"We Need To Rise Up" Militia Activity Spikes In Early Trump Era

Members of US militias aren’t waiting for Congress and special counsel Robert Mueller to move against the Trump administration. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, militia activity has spiked in the early days of Trump’s presidency, which could be problem for the deep state and Democratic lawmakers who have joined in opposition to the president, and maybe even for Trump himself.

An intensifying atmosphere of disillusionment and anger is attracting new members to these groups, which could be a problem for Trump if he fails to adhere to his campaign promises - something that could trigger a backlash from a legion of heavily armed former supporters.

"What would concern me is that nobody gets more angry than a fan spurned," James Corcoran, a professor at Simmons College in Boston who has watched militias closely for decades and has written extensively about the movement, told the AJC.

The spike in activity runs counter to a trend that’s as old as the modern militia movement, which first emerged in the early 1990s after the election of President Bill Clinton. Typically, militia activity trails off when a Republican administration is in power, but increases when Democrats are in power.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan might also want to take note of this trend, because the militias' suspicions aren't just aimed at Democrats, but Congress as a whole: Chris Hill, the leader of one Georgia-based militia, told the AJC that he’s worried lawmakers will try to, and maybe even succeed in, scuttling Trump’s agenda.

"Even if President Trump is able to do the things that he wants to do, he's still got Congress to contend with. Congress is the same old dog-and-pony show. All they do is fight. They're never going to grant us more freedom," Hill, who goes by the nickname General BloodAgent, told AJC.


"A lot of people have let their guard down because he was elected, and I would wholeheartedly say that is a big mistake. ... If anything we should use this time wisely. Like the Good Book says, a wise man prepares, a fool takes his chances."

Hill says President Barack Obama’s election in 2008 was a defining moment for his group, the Georgia Security Forces, because it signaled that the US was on “the wrong track.” Hill and his fellow militia members were fearful that the former president wanted to restrict gun rights and forever alter their way of life.

Following a dramatic spike after Obama's election, there are now an estimated 165 militias in the U.S., Ryan Lenz, a senior investigative reporter with the Southern Poverty Law Center, told AJC.

But many in the movement feel that the country has been in decline since long before the Obama election. John and Evette DeMaria felt the country was heading down the wrong path, with the military and law enforcement no longer cherished or revered. Yvette DeMaria said she believes protesters have been allowed to get out of control after police shootings.

The rise of political correctness infuriates the DeMarias, as does the tendency of politicians and the courts to carve out constitutional protections that stray far from the intent of the nation's forefathers. Yvette DeMaria laments, for example, the legalization of same-sex marriage and the transgender bathroom issue, believing they amount to a war on her Christian faith.

"We cannot be silent anymore. We have voices. We need to rise up. We need to speak up. We need to find like minds," Yvette DeMaria said. "We're going to church every Sunday — but Monday through Saturday, what are we doing?

The DeMarias told the AJC that they found the Georgia Security Force through Facebook and a pastor friend who had traveled to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, with the militia to help out after fires in the Smoky Mountains devastated the region. Yvette DeMaria said she was moved by the act of charity.

The GSF is part of the III Percenters movement, which derives its name from the belief that just 3 percent of the colonists rose up to fight the British, the AJC said. The movement has vowed to resist any government that infringes on the US Constitution. Members of the “resistance” who hope Mueller and the FBI step up and remove Trump from office should keep this in mind.


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How will their maneuvers match up against gubbermint's gen 4 thermal scopes & satellites?They may not quite understand that if any of their activities are "interesting" to some alphabet agency, they can just zoom in night & day and watch them play around in high def on some huge screen at the command center.I get where these guys are coming from, but it is a dangerous game of hide & seek.  One where the seekers have most of the advantages.

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Remember the scene from Braveheart, where the Irish soldiers fighting for the English met up on the battlefield with the Irish fighting for Wallace? Sometimes it goes like that for would-be puppetmasters. A lot of the soldiers with the cannons won't be firing them at fellow Americans, regardless of their 'orders'.

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A lot will be firing, those who do not will be weeded out very quickly and sent home as civilians again. Even in the national guard. At Kent State how many of those brave hero's turned against their commander and shot Him dead? How many used their bayonet against their fellow shooters in uniform as they fired? How many were in the local news giving testimony about how their squad killed innocent civilians?

And this militia nonsense. Sorry but it is way, way too late. Was it the 90's or 80's when all the rage was to write stories about the militia movement and how powerful they were and how they were going to act any minute, man.

Easy check. Look up your local junior high school's ethnic make up if they separate white and hispanic. Compare that to 40 yrs ago. And then try to find some info on google about what percentage are from illegal parents. Way, way too late man. Join a militia so you can get outdoors, shoot a little, BBQ some meat, drink a little and hang with buds and pretend the tide isn't already knee deep and rising fast.

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You raise some valid points, especially with regards to "ethnic make up."  I recently gave a series of high school lectures, and I was suprised at how much the ethnic make-up of suburban high schools has changed in the last 20 years. If civil conflict were to erupt, all militias can rest assured that the globalist oligarchs who own The Fed would use their currency printing priviledges to import millions of mercenaries (in some ways they already are - they're called Muslims) as well as play the race card with other ethnic minorities until every freedom loving American is submitted - one way or another.  On top of this, you have many radicalized blond-haired, blue-eyed Pocahotas's being churned out by the indoctrination centers (formerly known as universities) who will be particularly vicious.The only way the Republic will survive is to give up some ground and distance itself from the horde (remember the Irish drafted off the boat in the last civil conflict) the oligarchs will use against traditional Americans.  Economic distancing is particularly important, and it is time to start securing the higher ground.  Alaska, with its abundant energy and precious resources may be a better alternative than the American Redoubt.  Also, it is close to Russia, who seems to be the only entity with the nads to stand up to the NWO these days (and an infinite supply of the world's most popular round for insurgents - 7.62x39).  If the 3% would relocate to Alaska, they could effectively dominate the state's politics, and secede if necessary.In any case, it will be necessary to secure areas where the technological advantage will be minimized.  Close to where I live is the final resting place of Col. Samuel Hildebrand of the Missouri Bushwacker Army.  Most people believe that the War Between the States ended in 1865 at Appommatox, but his gravestone states his death occured in the 1870's (after trying to escape captivity).  He was able to fight for his cause long after 1865 because he stayed in the higher ground of the Ozarks.I appreciate all intelligent replies.  

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Russia is not going to give a damn about saving white america. They will not import or allow american immigration. Alaska has promise only because of distance and not being directly attached to the mainland. But few can or will be up to moving there, and they need to be doing so now not tomorrow.

People seem to think there will be a need to go after isolated militia backwoods groups first. Easier to let them sit isolated while the rest is secured or brought into disarray. The militia would not be allowed to drive cross country but confined.

I view the Muslims as flash pointers. They are more likely to be violently disruptive with fewer people. They also bring in the religious disruption and conflict that the Latins do not supply. The latin disruption is now self sustaining. The latins political, social and human mass influence will and is self expanding.

No need to import mercs other than foreign brown/black UN forces (which I doubt) to act as official security while being very willing to kill whites. The Latins in Cali may be showing the force. Once they have captured the local political, police chief, sheriff and city council positions they revert back to their culture. They stand down while groups who's politics or opinions they do not approve of are stabbed and beaten. And turn a deaf ear to whites cries of injustice. (Attitude being, it belongs to us now and whites are evil oppressors) See San Jose for instance and other locations in Cali during the last election.

Three situations to observe and mix. Africa (whites plight), Tejas, southern California. In the past the latins in Tejas were not radical, they were close enough to the culture and had history to simply intermingle. Then they began to take over the culture as illegals flooded in. Now they really are the culture (or a shared equal culture)and even taking more judge positions and are law enforcement. But a change is happening, they are becoming influenced by a radical faction(s) and the general latin population is finding the lure of taking command and domination (with resentment towards whites) very appealing and in general support the push. There is now a firm belief that Tejas/Texas was improperly taken and it is theirs to take back, for themselves to control. South Cali has always had a radical tinge to the latins and now it's the norm. In Africa whites tried to compromise, then use logic to show their benefit, then group in pods for protection, only to continue to die. All because of a group of people who applied international pressure from outside (Africa) or social pressure from within with support (US). Some mix of this is what to expect them to use.

I said this when the first amnesty was being discussed. Stop it now and kick all them out now or it's too late. Well, it's too late. I also said then that we must end the concept that any who are born here are citizens.

You will not win by waiting for the tide to get to your walls where you sit huddles. You will not win by killing some of their brown shirts. You will never win by killing some of their official troops. Who is this "their"? Focus.

Really funny stuff and I admire the simple cleaver move and laugh at the Latin's absolute inability to have a clue. In Tejas mosques have been popping up and muslim's imported. Overall there is a surprising number of mosques in Tejas/Texas. This is not aimed at the whites. Nope. This is future disruption for the latin's who are taking Tejas. The latins in Tejas, from I can tell, give support to the muslim's because some of the old white establishment is worried by it.

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Good luck with your ruger mini 14 against a 30mm chain cannonYou are an idiot on so many levels it defies belief.  Since it is impossible for anyone to actually be that stupid, you are a paid shill.Here are just a few illustrations: how many rifles are in private hands, in how many different places, and how many "30mm chain guns" are there?  Of the people operating those "30mm chain guns", who are they really loyal to?  How many private rifles are needed to change the course of the country?  Remember, one man (Scalia) was murdered by the left to make room for a Hillary appointment (after her coronation), changing the nature of the SC, cutting out its conservative heart and intending to enable the Maryland assault weapons ban (now making its way through the federal appelate system) to become national law.I have learned to observe my enemies' actions and evaluate them.And since we all now know that no one can be "indicted for hoping" (Comey said it so it must be true), I hope that millions of leftists like you die horrible screeching deaths.

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Who makes the rounds for the chain gun Khnum? Who supplies the chow for the gunner? Who brings the fuel to fuel the machine that the gun sits on? You are a fool if you think it will be a set piece battle with militia on one side and a trained well supplied military machine on the other. A death by a thousand cuts from the shaddows and your high tech military is dust. Patriots are everywhere... Don't forget it at your peril.

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This is the real reason why there's a 2nd amendment in the bill of rights.  That's what our forefathers had in mind.  We'll see what happens....

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Not such a crazy idea to be in a Militia.Some Nam buddies & I have vowed to help eachother if a crisishappens. We are no threat to anyone - just for self defence.We even have our own navy (All keen fishermen) LMAO

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I'm pro-militia, but they need some veterans to school them properly.  In Iraq, we called people like those pictured here, "gear queers".  There was always one or two in every group who would order a bunch of gear that they don't need.  Pouches, pockets, expensive pistol holsters. . . you name it.  

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FLM is Floridas main militia. We have it broken up in 4 regions One, Alpha, Charlie and Delta. It's not a little group of 'white men' hiding ok woods either. Across the state we are almost 5k in which we have weekly meetings, repeated training on everything you can imagine from hurricane evacuations to federal invasions... Participation is a must... We do things in the communities, do things for less fortunate... We are organized and prepared Website isn't so hot... but have one http://www.flmilitia.org/charlie-or-delta-company-s-contact-us.html

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FLM is Floridas main militia. We have it broken up in 4 regions One, Alpha, Charlie and Delta. It's not a little group of 'white men' hiding ok woods either. Across the state we are almost 5k in which we have weekly meetings, repeated training on everything you can imagine from hurricane evacuations to federal invasions... Participation is a must... We do things in the communities, do things for less fortunate... We are organized and prepared Website isn't so hot... but have one http://www.flmilitia.org/charlie-or-delta-company-s-contact-us.html

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Related to your point.

I see a lot of YouTube reviewing X or Y or Z "high-speed gear," posted up by suburban Americans, some even filming a young wife using/practicing with it.

But what I always take away from it is what these folks will do if they ever have to fight for their lives. I'm not sure they've pondered just what TS hitting the proverbial F will mean for them. Americans who have not been where you have, can't comprehend war in its 3D horror, I don't think.

My time in the service was not like yours, I haven't been where you have. But I finished my time in the Air Force with an air mobility wing that had an aeromedical evacuation mission.

This is what I learned about war, 2002-2008:

When an AAV-P7 is hit by a rocket, it burns. Everyone inside it burns. Their ears burn off, their nose and lips burn off, everything melts away until they're no longer recognizable.

Wounded personnel with severed limbs smell like freshly-butchered meat in a butcher shop.

Amputees undergo repeat surgeries cutting down their stump, until gangrenous tissue stops developing. Shorter and shorter, becomes their missing limb.

Thorax wounds from 7.62 don't bleed like in the movies; blood and tissue comes out looking like a thick, deep-red gel or paste.

Seeing two middle-aged parents hold hands, tears silently streaming down their faces, as they watch the life-support machine keeping their 19-year old, brain-dead son alive, turned off.

That's what I've been exposed to, and I doubt very seriously it comes close to what you've seen. No comparison.

Somehow I just don't think the suburban preppers are ready...

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Kind of a dumb comment. Do you really think those people "practicing" are HOPING to have to use their gear or experience the "horrors of war"? Is that your take away from articles like this? Christ, I have guns, etc. I practice because the fucking assholes running this show, the deep state, are pushing me to. I hope that they back off and allow everyone to live under the constitution as written but to date they keep taking and taking, little by little, our freedoms.Christ, they are organizing the easily influenced young kids to demonstrate FOR Sharia law. They are demonstrating AGAINST freedom of speech. They are demonstrating AGAINST our culture and traditions because they want open borders. It's going to get to the point where these people "practicing" are going to have to fight, not because they want to but because the deep state will force them.In other words, it doesn't matter that they don't "know" the horrors of war like you do. They aren't being given a choice to avoid it unless the deep state backs off, which they don't appear to be doing.

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Nobody is ever ready.  Look at the Civil War history, as the Union soldiers went into Bull Run the first time.   Spectators brought family and picnic baskets to watch the festivities.  Sure didn't turn out that way.   We haven't seen nothing yet.  Gettysburg and Antietam were bad.  Really bad.  There were over 22,000 casualties at Antietam in a single day.  Medevac was nil.  There were no choppers flying in, or ambulances rolling up.   A lot of the wounded lay out in the field, all day long and into the night.

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"The GSF is part of the III Percenters movement, which derives its name from the belief that just 3 percent of the colonists rose up to fight the British"What is this 3% crap I've heard over and over?  Silly propaganda.