Trump-Putin Had a 'Tremendous' Meeting; The Left Goes Ape


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Anything short of a declaration of war is treason, according to some in this country. I see the neocons are mostly never Trumpers now, without an organ in the government to draw from. Since their interests and the democrats are aligned now, the left would be wise to ignore them and cast them out from their party, otherwise you will soon become the party of war. On the topic of the Trump-Putin meetings, the President said it was 'tremendous.' Putin said Trump was a lot different in person than on the teevee, implying that teevee Trump is somewhat of a cracked coconut. Now the media doesn't like this one bit, or those on the left who've been trying to pin a treason charge on Trump for his 'collusion' with the Russians to hack into John Podesta's email box -- helping him to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. Here's the left's new bestie, the evil Bill Kristol. Trump caved.

This guy, Evan McMuffin.

Upset because Trump didn't permit leakers into his meeting with Putin.

Morning Joe's take: Trump is hanging out with an autocrat who kills journalists. What?!

CFR shill, Max Boot

A nice reporter from the Guardian, just relaying some random note from Facebook.

The left's new hero, Sally Yates

Fake news CNN

John 'Walnut Sauce' Podesta

And here's Max Boot again, former Romney advisor, neocon scum, comparing the cold war to alleged Russian hacking. Essentially, what Max and others want you to swallow is the black pill -- never question US intelligence reports or ask for proof. We are supposed to just sit here and believe it, even after the disastrous Iraqi war intelligence failures. Trump's position is not in line with the "IC", so they've been at war with him since day 1. And here is the crown jewel, the heart of the left, Maxine Waters going on a rant that encapsulated just about all of the phobias now present in the democratic party. BONUS: This passes for reporting at the NY Times now. It's hard to believe these submentals receive paychecks.


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No one from any law enforcement has examined either the DNC server or Podesta's email to verify that there ever was a "Russian Hack", all here say, from a paid DNC contractor, Crowd Strike.  There is no story here, just endless whining by the Dems, Neocons, and MSM.  The real unreported story in the content of the DNC email showing massive voter fraud and election rigging, forcing resignation of Wasserman-Shultz, then Brazile, and exposing "Podesta the Molesta's" collusion with the press at cocktail parties  at his home, and more interesting, the exposure of a vast network of child sex slavery in DC that, if exposed, could bring down the US government and the governments of the West.  Never to be discussed or reported here in the press.  Read the Wikileaks emails.

Bricker Jul 9, 2017 10:03 AM Permalink

I would vote for Trump again today, and I know many more who if voted today would vote for Trump instead of that Aleppo guy Gary Johnson.

Northern Flicker Jul 9, 2017 8:54 AM Permalink

TIME TO LAY OUT THE FACTS AGAIN BEFORE EVERYONE IS TOTALLY CONFUSEDSome people I know (basic cable news watchers) still think "Russian election hacking" refers to changing their vote on the voting machine, while it really refers to the dumping of DNC emails by Wikileaks.  This dumped information has proven true and shows the DNC in a bad light - there should be more emphasis on this info. In the meantime 1) Wikileaks denies that the Russians were involved in their dumped information, 2) the intelligence agencies say they have "no evidence" the Russians were involved (as I read it) and 3) CNN admits that it is a "big nothing burger" and only a big "news rating" item. The fact is, the information could have been easily hacked from the DNC by almost anyone with good hacking skills, apparently. Moreover, it could have been easily leaked by an insider with a thumb drive (which seems likely, due to Podesta's hacked emails).  Why not further attention on the lack of security surrounding Hillary's emails and servers and Podesta's emails? - that's the DNC's real problem to begin with as Trump noted in the Campaign.The Trump administration should clarify this situation.  They are letting the opposition make mince-meat out of nothing.  Did I miss anything?

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Time will tell if Drumpf had a good meeting with Putin or not. If a reset actually happens then Bully for trump, but I suspect he will be bombing the folks he is told to bomb shortly and the reset will be just a fond memory for a trumptard.

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Neocons and Globalists want Russia broken up.  Look at how much money J00s made from break up of soviet union.  Oligarch printing.  If Russia breaks up, they will print even more.  Smarter move is to wait for Russia population to continue to reduce until it makes sense for US to buy big chunk of Russia proper across from Alaska and create 52nd state.  But then globalists / J00s get no spoils.  

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Trump likes declaring himself a winner and his mindless followers like worshiping him on their knees. Trump says one thing one day and does another thing the next. Don't you dumb bunnies ever learn? No you don't learn.

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They are corned rats on a sinking ship. Cockroaches afraid of the light being shown on their criminal activities, especially pedophilia. This is why they lash out.

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He who?I'll assume you mean Trump and if my assumption is correct, the answer is a firm yes as all you have to do is look at the flaming wreckage that is the NYT's and CNN which has been running billions of dollars worth of negative advertising against him for over a year now.Your hope is now an observable reality.

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I'm gonna repost this rant from yesterday which got deleted, prolly because I squeezed it in as a reply to bot jobproplan which was subsequently X'd.At first we thought career politicians were equal to career prostitutes, working only for a pimp with money and power, fucking the constituency and feigning approval of a particular interlude. But now we realize that THEY lied to us when we trusted them the most to have a mutual understanding of our relationship. THEY are taking our federal, and in some cases state taxes to now pork us in the little purple starfish and then ask, ‘Didn’t that feel good’?We want THEM to be aware that we are now fully wide awake, such that there will be a day of reckoning and atonement for their deceptive ability to induce their brand of misery upon the populace, and be paid. Perhaps initially THEY can drug induce us to lay there just a little longer while THEY continue THEIR deviant behavior, but the Kool Aid isn’t what it used to be as evidenced by failure of the presstitutes to deliver.  We’re not seeking retribution per se at least not as yet; however it would be in THEIR best interest to revitalize inward thus outward appearances of intellectual honesty and compassion to those who THEY represent. Trust is not easily regained by those that have lost it.Should THEY consider this diatribe to be a ‘puff piece’ or ‘pulp fiction’, inconsequential to unnamed state actors behind the scenes of which we are aware, history has shown equivalent societies have devolved over time for the same reasons. Selective enforcement of a country’s written laws have induced disrespect for all legal law which tears apart the fabric of family, then society.We are aware of those consequences and accept the challenge that not all will survive.Los Deplorables 2017     

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Here's some great Solzhenitsyn quotes:

"The battleline between good and evil runs through the heart of every man."

"Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence."

"Hastiness and superficiality are the psychic diseases of the 20th century, and more than anywhere else this disease is reflected in the press."

"For us in Russia, communism is a dead dog, while, for many people in the West, it is still a living lion."

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The Russians are a great people who have contributed tremendously to modern Western society through their music, literature, and first rate science. They were set back 70-80 years via the duplicious underhanded jewish marxists who destroyed their Western oriented government in 1917 financed by their chosenite NY and European bankers. All documented quite recently by one of their greatest authors, Alexander Solzhenitsyn. If you haven't read the Gulag Archipelogo I strongly encourage it. Lately, he has exposed the treachery of the (((tribe))) in Russian history. He is a towering intellect like Dostoevsky.

As Trump is an American patriot, Putin is a Russian patriot so naturally they will get along well as they understand each other.

Russia is the natural ally of those who love and want to preserve Western White culture against the uncivilized muslims and other third world untermenschen bent on invading the West. And Russian women are very hot and sexually liberated. No Burkas for those women!

iamerican4 (not verified) John_Coltrane Jul 9, 2017 9:14 AM Permalink

All Americans must realize the Anti-Christ's fascist hand in "Marxism": the Vatican had its banker hire his cousin to write "Das Kapital" immediately after Rome took over America with the "Civil War." Rothschild's cancelled check is at the British Museum: Rome's logo, the Fasces, antithetical to God's utopian Whiggism upon which this New Israel was founded, yet remain on the front wall of the U.S. House.Gog and Babylon attack our "nation of unwalled villages" in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38:11.We came to America in express covenant with the Creator to escape pedophile homosexual Babylon's priesthood at Vatican Hill. Only child-molesters say otherwise. Read Carroll Quigley: Rome has been trying to rope us back in ever since. They and their ZioTalmud Khazar henchmen openly declare they "own the world." No coincidence the same satanic faction was united on Golgotha crucifying The Christ.

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At 55.....I was raised on a heavy dose of " Russia Fear ".

I can only imagine it was the same for them.

At this point in my I scan the world for possible allies... I can see no other People who I would rather be aligned with...than Russians.

They are smart...strong..disciplined..mostly Christian...white. They are not opening their front door to shitskins and Muzzie the rest of suicidal Europe.

Yeah...the Russians.

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Jewish Marxists/MSM: Listen to us!  Russia is your enemy.  Everybody is your enemy!  Only we are your friends!  Keep us in control of your FED, and we will bob our heads and say a couple of prayers to Jahweh for you, at our holiest of holiest west wailing walls, and maybe Jahweh will keep you safe from Russian music and literature and other "influence".  Then again, maybe Jahweh will genocide you and give us your stuff, like Jahweh did to all those peoples who were living in Palestine when Jahweh decided to genocide them and move Abraham in and give Palestine to him.  Back in the Old Testament...  Jahweh works in mysterious ways.  So no promises, but, still...  Russia enemy; everybody enemy; we friend.  Friend.  Friend.

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For the record: by Bible prophecy only America meets the signs given by the Hebrew prophets for "Zion," "Israel Restored." Viz. Isaiah/Ezekiel: "a new nation" "into which all nations of the world flow" "ruled only by Truth and Justice" "under God alone" "a nation of priests" "shelters the righteous remnant of the [non-pedo non-homo] House of Israel" "founded by Gentiles" "a nation of unwalled villages attacked by Gog."Vatican banker Rothschilds' tribal racist "State of Israel," which meets not one of the several given signs, by its founding, and Zionism's founder, Herzl, were atheist/satanic. 

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In conclusion, with excerpts of four important Franklin letters as follows: "We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately." -In the Continental Congress just before signing the Declaration of Independence, 1776.

Yes Indeed....

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Just not their own families though.  Everyone else's can go to hell as far as they're concerned.  I had a YUGE argument with a lefty neighbor of mine the other day and I ended it when she came out and said she actually believes "Trump is from another planet!"  Fuck her and everyone else who even thinks like her!!

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Pedo homo Rockefeller-agent Hillary is satanic, supported by the satanic pedo homos, Organized Crime, and the Beast Fifth Column of the Anti-Christ we came to America, true Zion, in express covenant with the Creator, God Almighty, to escape.God's grace is upon Mr. Trump, first among equals, the White House, and on the sovereign American People.Praise God. 

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Joe Scarborough: A murderous autocrat who kills journalists.Hey, Joe, how is that any different than a murderous congressman who kills interns?That's right, asshole, some of us still remember.

Mr. Ed Jul 8, 2017 7:13 PM Permalink

"What Trump made clear in Europe is that he will not deter Putin from future election meddling. Americans must prepare a defense without him." - McMullin...

Oh NO, I've gotta prepare! In future elections, I'll have no defense against those evil Russians telling me what to think, who to vote for and EXPOSING ME TO TRUTHS ABOUT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY! - oh, the humanity! /sarc

Whatever happened to the idea that a FULLY INFORMED and educated American public could responsibly elect public officials?

Maybe it got lost in the public school system?

Reaper Jul 8, 2017 6:33 PM Permalink

American morons believe that everyone must draw a conclusion without any verifiable facts. I.e. Once, stomach ulcers were caused by stress was the medical consensus, until two doctors cured them with antibiotics.

ipsprez Jul 8, 2017 6:17 PM Permalink

The best Trump can do is completely ignore these idiot "journalists" and "politicians" and do what he believes is best for our country. I for one completely back him up. Would pick him over any other world leader or US person to lead this country at this point in time.