record printed up and ready for achieving.

Live Hard, The Gods Are No Longer Entertained And Neither Are The Peasants,............Time For An Ass Clown Round-Up, Die Free

~ DC v6.5

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point is: comey's notes could be inaccurate, out of context and even outifght lies.who is the firend at Columbia? University that comey spoke to,and presumably confides all FBI secrets to, and how are Comey's notes an authentic rperesentation of the conversation with Trump?the credibility of the weasel is zero

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Comey admitted on Thursday that he leaked his "notes" through us professor friend because he was "too cowardly" to leak directly to the NY Slimes.  He wasn't just having a chat with a friend, he was using him as a conduit.  Liz Croken specullates that either Comey is a moron or the Bush/Clintin crime syndicate threatened to kill family members if he didn't play ball with the Beast.

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Can't stand that Fareed Zakaria. Making lame excuses for Comey, stupid actually. He is good at Fake News so he fits in at CNN. Trump: go on the warpath against all this bullsh-t and take the fight to them.