Oust Trump, War With Russia

Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Behind the sensational Western media coverage now linking the US president’s son to alleged Russian collusion in the American election, the real euphoria stems from relief that, at last, some «evidence» has been found.

For more than seven months now, the US corporate media have been running unrelenting claims that somehow Donald J Trump colluded with Russian state-sponsored hackers to get elected over his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

The media campaign has been dismissed as a witch hunt by Trump. Perhaps more sinisterly, US-Russia relations have also become deeply toxic due to the allegations. Not even a friendly meeting between Trump and Putin at last weekend’s G20 summit in Germany seems able to lift the poisonous cloud over bilateral relations.

However, the never-ending «Russia-gate» story was, to be frank, at risk of boring people to death from the sheer lack of evidence to shore up the conjecture of Trump being a Russian stooge. Despite the fact that three separate government probes have been working on the issue, they have nothing to show for it.

Then this week the «Russia-gate» story-tellers got a lifeline with reports that the president’s eldest son, Donald Jr, held a meeting with a Russian lawyer over a year ago at Trump Tower in New York City. The disclosure came from emails sent by Trump’s son to a mediator who promised «dirt on Clinton» that would damage her election campaign.

Democrats, Republicans, supporters of Clinton and the anti-Trump media are now cock-a-hoop that they have a «smoking gun» to prove the narrative of Trump-Russia collusion. Trump Jr is being accused of betraying his country by consorting with a foreign enemy, Russia.

A Washington Post comment noted: «Donald Trump Jr’s emails are the clearest indication yet that Trump campaign officials and family members were willing to deal with a foreign adversary in their mutual goal of taking down Hillary Clinton, and their revelation is dramatic proof that the Russia investigation is alive with no end in sight».

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported: «Rancor at White House as Russia Story Refuses to Let the Page Turn». It goes on to comment with a tone of satisfaction: «Every time the president tries to put the furor behind him, more disclosures thrust it back to the fore, and people close to him are anonymously blaming one another».

What the media outlets decline to say is that the Russia-gate story has not gone away precisely because the media have dutifully amplified leaks and anonymous intelligence claims – more accurately, innuendo – pillorying Trump as a Russian patsy.

The Deep State rulers of the US, comprising the military-intelligence apparatus, never wanted businessman Trump to become president. Unlike Clinton, Trump was insufficiently hawkish towards Russia. Ever since his shock election last November, the Deep State and its media machine have been full throttle to oust the «wrong president». The «Russian collusion» claims are the spearhead of this attack, an attack could qualify as a «soft coup» against the elected president.

With Trump’s son now admitting that he met with a Russian lawyer last summer as the head of his father’s election campaign, the anti-Trump campaign senses a mortal wound and are going full pelt to exploit it.

But the drama has the hallmarks of yet more media-driven sensation that is out of all proportion to the facts. Trump Jr’s lawyer dismissed the latest claims as «much ado about nothing».

The Russian government, which has consistently rejected any claims of interfering in the US election, said that the speculation about Trump and the «Kremlin-connected attorney» is «making a mountain out of a molehill».

As Trump Jr told Fox News this week, he held the meeting simply because he was interested in hearing «opposition research» on Hillary Clinton. As it turned out, no such information was forthcoming and the meeting ended inconclusively after only 20 minutes. That was the end of it. Apparently, Trump Sr wasn’t even told about the brief interview, so insignificant was it at the time.

It seems a fair and plausible observation that Trump Jr was simply doing what any political campaigner would do. Get dirt on opponents.

The US media are thus guilty of «protesting too much» about what is a rather prosaic matter. Apart from the obvious axe they want to grind against President Trump, the other reason for the media hysteria over the latest twist in the Russia-gate affair is that the Deep State and their media machine have, at last, something resembling hard evidence. This is why they are grandstanding. It is from relief that they have found something approximating a story to justify all the months of shrill speculation.

The hypocrisy of the pious media, pundits and politicians over Trump Jr’s betrayal is quickly revealed when one considers that Hillary Clinton’s campaign actively worked with the CIA-backed Kiev regime to dig up dirt on Trump during the election, as reported by Cristina Laila. «Where is the call for Hillary Clinton and her aides to be interviewed by the Senate intelligence panel», she asks.

According to US media interviews given by Nataliya Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer at the center of the Trump brouhaha, she is adamant that she was not acting for the Kremlin. The Kremlin also denies knowing her. She maintains that she not did approach the Trump campaign to provide «dirt» on Clinton, but rather to lobby against US sanctions imposed on her Russian business clients.

The claim that Veselnitskaya was «acting on Russian government information to help Donald Trump» apparently stems solely from the assertion made by the former British tabloid journalist Rob Goldstone, who wrote to Donald Jr to set up the meeting. It was Goldstone who described the meeting with Veselnitskaya as conveying «Russian government information to help your father’s campaign».

In other words that is not «proof» of Russian government involvement. It is simply hearsay from a tabloid hack with self-serving reasons.

Questions that the US media should be asking are: Was Goldstone hamming up his Russian government claims in order to sell Trump a mediation service and a scoop? Also, how did private emails between Goldstone and Trump end up in the possession of the New York Times? Did Goldstone flog them to the newspaper in order to cash in on the brewing Russia-gate scandal?

The lawyer for the family of Emin Agalarov, the Russian singer who asked Goldstone to set up the meeting between Trump Jr and Veselnitskaya, has now come out to rubbish the claims made by Goldstone.

«The vast majority of what Rob Goldstone said in email exchange with Donald Trump Jr is not accurate», Agalarov’s family attorney, Scott Balber, told RT. «The only thing that’s true is that Emin asked the meeting to be arranged. The rest of it is not true, it’s false».

As with so much else in the Russia-gate affair, the latest twist seems to be another concoction to turn wild speculation into the semblance of fact. It is as if the US media conceived the headline «Trump colluded with Russia» a long time ago, and have ever since been chasing to find a «story» to fit the headline.

There are too many holes in the whole Russia-gate affair for it to stand up. It is only the servile US media operating on the agenda of the powerful anti-Trump Deep State that make this non-story appear to stand up.

So desperate is the Deep State to oust Trump from office, it is willing to damage US-Russia relations beyond repair, to the point of risking all-out war.


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As far as I know, no one has posed a trivial question why Trump's son should harm his own father, especially, when even Trump himself appreciated his effort. For a logically thinking person that seems to be a clear message there is some premeditated plot in preparation to trick the opponents into accepting something that will eventually turn out to be totally different, discrediting the opponents themselves.

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bullshitWAR is america's business and Trump is never going to change that.  over the cliff bitchez.we like'em cold, hot, covert, overt, regional, and world. we love moar war!you live, breathe, and die for two things:  the FED/Wall Street and the MICand trump loves both. he is the oligarchy.even worse, a wannabe.it's fucking pathetic how some of you still actually think he actually draining any swamp...plus he kisses israel's and saudi arabia's ass(but cankles, but seth rich)stfu already, he is going to fleece us just like every other two party hack.#maga 

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I respectfully disagree. There wouldn't be impeachment proceedings filed among everything else against Trump. Sure he works on a level w the Fed Wall Street MIC because it can't simply stop immediately. Bottom line is if at this point you can't tell that Trump is the biggest problem the establishment has ever faced, I don't know what to tell you. 

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Yep! Unfortunately there is a hoard of racist trolls who have targeted this site to make it unviewable by people they aim their rhetoric at. They go after racial minorities and Jewish people non-stop. It is a loser strategy because we are going to have to face the deep state as a united front in order to win. The racial trolls clearly are not interested in beating the deep state.

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No, no, no!It is not that they are willing to risk going to war with Russia so that they can get rid of Trump.  The converse is true.  They are willing to get rid of Trump if it means getting control of Russia or its resources.  

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The danger for the deep state is that if they keep beating the drum about foreign interference in the US political system then eventually the searchlight will turn onto Israel - and there are plenty who don't want to be caught within that light beam! 

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their assets, the media, is reduced to a continuous smear campaign of lies.the jew has truly gone full retard when it engages in actions that wipe out so many of their shekels.they must have a bigger plan that will most likely kill us all, like they did in ww2 for the sole purpose of creating isrial. 

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Corporate media can be reduced to ashes by the FCC

apathy and red-tape is what permits existence without backlash. You have to do more than sit there with a resentment and the fcc's forms aren't fun. The FCC could do stuff on it's own, and POTUS Could urge the engineers to work in the interest of . . .

The next protest ought to be at the TV station not at the city hall against anti-fa (the special ops ought to take those guys out.)

Boycott the products Broadcast Spectrum advertises. ALL of the food products they advertise is bad for you anyway.
TRY the Farmers market.

Save your local city, State. Find out if you have DUAL CITIZENS holding office - Vote them the hell out.
Run against them, there's simply no way to trust their loyalty to this country.

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There has to be an obscure law preventing this type of propaganda as a national security threat. Oh wait, there is. The Global Engagement Center that was just signed into law to counter both state and NON STATE actors who disseminate propaganda and disinformation which undermines US national security....This is what it is and it could be considered domestic terrorism. We need to lock these sick fucks up or ban them from the US for life.

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Round up the Deep State'ers...and no, they are not ALL "Jews" dumbfuks. Clinton, Comey, Mueller, Mills, McLame, Grahmnesty, Flake, McCabe, Ryan, McConnell, and tons of "Chrisitans" in media too.   It's Leftist Prog thing...chrisitans and Jews both.If they want WW3...we take it to them. Fckk their war.

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Actually, with the events in Syria as a guide, I am more of the thinking that the US ia a bully.  When one stands up to a bully they back off most times.  Russia and others are now in a position to stand up to the US.  All those massively expensive military toys of the US and its allies are vulnerable to a few much cheaper missiles.  It would be a very silly option to pick a fight with Russia.Although I think it won't ever happen and the goal for Russia would be to de-escalate tensions, I'd sure love to see the footage of a US aircraft carrier being sunk.  Only then would we see a much more even playing field and a much fairer world.The only option the US uses with complete abandon is their monetary sanctioning of various governments.  The day this tool is taken away will also be a great day.Piss off USA.

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I'm visiting California for one month to be with my aging parents.

My liberal sister here in San Jose told me "The problem with the world is that there are too many white men."

And my liberal brother said "I bet Russia is blackmailing Trump for peeing on the bed. They own him. He peed on the bed."

Then both said "Assad gassed his own people. Assad must go."

I knew that libtards said things like this on YouTube and enjoyed watching them with a glass of cold milk and a good batch of buttered popcorn.

But I couldn't believe my ears that actual human beings, that my own siblings of my youth were actually spouting idiocy in the flesh as if they were idiots in a Mark Dice video trading silver for chocolates.

Now I know why CNN lies so brazenly. It's because there actually are superlatively un-savant idiots who watch and believe it!

My conversation with my two Libtardafornia siblings lasted about two more hours and ended with me telling them they are baby killers and I hate them, calmly announcing I will never speak to them again and warning them to stay away from children.

My 86 year old mother held my hand, told me she loved me and suggested I see a therapist.

If Yellowstone blows I hope there's a strong westward wind.

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It didn't used to be like this. If you ask me, it all started going down-hill when DHS was created. By about 2004 Bush had all the agencies cooking and burning the candles at both ends and failing big time melting the whole candle at one time. What's resulted since then was a navigation-less downward death spiral.

de-activate (BRAC Style) DHS and make all them agencies separated or GONE.

The FCC controls power and frequency and now the net (why did everyone say yes to that last one was it the FAKE MEDIA AGAIN?) anyway, the FCC oh nevermind I said enough, the gears ought be turning now.

Get ALL dual citizens out of office. Get the Terrorist School teachers out of the schools.

Get Common Core out of Education.

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They victimize the people they "help" for federal dollars which go towards their salary, pension and health packages.  I was briefly a social worker when I got of grad school.  The group I worked with projected an attitude of superiority over groups of people with genetic disorders.  They talked at them with no solutions.  I drove clients to college, taught them to cook, make change, organize, you know how to become independent.  My supervisor was stunned.  No one was doing what was common sense.  I could not stay in this field.  Learned helplessness--destroyer of people.  

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 Brilliant comment.  

For some reason I thought of Mark Antony's oration on the death of Caesar.A hint of havoc.

With Ate by your side come hot from hell, Shall in these confines with a monarch’s voiceCry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war,That this foul deed shall smell above the earthWith carrion men groaning for burial........................................................................+ 100 for Cunningham    for 'cock-a-hoop'  and 'full pelt'.......................................................................As for me, and the plans of the deep state:"I'll have grounds more relative than this." Time is on our side.  We will wait to seeif the deep state has played all its cards.I think not.  

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Some percentage of folks, if remotely interested at all, get their "news" from the boob tube. The rest simply parrot what Joe Blow up the street said, Joe of course having gotten his info from the boob tube.Clay to be molded in the deep states own craven image.What, with all the entertainments aplenty, gossip rags, editorializing, opinion shaping, and taken in the overall context of folks who are directly in on the government dole and or payroll scam, where honest work is discouraged but "fitting in" is a given, (but I repeat myself) ,,AND taken in the context of successful "public education" which is far less education and far more a stamping out of pre-conditioned non questioning drones, future syncopants, maroons, politically correct, non critical thinking, obedient debt serfs or failing that, future hillbilly heroin statistics ..Well, it's going to take some major earth shaking event to wake folks from their stupor, and even then, there are going to be a lot of folks, many, if not most, shooting themselves in their own two feet while begging and pleading for government salvation and rescue  ..  

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RussiaGate is a spectacle created by hair-on-fire paranoid elites with the hope that it will somehow remove a president who doesn't obey their standards of political correctness in politics.The spectacle is created to inflame a movement of hair-on-fire paranoid plebs called the RESISTANCE.The elites are stealing a page from Trump’s book, in trying to create their own Deplorables.Behind the plot to oust the president are super-rich media elites and the companies they control. People like Larry Fink or Jeff Bezos controlling the Washington Post and Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim who owns the largest portion of the New York Times or Comcast and other companies like Disney, General Electric.People trolling all these web sites and shouting antiTrump nonsense are just the brainwashed army of dupes these elites use. Don’t be a dupe.

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More bullshit from Stragegic Culture.   The plan was to make war on Russia and Trump getting elected ruined the plans.  Obama teed it up for Hillary who was going to put the Rooskies in their place.  The NeoCons are going crazy.  The war is off the table.

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Satan's vicar the Pope is the human kingpin of the Globalist cabal that has been working for decades to end the current world order which is composed of "sovereign" nations.    This cabal will end the current world order and will eliminate the "sovereign" nations and will then install the New World Order One World Government which the Beast will rule for 3.5 years.  See the Vatican's FAZZINI sculpture.   The Pope led Globalist will see to the using of nuclear war to end the current world order. Pope led Globalist cabal caused Trump to become POTUS just so a Nationalist Republicanish Christianish straight white man would be captain (to be blamed) when the Globalist sink the ship. Globalist [“elites”] are top level minions of Satan, the “god of this world.”  Globalist human kingpin is the pope  Globalist had POTUS minions for decades Globalist have Trillions of $ with which to bribe Globalist have files on everybody that is anybody Globalist have death squads Globalist have access to all kinds of weapons Globalist have CIA minion. Globalist have MSMedia minion Globalist are creating the One World Government Globalist One World Government is ordained to come to be.  Globalist have planned for decades Globalist will bring down Trump and the Nationalist and end “sovereign” USA and end the “sovereign” nations of Europe.  Globalist will have nukes used to end the current world order.  See Vatican’s FAZZINI sculpture named “Christ rising from crater of nuke blast” Revelation 13->forward reveals soul saving blessing conveying information regarding OUR end of era scenario found nowhere else.

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Oh, WolfgangCire understands the Bible perfectly. Satan is the god of this world, and the Bible is his book. Some of the early Gnostics believed that this world was created by the illegitimate offspring of Sophia, the godess of wisdom. Pretty funny idea. But of course all this god and devil stuff is just metaphorical anthropomorphic nonsense. The world is very different from that.

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