The Saker: The Syrian Powderkeg - "I'm Not Convinced There Is A US Strategy"

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Following up on our recent warning about the situation in Syria, Chris sits down this week for a conversation with The Saker, who writes extensively on geo-political and military matters. The Saker (a nom-de-plume), is a former intelligence expert with professional and personal insights into Russia and the Middle East.

He shares our deep concern for the dangerously misdirected current state of US foreign and military policy, as well as the potentially lethal repercussions these threaten to have in the powderkeg that is Syria.

In this week's podcast, The Saker provides an excellent distillation of the complex forces in play in Syria -- as well as in the brewing friction between the US and Russia -- and why the risk of nuclear war has now grown higher than it has been in decades:

I'm not convinced there is a US strategy. I think there is a CIA strategy, a Pentagon strategy, a State Department strategy. There used to be a White House strategy. Right now, I am not even sure. We should go deeper into who is doing what inside the Pentagon and the military. I mean, there is chaos.


There has been chaos since at least Obama because he was an extremely weak president. When a superpower like the United States is ruled by more or less an absent man in the White House, the agencies themselves start implementing their own policies. This is happening now under Trump, who was elected under specific platform and now is basically giving it up. There has been a coup against him by the neo-cons who basically got him under control. He wanted to drain the swamp, but the swamp basically drowned him.


I'm not sure there's anything I can identify as a US policy. There is, however, an Israeli and a Saudi policy. And those two happen to be very, very closely aligned. Because those two, first of all, are extremely powerful as we know, inside the United States. But not only inside the United States but they are also objectively aligned in the region, which is very counter intuitive. It's natural to wonder: What would the Saudi Wahhabis have in common with the Israelis? What they have in common is an immense fear of Iran, first and foremost. And generally, the Saudis and the Israelis have the same exact interest for the Arab Muslim world, which is to keep it in chaos and weak. That allows them to rule it. It's that simple(...)


[Provoking Russia in Syria] is completely nuts. And it is due to that fact that I 'm convinced the neocons are not American patriots. They have their ideology. They have their agenda. They are just like parasites sitting in the United States and using that country for their own petty ideological interests. Which is the same thing the Saudis have been doing, by the way. Our government has been hijacked, and that's the real problem.


By patriot, I simply mean a person who loves his country. Through that lens, Americans should immediately see that Russia and the United States have no conflict. There's nothing to fight over and a great deal to work together with. This is something that the neocons do not want. And that's why they basically crushed Trump. That is why both the Democratic party and the Republican party don't let the people who are for a non-aggressive foreign policy -- like someone like Ron Paul -- get anywhere near power. If you look at the Republican and Democratic national committees they always take away money from these candidates – even if means losing a Congressional seat. There is a real problem here in the United States. And that problem could end up with international nuclear war.

Click the play button below to listen to Chris' interview with The Saker (45m:51s).


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I heard something from another commenter that seemed to make sense… Trump is playing the long game… All this short crap is just that.  

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pine_marten Manthong Tue, 07/11/2017 - 06:22 Permalink

Tump got elected on his anti war rhetoric. He has not only  broken those promises but pledged to gift the mic an additional fifty billion dollars ( think of what that could do for infrastructure and jobs).  And he has gained nothing by knuckling under to these pricks.  I would like to see him use the bully pulpit to get the people riled up enough to put congress in fear of getting tossed off the gravy train.  It looks like his only option at this point. Unfortunately, he seems to be like Obama. Vacant of any constructive ideology or noble purpose. And he is allowing his enemies instead to turn the people against him.His presidency is doomed along with the hopes of the people.

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MalteseFalcon pine_marten Tue, 07/11/2017 - 07:52 Permalink

President Trump is dealing with the wars he was handed.Let me know when he starts a new one.War with Iran or nuclear war is off the table, completely.Has the President placed any more missiles or troops near Russia lately?The President is surrounded by neo-con enemies and has to play his hand carefully.If he takes American foreign policy back to 1989, that would be quite an achievement.Do you think the process of ending the "unity hyper-power" era will be easy or meaningless?President Trump will be re-elected easily in 2020.

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here is the rest of my comment, without the distracting chaff"I think there is a CIA strategy, a Pentagon strategy, a State Department strategy. There used to be a White House strategy."there is for sure a Pentagon strategy. it is centered, btw, on the key ally of the Pentagon: Egyptfor a while, the State Department strategy was... kind of blow up the whole Middle East and North Africa region, including "we came, we saw, he died"but it was on the shoulders of Baby Bush's "we have to spread democracy"... on the expenses of order, in the regionthere is a warlord in Libya which is an excellent example of those different factions... in Russia, toowhereas the Russian military and the Egyptian military are courting him, and had him once as guest on a Russian warship, a move that made the Pentagon as mad as the Russian Foreign Affairs factionif you allow factions leeway, you get multiple strategies. both Washington and Moscow, though, play "the game" this way since practically evahit's the small players that have to coordinate better. the big can... let the left hand do what it wants without bothering to tell the right hand too much of it

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the author of this article wrote: "I 'm convinced the neocons are not American patriots. They have their ideology. They have their agenda. They are just like parasites sitting in the United States and using that country for their own petty ideological interests."why ideology and ideological interests? it's geopolitical interests. a "game" that consists in allies and resources, pipelines and infrastructure, business and trade interestsChina is building up streets and railroads connecting Beijing with the coast of Pakistan, for examplethe US spends 600 billion per year, i.e. as much as the rest of the world, just to play this "game" as Nr. 1, not for "defense"Russia is involved in the war of it's ally, Syria, and defends that government from something like a dozen sidesif they walk like empires, and quack like empires, and engage in imperial "games"... they might have allies and interests abroadallies and interests abroad = imperial/geopolitical involvement

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"Why ideology and ideological interests?" Because the US Empire deeds are cloaked under the pretense of bringing Democracy, Freedom, and Humanitarian Aid to those they want to vassalize, pillage, etc.  The Russian neo-Empire and the Chinese neo-Empire operate on very pragmatic basis, unencumbered by such ideologies. The only ideology they profess is the need for a "multi-polar" world, which sounds a bit more palatable than the "uni-polar" world of the US Empire.

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I concur that there is a CIA plan, a DOD plan, and a State Department plan. But I doubt that there is a WH plan. And I doubt even more that a WH plan has the other plans as dove-tailed subordinates. It's the political equivalent of Jazz: most of it is freelance and improvised. Only the elite leaders of USrael know for sure. Maybe. 

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+1 "It's the political equivalent of Jazz: most of it is freelance and improvised"depends on the character of the musician in the White House, doesn't it?some see it as an orchestra needing a director, other just give ministers leeway. take us europeans. we are told to talk with "Mad Dog" Mattisthe politics of Israel, btw, are way more complex then that, featuring old and entrenched factions which are not the same as the pro-Israel factions that center on NY, btw

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BobEore Ghordius Tue, 07/11/2017 - 05:46 Permalink

the politics of Israel, btw, are way more complex then that, featuring old and entrenched factions which are not the same as the pro-Israel factions that center on NY

Yes - that's so, and it's great to see you bring that forward. I'm more than content to stay on the sidelines now, and simply use this site as a stalking horse to display the ongoing decay of the Occidental world - but since you are one of the few interlocutors left with whom one can exchange insights - instead of just insults - I'll bite.

"Jews" as you say... have no uniform interests to defend. But those who pose as "Jews" for purposes of their agendas, do. And as those parties make up much of the financial and political muscle by which sionist politics are advanced, we are obliged to by default use those terms of reference when discussing their influence on geo-politics n such.

Lubovitch power brokers being the now de facto controllers of nation states around the globe(fanboys of the Saker kind kindly take note that RUS is no exception)we can skip the hair splitting of defining Sabbatean milleniallists as a different danger than Hasidic or Ortho ones, it's a dog's breakfast of kabbalist kibble which only makes sense at all when you realize that there is a war on - a culture war if you like - a silent war, whatever, which pits the European peoples(in the broadest sense which included the cousins on the other side of the pond)against those "near Asian" parties which inherited the genetically Neanderthal traits which give them the edge in all games of fraud and deceit.

It can only end in the complete destruction of one side or the other at this point.

That Europe is staring a complete end to it's period as an entity on the world stage should be as plain as day to anyone as well read and perceptive as yourself. That it's breakdown and destruction is being engineered by "jews who are not jews" ... NOT THEIR mUZZie stooges... would be evident as well, to any such person, steeped in the history of Metternich and the interests he plotted on behalf on. The game's been going on for 200 years now!

It remains an ongoing mystery as to why Ghordius should remain so truculently oblivious to every elephant in every room of his European mansion.

best regards dear fellow!

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doctor10 Soul Glow Tue, 07/11/2017 - 03:18 Permalink

the only unifying principle is the maintenance of the Petrodollar. There are at least 3-5 different strategies espoused by different factions/interests in the US and dependent allies.

Problem is-its like fighting gravity at this point. Really little to no future in doing so-and to continue fighting the inevitability is to risk planetary annihilation.

Protecting the US Bond market defensively is the only route that makes sense. Bringing jobs/industry home, clean up politics-overseas aren't likely to buy bonds of countries
where part of election and governing strategy is assassination

A surveillance state, likewise, is not a very productive state. You could read the history of the USSR and East Germany to elucidate how well that worked out.

Altogether a pretty robust set of challenges. If USA really is "number 1" they may be achievable. It is clear at many levels the President is acutely aware of them.

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doctor10 Ghordius Wed, 07/12/2017 - 05:15 Permalink

Rule of Law is one of several reasons why US T-bonds have historically been desired. The past election cycle has been potentially long term disastrous to the prospects of the bond market unless addressed

Increasing cash flow to the USA provides security for investors in the bond market. Country can't absorb or create more debt at this point. No further
money velocity possible presently.

the President understands this

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Vimes doctor10 Tue, 07/11/2017 - 04:17 Permalink

I really liked the idea of bringing home the jobs that were lost to countries who offer much lower wages. The problem is it would mean that either the U.S. lowers their wages so they can compete with regions that are in range of about 400 dollar a month or force the rest of the world to keep financing U.S. debt. Looks like theygave up on the jobs thing because that would be political suicide. Hence we have today's policy playing out in various parts of the world.

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FoggyWorld Vimes Tue, 07/11/2017 - 07:22 Permalink

There is another alternative.   Let the US produce quality products that last awhile and then let the public decide if it really prefers far eastern products that are cheap going in but if we are lucky, last through a use or two.    German workers certainly aren't living on poverty wages but they tend to make products people want.

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Freddie Tue, 07/11/2017 - 02:51 Permalink

Jared Kushner is a friend of Bibi and the Kushner klan are friends and business partners of Soros.  The Kushner's have a $500 + million loan with Fannie and Freddie. Just the fact that Trump would allow his daughter to marry Kushner shows us that once again we have been conned.The onlything that can stop this ZioCon/AIPAC/PNAC genocide in Syria where innocent people are being murdered is the Syrian military, Russia, Hizbullah and Iran.  The USSA Inc plus Trump-Kushner will do whatever Bibi-Soros-Rothschild tell them.

NuYawkFrankie Tue, 07/11/2017 - 03:07 Permalink

re "I'm Not Convinced There Is A US Strategy"

WRONG! The USSA NeoCON Strategy is:

"Mass Murder & Mayhem for the Greater Glory Of ISISrael & in furtherance of The Muslim Invasion Of *Europe for the 'War On Whitey'"

(* "FUCK Europe!!!" - Arch-NeoCON / ISISrael-Firster, US Asst Sec. Of State Victoria Nudelman-KAGAN )

OverTheHedge NuYawkFrankie Tue, 07/11/2017 - 03:09 Permalink

If we assume that the Saker is right (and I would be a brave man to contend otherwise), then eventually Saudi / Israeli control is going to become so evident, there will be a popular uprising across the western world to stop it. I think "Overreach" might be the correct term. Family enough, this won't be the first time for the Jewish team; you might think that for such smart people, there would be some institutional memory which says "This far, but no further, or we will all be going to gaol / the ovens". 

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Ghost who Walks OverTheHedge Tue, 07/11/2017 - 06:23 Permalink

An interesting observation.I often think this as well, but when I look for evidence of push-back I am not seeing it yet.This is one of those things where a small values-driven trigger will cause a non-linear response.All the spin merchants and commentators will be caught out as the the wave of realisation sweeps across populations.I'd like to offer more, but I don't know anything on this subject of popular uprisings. Just my intuition. This link that once people experience a loss from the status quo that they are more likely to rebel.So any severe economic downturn in the USA will create an environment where the population then questions the strategies being persued in the Middle East at their expense.It seems, those who posit that big government enables warfare may be right. Once resources start to shrink then the American population will be wanting to know why lots of money has been spent on the Middle East and to whose benefit?I think it will become obvious at this point who the brought and paid for agents of influence are as they run the party line of sticking to the strategy.At that point I'd expect the non-linear and non-proportional response to arise. Since the US Congress already has a very low rating of popularity within the populace and is nominally in charge, these people would bear the brunt of the blowback. If it were to be shown that this group had been blackmailed by the CIA/MOSSAD into supporting the current strategies then some of the blow-back would be shared around with the likes of AIPAC.In summary there are a lot of reasons for why the PTB have resisted a recession and currently lie about economic statistics.

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BingoBoggins Ghost who Walks Tue, 07/11/2017 - 14:56 Permalink

 Realists reside here often. What of Congress' war/chaos involvement then?Or is it the Executive who've had the upper hand in creating this turmoil? `What if we take that away?If the War Powers return to Congress, would that be from the frying pan into the fire? I thought not, earlier in the Campaign and after, until the rocket attack on that Syrian airbase.Here is a means to return those aforementioned Powers closer to the constituency.… seems the easiest path to me; it only requires the citizen's involvement, as you say.      

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veeger NuYawkFrankie Tue, 07/11/2017 - 03:09 Permalink

  that's right........isreal will never stop......the isreali-firsters in washington will do as they are will be the u.s. , isreal , saudi-arabia , and sunni .....against russia , china , iran , syria..........the american people will be dragged into this shit against their will........and war it will be , because isreal will never stop pushing for it....isreal will fight to the last american.

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dogismycopilot Tue, 07/11/2017 - 03:27 Permalink

Iraq has flushed the toilet and the shit (ISIS) has been flushed into Syria. In Syria, you have Israel acting as the air force of ISIS. In Syria, you have the US acting as artillery for ISIS.In Syria, you have Saudi providing small arms and money for ISIS.In Syria, you have France, Australia, and Canada providing logistics for ISIS.None of the assholes above have been invited into Syria. 

Ghordius dogismycopilot Tue, 07/11/2017 - 04:04 Permalink

"In Syria, you have France, Australia, and Canada providing logistics for ISIS"interesting claim. do you have anything that supports this claim? sources? links, perhaps?or is it just the usual assumption that "it's all the same"? as a reminder, France has a different history of involvement in Syria from all the others listed. as in LebanonI see... crickets

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Ghost who Walks dogismycopilot Tue, 07/11/2017 - 06:34 Permalink

While I am unhappy with the involvement of the Australian Government in both Syria and Iraq and I communicate this displeasure with the Government on a regular basis, I have not seen any evidence that Australia is providing logistical support to ISIS. The Iraqis have made claims that both the US and UK have been doing airdrops to ISIS.The structure of Australian forces in the Middle East is heavy on combat aircraft and Airbourne Early warning aircraft, not so much on Logistical aircraft. I think it unlikely that the Australian forces are actively providing logistics to ISIS. I have been wrong before, but the evidence is against logistical support.

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Conscious Reviver Ghost who Walks Tue, 07/11/2017 - 20:09 Permalink

So you're saying ISIS don't need no AWACS? Someone screwed up and forgot to warn al Bahgdadi in time. As always, you lie down with dogs, you come away with fleas.The Danes thought they were helping out too, until they were directed to attack a group in Deir Ezzor who turned out to be SAA soldiers,  holding off ISIS, killing around a hundred and allowing ISIS to advance. Once the Danes realized they were being used as ISIS close air support, they packed up and went home.

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Youri Carma Tue, 07/11/2017 - 07:48 Permalink

Yes there is and it's called;THE WOLFOWITZ DOCTRINEThe Wolfowitz doctrine is the basis of US policy toward Russia (and China). The doctrine regards any power sufficiently strong to remain independent of Washington’s influence to be “hostile.” The doctrine states:“Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”The Wolfowitz doctrine justifies Washington’s dominance of all regions. It is consistent with the neoconservative ideology of the US as the “indispensable” and “exceptional” country entitled to world hegemony.Russia and China are in the way of US world hegemony. Unless the Wolfowitz doctrine is abandoned, nuclear war is the likely outcome.FROM: Washington Plans to Nuke Russia and China by Paul Craig Roberts…

Allen_H Tue, 07/11/2017 - 13:12 Permalink

It's simple really, the terrorist United Snakes of jewmeriKa strategy: Kill, maim, rape, destroy, lie, steal, drug growing and transportation, cheat, sell-out, work for izraHELL. Right! Any questions?

Son of Captain Nemo Tue, 07/11/2017 - 08:43 Permalink

When members of Team "Tribe" start eating each other (…) you know your time is short.

I'll say it again to the men and women in uniform who know the truth about 9/11 and everything we've done both "before" and "since" that day!

If your "left hand" is what makes you sick (Israel) then "cut it off"! If it's your "right hand" (Saudi Arabia) then "cut that off" as well!...

And if you can't "check out" with honor and dignity at this point given everything you've done for them as the whore that you ALL ARE... put the loaded side arm (with both left and right) in your mouth and pull the trigger!

falak pema Tue, 07/11/2017 - 08:59 Permalink

There is chaos as the fifty year old Pax Americana Dear Henry-Saud petrodollar handshake legacy around the ME Oil patch now comes apart; under the impulse of its own frankensteinian contradictions since the US started their fight against Ayatollah Iran and Commie supported Afghan in 1979.It was concomitant after 1981 with the great Friedmanite monetarist experiment we call on the financial front "Reaganomics".America under RR went all in both militarily and financially in its global over-reach.Its created the current Hubris in US elites since Berlin wall collapse. So what we see today is the bitter fruit of America's own decline from its towering colossus pinnacle of 1991 NWO launch.The question now is :  are the pathologically inclined US elites ready to ROLL BACK their own criminal implication in this hegemonial game or will they play at Alcibiades and launch ANOTHER PROXY WAR like Alcibiades did when he sent his Athenian navy to SYracuse.Remember, then, Alicibiades filled the vacuum at Pericles's death and Athens became a divided republic without a true Man of State.Today in the USA, Obama's legacy, like that of Pericles, was based on a hegemonial alliance; then the Delian league ---today NAto and UN mandate. The Duck has torn down that consensual mindset in the West by going head up ass #Maga. He is now totally isolated.Alcibiades, as Pericles's nephew and successor, did the same --by tearing apart the Athenian led Delian league consensus --when they massacred the Melians-- and antagonised all their allies. Then to show their threatened might Athens invaded Syracuse to chastise their own surrogate colony.A colonial venture that was a total disaster, like Syria after Libya today for the USA; following on to the Dubya crucifiction of Iraq/Afghan. It started the Athenian Unwind in the Greek internal war between Athens and Sparta. Just like the current US implication in their 40 year imperial timeline has started the internal dissension in the US Oil colonies of ME.It seems to be a good parallel in my opinion. The Duck- deep state combine in many ways is the American Alcibiades conundrum. And it is totally incoherent in its internal dissensions.Will the consequences be as dramatic as the fruit of Alcibiades's disaster and subsequent betrayal of Athens when he fled to Sparta! ???Maybe Putin knows the answer to that quandary! 

MrBoompi Tue, 07/11/2017 - 09:08 Permalink

The Israelis were primed and ready to go minutes after the (supposed) planes struck the World Trade Center with their war on terror narrative and the need to take on Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, etc. or there would be "no world order".  And we know whatever the Rothschilds and their henchmen want, they get.  When you have almost all of the money and assets the world has to offer, you can easily buy the US government and coerce them to go to war anywhere.