Trump Jr. Asked To Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee, "Will Subpoena If Necessary"

The Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) , has invited Donald Trump Jr. to publicly testify about his meeting with a Russian lawyer offering compromising information on Hillary Clinton, with the AP noting that the committee "will subpoena" Trump's son if it is necessary.

It would mark the first formal, public invitation for President Trump's eldest son to meet with lawmakers, who have been clamoring to hear from him over the June 2016 meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Previously, Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, told reporters this week that she wanted Trump Jr. to publicly testify before the committee.

"This is aired on front page newspapers. It should be aired front page [in the] United States Senate. The committee of jurisdiction is clearly the Judiciary Committee," she told reporters. “It’s not an Intelligence matter.” She added to CNN on Thursday that she wanted Trump Jr. to testify as soon as next week.

According to The Hill, members of the Senate and House intelligence committees have also said they want to meet with Trump Jr., though neither have publicly invited him.

Separately, Grassley and Feinstein also said that they are willing to subpoena Paul Manafort to testify before their committee.


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BREAKING: Senate Judiciary Committee chairman says he is asking Donald Trump Jr. to testify; will subpoena if necessary.------------------------------------------------------ Oh for fuckssake, it's not like the Russians drove Hillary over a cliff or threw votes into the river or gave Trump a billion dollars. Trump way underspent Hillary and outfoxxed the Democrats' savvy, super with-it, Obama-honed, social media strategy to boot.If the Russians had hacked into Trump's private server and uncovered a kiddie-porn ring, causing him to lose, the NYT headline wouldn't be: "Russians Meddle In Election!"  But somehow, after Hillary's and the DNC's OWN EMAILS make them look like criminal sleaze (which US voters are now better informed for having learned about BTW)....its all about the Russia angle which is just a tiny bit beside the point.You want to see SERIOUS, foreign influence and pay-for-play in a US election???This is what it looks like:… 

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Isn't she divine?? What an inspiration for ALL American women. I adore her as well as Ivanka. Both are smarter than any First Lady and daughter ever in office before. The fact they are both extremely beautiful and amazing stylists doesn't hurt either. I LOVE how the world is giving her the credit the MSM refuses her.

But I'm sorry, I just hate your "Jew-in-law" description. I wanted to be honest and clarify that because the anti-Jewish vein is strong with some on here. I don't want others to think I'm of that vein which is the only reason I mention it.

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Trump Jr. Asked To Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee, "Will Subpoena If Necessary"My responseL To all, I read the comments and here is my final take on the matter. This entire process is an example of a miscarriage of justice. We are focused on the wrong issues and the wrong people.My prayer is that the LORD GOD send a meteor to land on the capital building while both legislative bodies are in session. We need to start over.

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Ben Tornilloed FrozenGoodz (not verified) Thu, 07/13/2017 - 13:20 Permalink

I am far from a Trump apologist.  But Jeebus Crust dickhead. GO AWAY.  You're like hitting the remote  and landing on Madcow ruminating her last hairs.But I do take solace in knowing that the only people who support your stupidity are snowflakes, government workers, or those who got their money through a windfall.  NOBODY who has produced wealth by actual work supports you dickhead.

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Why the fuck isn't Loretta Lynch or Susan Rice testifying?? They appear to have committed actual crimes !! When President Trump gets back from France he needs to go nuclear and fire Rosenstein and Mueller, and on the same day release all the classified JFK and Roswell Crash documents !! Give the dishonest liberal media and deep state something to chew on !!

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However, wouldn't it be hysterical if Meuller actually was full of integrity as they say and the reason he brought on all those Clinton lawyers was because he has no choice but to file charges against many Democrats? The ONLY way he could do that and save his political career would be to have a bevi of Democratic supporting lawyers all in agreement and part of the investigations.

I know, it's highly unlikely but maybe, just maybe what everyone was saying about him when he was first appointed is actually true.

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