Australian Reporter's Takedown of Trump Goes Viral on the Left, Says America is 'Isolated' and 'Friendless'


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It doesn't make a lot of sense for me to sit down to rebut the thoughts of a garrulous drama queen reporter, marooned on an island of indignity, twisting and contorting his own world view and thrusting it upon his viewers as 'news.' In many respects, the main stream media should be looked upon like the catholic church. It's old, out of date, and filled with pedophiles. Here's a reporter from ABC Australia saying that Trump has ceded leadership in the world -- because he didn't follow the lead of others into trade and climate deals designed to hurt America's people. One of his main arguments is the lack of rhetoric coming from Trump at the G20, regarding N. Korea's missile test. Perhaps this bloke should review the meaningless speeches over the years, by doing nothing leaders, who've never followed up on their words -- because they had nothing to back them up with. So because Trump didn't castigate N. Korea with harsh words at the G20, providing all of the feckless leaders there with a feel good moment to talk tough and feel good about themselves, and their failing societies, Trump has, thereby, relinquished the mantle of leadership in the world to both China and Russia? I don't think so. This is idiot tier thinking -- completely dismissing the fact that Trump just slapped sanctions on a Chinese bank over N. Korea, and has done nothing to aid Russia's so called ascension to power. Here's a reminder for those of you with short memories. The United States will do upwards of $19 trillion in GDP this year. Russia will do a little over $1.2 trillion. China will do roughly $11.5 trillion. The United States will spend upwards of $700 billion on its military this year. China will spend ~$200b and Russia will spend ~65b. The Unites States has more military bases abroad than any other empire in the history of the world. The number is hard to pin down -- since we're literally and figuratively omnipresent. It is rumored to be more than 800. Both China and Russia have less than 10. The flowery words of disgruntled reporters are nothing more than fading whispers in a dark, cold, and brutal sea of nothingness. Some view them as calls to action, proverbial life rafts, that will help them realize joy by triumphing over fictitious and manufactured enemies. Needless to say, 99% of us are on the same side, but we're split down the middle -- angered over meaningless issues that will never be resolved and are merely wedges for those interested in keeping order.


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"The United States will spend upwards of $700 billion on its military this year. China will spend ~$200b and Russia will spend ~65b.The Unites States has more military bases abroad than any other empire in the history of the world. The number is hard to pin down -- since we're literally and figuratively omnipresent. It is rumored to be more than 800. Both China and Russia have less than 10."both of these are signs of weakness, waste and corruption, not at all reasons the u.s. is in a strong position world wide.  under the idiots no savants bush and obama the country started and lost half a dozen wars and caused its greatest rivals to band together and form alliances to protect themselves from such a tool of israeli evil as the u.s. empire has become.

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Trump is on the biggest winning streak since the Harlem Globtrotters took on the Washington Generals. But the media keeps screaming that "Trump is a Loser!" - yet this "loser" is a billionaire; the President of the US; and he has a really hot wife. And the shrill media has seen its cultural influence vaporize. The media no longer determines the winners and losers.

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Is this the same reporter who criticized Soweeto bin Bama for killing over a million people in the middle east and Hillary for bombing over 300,000 innocent people in Libya?I thought not.He must be the soros-funded left wing hyestrical fanatic news outlet in Australia who is jealous of Trump representing the people who voted for him----namely, the American people.The more I hear these soros lefties whine, th emoar I know The Trump Meister is ..... Winning!

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These angry white liberals will be a minority in Australia soon ... slowly replaced by the flood of Chinese who have been coming in for years esp to the Australian law and medical schools and never go home. The grad schools in Australia cater to these Chinese students since they pay full price while Australians pay next to nothing. Plus, they are much smarter.Recently, the flood of Moslims will add to this crowd of immigrants and all these Asian groups together ill dwarf the dumbed-down white Australians.In ten years, this white libtard report will be luicky he gets a job cleaning toilets for an Asian law firm or corporation there.  

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Fk you, THESE  PEOPLE are  just some MSM not all australians.However very very interesting to see the interface of perceptions and reality amid change and levels of govt activity, expectations of 'leadership' involving hostility and threat, that it is the respected and anticipated goal of America seen from a small country ..and then what is REALLY interesting is the looney american emotional response. Both appear outdated responses.Remember a journalist is a modestly paid employee in Australia meeting a simplistic requirement for a quick take on an  event.And you GUS with your religious loonery have zero to offer anyone with a brain. That fantasy stuff was  all written in the middle ages.  Take your  illusion of entitlement and superiority and shove up your ignorant arse.keeping the bastards honest

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Australia was taken over by the Roman Catholic, Vatican "action branch" JFK-assassinating, 9/11-committing CIA during Vietnam. Their pedo homo politicos keep their gay lovers housed in America.Viz. "Crimes of Patriots," Kwitney 

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The political Left is comletely lost.Through Political Corectness the Left wrestled the moral high ground from the Old-Establishment Religeous Right.This moral high ground is now lost by the Left and awarded to the Alt-Right after they spent the last 8 years sharpening their teeth by Fact-Checking all the Fake News put out by the Left.Well played, Alt-Right, well played.

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Perhaps this snowflake reporter should focus on the impending collapse of his own country and the corrupt Australian gov't that's responsible for it.

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Of all the "5 eyes" countries, Oz is the most fascist.  They even passed a law last year that if parents refuse to vax their children, even home schooled, they lose all their government benefits.  California can take lessons from them.  Perhaps they should merge after the collapse as the Libtard Collectivist Federation of the Pacific.

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I find these riots to be totally bizarre.  Because Australian guys are plenty tough.  German men, Swedes, Danes, Italians, Norwegians... the men are plenty tough.  But where the hell are they?  I keep thinking of this muslim invasion as a case where one of these days the invaders are going to realize "holy shit, you know what... they've closed the borders and now we're trapped in here".  The citizens will eventually lose patience and declare open season on them.  Countries would return to normal pretty damned quick.

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As a Canadian I have been keeping my eye on Australia for years watching for that very factor.  You are absolutely correct.  I have been sickened seeing some of the laws coming onto the books in that country and seeing how incredibly quick the leaders are to lick the asses of their banker bosses ("banker" being a generic term for everything fascist).Canada has never been 'as quick or willing' to bend over like that, but what I see in Australia worries me.  Because even though Canadians as a rule are pretty damned feisty and don't like getting shoved around (150 years of experience jousting with a bullying but semi-friendly USA), I wonder at what point Canada crumbles entirely.  For example, Turdeau recently sold the last ounce of Canada's gold.  Clearly that is a death sentence for any country when the financial collapse comes (and it IS coming), because only the countries with gold can arise from the ashes.  Was this part of the plan?EDIT:  Not 15 minutes after I posted the comment above I found this article written today.  A perfect example of what I'm talking about.  Australian government is considering putting tiny identification chips in its $100 bills to track them and to stop people from avoiding extortion and “pensioners hoarding the money”.…

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Maxine Waters has "taken the gloves off".  She is a  great spokes person for the dems and with her and Hillery leadership the Dems will get crushed in 2018,    The two of them make white males sick to their stomach, literally ready to puke.

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Another nobody from the leftist MSM steps forward trying to make a name for himself by doing what he thinks is the trendy thing to do, trash President Donald Trump of the USA.  He envisions himself emerging as a hero for the people.That ground is littered with corpses.

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That's right, I'm isolated and friendless and if you get too close I'll cut you.

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Without U.S. largesse, supporting otherwise defenseless and bankrupt "friends" most of these countries would collapse.  Including Australia whose economy depends entirely on the Chinese buying their dirt and gas.  And without America's foolish move to grow China out of the rice paddies, there would be no modern day China.Nations have no friends.  Ask Turdeau who just gave $10 million to an enemy of the West. Friend of the U.S. ?  This weak idiot just fucked up his country big time.

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The 'take down' is getting ready to be for keeps:

~~~~ Get Really For July Impeachment Fun And Games! ~~~~

Robert Meuller's impeachment team is being assembled:

Andy Goldstein

Jenny Rhee

Justin Cooper's lawyer, what's his face,

Ari Zebley

Zainab Ahmad (Hot CIA Operative?!? .... At least there will be some visuals on C-SPAN finally.)

With Preet Bharara leading the pack of hyenas. ..... Isn't he the NY AG Trump sacked for slow footing the Anthony Wiener investigation? .. Conflict of interest much? .. Oh, never mind, we have Slippery Jim, Cagey McCabe, Lonely Lorrie and Bagman Holder in the line-up too somewhere, I sure.

Are you going to be told anything about this before it is fully in motion and almost over? ............ Fuck, no.

I doubt it. .... Because the Feral Government is allowed to tell you anything it wants. ........ Or nothing at all. .. Their choice.

The NDAA makes it lawful and all legal for them to lie like road kill on the freeway when they are talking to We The People. ........... Stay tuned to CNN for further details.

Where is George today? ....... Wandering around in NYC making more sense than the whole CNN/Fox/MSNBC news gathering army combined.

Is the news desk at CNN open today or are they still all at the blow and ho party at the beach? ..... Hell, that party started a week ago and someone must have shown up with a big bottle of pills because the all of the reporters are still MIA.

Day 260.01 =
Day 260.02 =
Day 260.03 =

Live Hard, July Is IMPEACHMENT Month, Kids! Get Out The Black's Law Dictionary And Start Brushing Up On Your Impeachment Terms, Procedures And Precedents!, Die Free

~ DC v7.3

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Bharara was Schumer's personal attorney, before becoming US Attorney for Southern District of NY (Manhattan), where he controlled Wall Street non-prosecutions. While Schumer collected Wall Street protection money and laundered it to pass on to other Senators. Pay for protection and favors. Too Wall Street biggie for jail.

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They're just upset because no one wanted to go to their tranny faggot pedo party.

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I guess it's maybe from watching too many of the old "Mad Max" movies, but I had envisioned Australia as this really tough, independent-minded country of hard-drinking blokes, but from all the stuff I read about the far-left government there, and now this guy, they really seem to be nothing more than wine-drinking Portland Pussies.

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"Australia has superb wine, twit, and its not cheap."

Well twit, I knew this a long time ago so you have taught me NOTHING matey. As for not being cheap, I think you exaggerate a bit as good Aussi wines are not all astronomically priced. Even better wines are found in Argentina at even more competitive prices. So you have plenty of competition in the World.

But you guys are some the biggest racists buggers in the World and can easily compete for the title with us Americans on this score. So your retort does not surprise me.

Your achievements don't impress me much as I am not quite clueless regarding your history as you may think. Likewise working with some of your mates has taught me a few things that are not readily found in books.

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