Stunning Footage Of American's Crumbling Infrastructure


It’s no secret that America’s infrastructure is in dire need of repairs. Earlier this year, America received her infrastructure report card from the American Society of Civil Engineers’ and received a repulsive D+. The ASCE guesstimates the US would need to spend $4.5 trillion by 2025 on infrastructure.

Here’s the breakdown of the report card:  

  • Aviation: D
  • Bridges: C+
  • Dams: D
  • Drinking Water: D
  • Energy: D+
  • Hazardous Waste: D+
  • Inland Waterways: D
  • Levees: D
  • Parks and Recreation: D+
  • Ports: C+
  • Rail: B
  • Roads: D
  • Schools: D
  • Solid Waste: C+
  • Transit: D-
  • Wastewater: D+

With that being said, I’ve spent the entire weekend inspecting America’s infrastructure at the Port of Baltimore.

At some locations, I was given special access to a behind the scenes view of America’s crumbling infrastructure that the public is not allowed to see. The reasons you’re left out of the know is because it destroys the mainstream narrative that everything is awesome.

Even Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group says, “the US wasted trillions on warfare instead of investing in infrastructure”.

In the Sunday Edition, Alastair Williamson is on site at a marine terminal in the Port of Baltimore. He provides an interesting view of America’s deteriorating infrastructure blended with the current shape of the US economy.

In this video, Alastair is given special access to behind the scenes of America’s crumbling infrastructure. This view is rarely seen by the mainstream public. Enjoy!


venturen Keyser Mon, 06/19/2017 - 08:00 Permalink

what is not to like....all my banker and lawyer friends have built multi million dollar homes over the last couple years. Heck I have a doctor friend....who works on cancer cures in a new beach front Hamptons. The infrastructure of oligrachs wealth is just fine....

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DontNeedNoStin… Alt RightGirl (not verified) Tue, 06/20/2017 - 20:54 Permalink

 Why all the down votes People ??  This girl is 100% CORRECT.  America has squandered Trillions & the lives of countless veterans  fighting "Wars for the Jews". . . It IS that simple.  Israhell is the ONLY country in the world that, apart from the Mediterranean Sea, has no recognised borders.  Oh of course we see it on maps, etc, but Israel wants to establish Ersatz Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates River in Iraq.  And they have used Washington DC (Depravity Central) via AIPAC, etc,  to get the US military to smash the Middle East into pieces, small easily controlled (and easily conquerored in the future) religious / ethnic enclaves which are no threat to present day Israhell or it's plans for expansion.  They have had this plan since the mid to late 1800's.  Don't belive me ??  Research the "Yinon Plan" the most modern of plans expression.    

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Dubaibanker doctor10 Mon, 06/19/2017 - 00:24 Permalink

America was at it's peak in 1980's and 1990's. They ran out of money, then bonds (debt) could only be rolled over. Then interest rates had to be brought to zero etc.Finally, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan had to be attacked so that 9/11 could be avenged ;)Now that 9/11 has been avenged, Russia and gender neutralization has been created and attacks being orchestrated on Paris, London, Istanbul, Iran, Yemen etc.Now only option is to raise the debt ceiling twice a year to create some breathing space for the elites.The entire locked room (American economy) is flooded. No breathing space. Like in the Titanic.Everyone dies within as the water (debt) drowns everyone or one can choose to leave......This ship is going down within the next few years but ever so slowly so you wont feel a thing. Like the posion needle in the prisons.One catalyst like a massive earthquake or the Yellowstone Park volcanic eruption or something like that and people will be actually clamouring to run out of USA. How can America build anything when Detroit, CA, Illinios and so many others are crumbling as cities, never mind their roads and bridges?There is no solution to this probloem as the greedy Amazons, Apples, Warren Buffett's, Clintons, Bushes, Goldman Sucks keep collecting more and more money floating around straight into their pockets and they keep the corrupt bankers greased so that the bankers will not disrupt the money flows from the very poor into the pockets of the very rich!Capitalism be damned, bring on the greasing machines for the lawyers, bankers and anyone who is willing to be corrupted in order to keep the money flowing to the pockets of the wealthisest. Anyone who turns on them like IMF Chief Dominique or Bill Cosby or whoever else will be martyred in the process with ease. Seth Rich included.Damn the roads, bridges and crumbling shops, malls and nuclear plants!

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Gordon_Gekko Dubaibanker Mon, 06/19/2017 - 01:16 Permalink

"Avenge 9/11"?....wake up my could US Govt avenge 9/11 by going to war with a country that didn't do it? US Govt committed 9/11 so it could have a pretext to go to war AND pass enslaving legislations like the Patriot act, among other things.The reason US Govt did 9/11 is the same reason they turned the dollar into paper, it is the same reason they rig all markets, it is the same reason they prefer war over building "your" infrastructure...get it yet?

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Dubaibanker Gordon_Gekko Mon, 06/19/2017 - 04:32 Permalink

Nice to meet you!

Guess first time our interaction.

You haven't read my posts over the last several years then!

You also missed the wink at the end of the sentence.

The entire point of that avenge sentence was to raise awareness that Saudi and UAE "attacked" USA on 9/11 though it was an inside job yet all countries except those two have been obliterated!

I got it a long time ago mate!

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goober Dubaibanker Mon, 06/19/2017 - 15:55 Permalink

Agree on many points, not just infrastructure. I would add that the ASCE is a special interest group of sorts. They are the guys that would greatly benefit from the $4 trillion. On the other hand there are some serious matters at hand but I consider this article almost and advert for certain special interest. I built sewer and water plants and other public projects for decades and I know these folks quite well. Also well acquainted with working for the largest entiites like Lockheed Martin, DOD , US Army, CH2MHill and others all of which are seriously connected to the deep state apparratus we are all becoming aware of today. I am far more concerned with why our gov has not taken steps to upgrade our power grid and deal with the vast cyber crimes and hacking that has been taking place. Interesting that it all got rolling under BHO and crew in a big way and was completely ingored, then all of a sudden when Trump is elected unecxpectedly, the fake Russian memes are rampant. Both the Russians and Chinese as well as many others have been actively hacking for a long time just like we do as well. So the entire thing is a false paradigm how it is presented.  Gotta wonder, if it is so critical now, why did BHO and Hillary let it all slide for almost a decade ? Could it be that they were the worse hackers of all and not just on other countries, spying on our own people ? Seems quite obvious now doesn't it, who the real criminals actually are ?We all live in many illusions created for us by our own goverment control freaks we call our leaders. 

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GunnerySgtHartman Giant Meteor Mon, 06/19/2017 - 08:07 Permalink

Of course the American Society of Civil Engineers gives infrastructure a D+ ... by doing so, they start clamoring for new work for their members. Does anyone really think ASCE is an unbiased observer in all of this?

That's not to say there aren't infrastructure issues; of course there are. The first priority should be to maintain what we have rather than just build more while at the same time allowing existing infrastructure to crumble.

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CNONC GunnerySgtHartman Mon, 06/19/2017 - 11:18 Permalink

The idea that US infrastructure is “crumbling” is self-evidently false.  I have been hearing this for thirty years.  Those pushing the idea haven’t even changed the language they use.  I was an OTR truck driver in the late 80s and early 90s.  The improvement in the surface transportation infrastructure between then and now is enormous and undeniable.  For instance, the route I used between Kansas City and Atlanta was US 71 to MO 7 to MO 13 to    US 60 to US 63 to I 55 to US 78 to I 20.  Of the 840 miles, over 400 was two lane road.  The section of US 78 between Jasper AL and the beautiful tri cities of Guinn, Gu-win, and Winfield was a terrible mountain road with 10 foot wide lanes, short but steep (7%) grades and heavy traffic.  US 63 through Arkansas sucked as well.  I watched a fellow driver get bulldozed by a 60 mph freight train in Hoxie AK, because the route had dozens of grade level RR crossings.  Look at that route now.  US 78 is now I 22.  Much of US 63 is now I 555.  MO 7 and MO 13 are four lane highways.  US 71 is I 49.  Of the 840 miles, now, only about 60 is two lane.  All over the middle of the country, the little two lane highways I used to drive have been turned into interstate highways, or upgraded to interstate standards. In 1993, major floods in the Midwest damn near shut down the middle of the country.  No Mississippi river crossing was open from Memphis to the Quad cities.  Bridges in Davenport, Kansas City, St. Louis, Quincy, were washed away.  Today, all those bridges crossing the Missouri and Mississippi rivers have been raised out of any possibility of being flooded. Winter of 1992, if I remember right, the entire state of Kentucky was closed to traffic for nine days because of a snow storm.  There is no chance that would happen today. Generalized claims that “our infrastructure is crumbling” are bullshit.  Particular problems do exist, but to advocate for massive spending to alleviate a problem that doesn’t exist should be viewed with suspicion.   

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glenlloyd Endgame Napoleon Mon, 06/19/2017 - 00:33 Permalink

Maintenance is not a subject that America has ever really embraced. You can see it in auto mentality where the 'purchase' is all there is and upkeep isn't considered at all. One reason people flock to new cars for the warranty so they don't have to do anything, or at least they think they don't.Roads too, in Iowa all the Iowa DOT wants to do is build new because a lot of that is subsidized federally, they don't want the nasty work of repairing what's been built because that often isn't someting that can be used to justify their jobs / salary. We have roads that need major attention but they're off building a new big 6 lane interchange that goes to nowhere because that demonstrates their engineering prowess. Funny how they got a dime fuel tax a year back but now they're saying it wasn't enough. I really have to wonder what they spend it on TBH.

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goober Endgame Napoleon Mon, 06/19/2017 - 16:22 Permalink

Solyndra and a host ofo other crony enterprises needed funding, like Uranium One ? Also Facebook and other control mechanisms needed funds. Not to mention the many social control groups like Acorn and many others to create BLM and of course later Antifa and BAMN !Between these manipulations and the MIC, we get hosed frorm both ends. Special interest consume it all from each end of the spectrum in a myriad of ways of fraud and bad acts. Now we see what happened and can do little about any of it with the massive debt and nothing at all got resolved. Just a lot of cronies got wealthy and far more debt entrenched. Both red and blue flavors do the same thing with a slightly different outcome. Just depends on who controls your tax dollars that day for the next 4 to 8 years ? BHO and crew were likely the worse criminals we have ever had to endure and that is saying a lot given the prior criminals of decades past.…

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