The Clouds

Allow me to present to you something from this morning's paper:


Let's just take a step back and understand what is being said here:

(1) There have been a lot of crimes on BART (it's like the subway here in the Bay Area);

(2) It would seem that the majority of these crimes are perpetrated by minorities;

(3) There is video of these perpetrators shown doing the crimes;

(4) BART is refusing to release the tapes since they might reinforce the idea that minorities are responsible for a majority of the crimes on their system.

Sounds a bit circular, doesn't it?

Imagine if a new kind of cloud appeared, and it had a tendency to drop dangerous hailstones in large quantities on top of people's heads. Local news teams had footage of the cloud doing damage to people and property. And yet they refused to release the footage to the public, perhaps because Cirrus, Nimbus, and Strato-Cumulus clouds occasionally did damage too, and there's no reason to besmirch the name of this newfound cloud with reality.

We have collectively gone insane.