Greatest Fools? The Countries That Trust Their Government Most (And Least)

Trust in government serves as a vital driving force for a country's economic development, increases the effectiveness of governmental decisions, as well as leading to greater compliance with regulations and the tax system. As Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, the level of confidence in a country's government is generally determined by whether people think their government is reliable, if it can protect its citizens from risk and whether or not it is capable of effectively delivering public services.

The latest edition of the OECD's Government at a Glance report has found that confidence in government varies widely between countries.

Infographic: The Countries That Trust The Government Most And Least  | Statista

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Unsurprisingly, Greece has the lowest level of confidence in its government, unsurprising given the economic pain it has suffered since the onset of the financial crisis. In recent years, Greece has had to deal with multiple elections, bank shutdowns, defaulting, the introduction of capital controls and being on the frontline of the European migration crisis. That has all led to 13 percent of the Greek public having confidence in their government. South Korea also has a low level of confidence at 24 percent, most likely due to President Park Geun-hye's impeachment scandal.

In the United States, the White House is struggling to shake off allegations of Russian collusion and only 30 percent of the public have confidence in the government. The United Kingdom is also enduring turbulent times amid its Brexit negotiations and 41 percent of the public have faith in their government.

At the other end of the spectrum, 58 percent of people in Russia and Turkey trust their governments while India (the nation that just surprised the entire nation by making its banknotes illegal) has the highest confidence levels at 73 percent. Greatest Fools?


Greed is King Jul 17, 2017 2:40 PM Permalink

The Russia/USA figures pose a question, Russia 58% and USA 30%, what does that tell us ?. Is the Russian Government more trustworthy than the American Government ?, are the Russian people more gullible than the American people ?, or are the American people wiser to the ploys of the American Government ?.

JerseyJoe Jul 17, 2017 11:09 AM Permalink

Trust da gubamint? Maybe when Hildabeast, Holder, Lynch, Corzine, Lerner and Comey are all indicted. That would be a good start. Then get rid of half the bureaucrats and flush 75% of the Congress. Impose term limits and get rid of insider trading by these fucking crooks and then i will begin to really believe.

There Jul 17, 2017 12:41 PM Permalink

President Lielie, the current Administration and Congress is doing everything possible to undermine trust in America.Prepetual lies, Rusmeetia (can't remember meetings), changing stories and security forms multiple times all points to an inept out of control goverment that is only capable of Peepin' and Hidin'.Secret health? care meetings with a dozen Senators all lacking experience, Town Hall meetings cancelled because the proposal is so embarasing, all add up to a huge screw you for the American people.Add to that the utterly contemptible lack of Patriotism the Administration shows in dealing with an adversarial foreign government's activities surrounding our elections. Only the money power grabbers can trust this gang to do the right thing.

Peon14 Jul 17, 2017 9:06 AM Permalink

Only gullible fools trust politicians and should not be allow to vote and since politicians run guberments only gullible fools trust guberments.  The only fix is term limits with no consecutive time in office but don't look for shyster politicians to breakup their racket. I have always thought of guberment as a Color Of Law Mafia racket and the longer I live the more this theory seems true.

Expat Jul 17, 2017 8:15 AM Permalink

Has anyone found the survey?  It's very hard to find out details.  The question (and Gallup's own reports) concern "confidence", not trust.  There is a difference in English and likely in other languages in the word.  I still can't find the question (asked of 2100 Indians in urban areas).The 2016 OECD survey uses "Do you have confidence in..." as the base format.   The question is asked of many things like public services including transportation, local and state government, and national government.  The report cited by the article talks about one single question.In any case, the author and the negative commenters don't appear to be Indian.  I doubt they have ever been to India or spoken to Indians.  Consequently, their interpretation of the survey is based simply on their own prejudice and views, not the views of Indians.  It is akin to the rabid bashing of socialized medicine here on ZH.  It is assumed that Canadians and Europeans hate socialism and want to put an American healthcare system in place when it is quite the opposite.  So perhaps Indians trust their government justifiably.  Here on ZH we see only the gold and currency stories.   Imagine what Indians would think of America if they read only ZH!

numapepi Expat Jul 17, 2017 9:26 AM Permalink

Interesting observations and research into the survey data...

You touched on a different point though, socialized medicine, that I feel strongly about.

The fact Europe has fully socialized medicine, brought to them by the NAZIs by the way, is why the progressive elite in the US cannot allow us to move back to a laissez faire model, because like it did the USSR, once it became functional, the market system always and in every way beats socialism, and so Europeans would have an even more stark contrast against the system they are forced into.

Socialism cannot abide a market system because the market will show how dismal socialism works.

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CRM114 Expat Jul 17, 2017 8:37 AM Permalink

The OECD survey is here (read for free)… OECD survey takes its data from the Gallup World Poll 2016 (it says that on page 214)The Gallup World Poll 2016 is here (subscription) Country Data set for that Poll is here (free)file:///C:/Users/a/Downloads/World_Poll_Dataset_Details_122316.pdfThe Indian data is from Feb 2016, well before the cash ban. 2,100 face-to-face interviews.The Canadian data is from 1,355 landline phone interviews in December 2015, just after the election Trudeau won. Landline phone interviews tend to bias towards liberals/socialists by at least 6% (e.g. see UK pollsters' review of GE 2015) In short. THIS DATA IS 18 MONTHS OUT OF DATE.

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moorewasthebestbond (not verified) Jul 17, 2017 7:26 AM Permalink

Give me a goddamed break. As if the fake news Russia collusion non-story has anything to do with American's lack of confidence in the government.

Money_for_Nothing Jul 17, 2017 6:24 AM Permalink

"struggling to shake off allegations" smoke
"trust their governments" mirrors

Any truth in any of this is an accident. Prices paid and availability are truth.
Governments try to control prices because prices don't lie for long. Shortages and unofficial markets develop.

Trump is implementing the will of the majority while being harassed by the media and the establishment.
The Head of India is doing the same except he controls the media and he is the establishment.
India is just not an important enough market for (name your global villain) to pour resources into.
The fact that India didn't collapse says that the official statistics are worthless.

Falcon49 Jul 17, 2017 5:23 AM Permalink

The founder's basic premise when establishing our form of government was....distrust.  Checks and balances, limited powers, and weak central gov.  They knew that all governments evolve to corruption and tyranny....they just set it up to slow and inhibit that trend.

alone in the crowd Falcon49 Jul 17, 2017 5:53 AM Permalink

"The founder's basic premise when establishing our form of government was....distrust."depends on "distrust" of who or what, their distrust was a central government... that they did not control! Thus the secret convention, it was the states (the creditors to to debtor central government) that created the USofA, in order to get their war loans repaid. " Checks and balances, limited powers, and weak central gov."oh really? see above "They knew that all governments evolve to corruption and tyranny...."this i agree on "... they just set it up to slow and inhibit that trend." they set it up to be exactly what it IS, before the constitution scam, there was no such "thing" as the "United States of America"  they knew exactly what they were doing.the mythical "founding fathers" were all unscrupulous men. the constitution is a debt compact (bribe), a coup d'état, in the form of a swindle, over ruling the articles of  confederation. classic bait and switch

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smacker Jul 17, 2017 5:03 AM Permalink

If a similar chart was produced showing "votes bought by political elites" by their give-away welfare policies, it would look remarkably similar.

DIGrif Jul 17, 2017 4:55 AM Permalink

If India trusts their government after that last fiasco, then they will certainly get what they have coming...what a bunch of fucking morons.

trevmac77 Jul 17, 2017 4:22 AM Permalink

haha, Canada near the top of course.  Just wait until the real estate bubble blows coupled with low oil.  See how much they trust when the goverment teat runs dry.

Latitude25 (not verified) Jul 17, 2017 4:07 AM Permalink

Indian gold ownership says this survey is a lie. Germans have confidence in a government turning the country into a caliphate?  Really?

Nona Yobiznes Jul 17, 2017 3:46 AM Permalink

Of course. Fuckin Canada. Most people here have no idea what's going on. They're just too nice, milktoast, 'go along to get along' types - and that's the type of place this is. Nothing dramatic or bold happens, it's a very quiet society. "Oh, the government, eh? Yeah, Ottawa's doing a fine job, nothing to complain about. They just gave us some subsidies for the local hockey rink". All while the government implements some of the dumbest policies ever conceived and taxes people into oblivion. Any educated individual (not necessarily formally, but in the workings of the real world) who trusts their government needs to have their head examined. 

CRM114 Nona Yobiznes Jul 17, 2017 7:46 AM Permalink

Canada has, I think, the lowest tax revenue as a percentage of GDP of any country with a socialized Health Service… have lived in 6 countries (including the US), and have visited friends in many others. I find the Canadian Government the least intrusive, least expensive, and most effective of all of them.The problem is really with the question, which is far too broad to be of any use - have confidence in them to do what?Are Canadian politicians corrupt? Of course they are. Are quite a few of them arrogant, selfish idiots? Of course they are.And when the Canadian Government f#cks up, it does it in Spades, e.g. the Phoenix payment system.I think one of the reasons Canadian Government rates highly is that it doesn't intrude much on many people's lives, and that the question should be related to the relative size and intrusiveness of the countries' Governments.I trust the Government to fix the roads, help me when I'm sick, and not get us into any stupid wars, and otherwise generally stay the heck out of my life, for a relatively modest fee. I get my money's worth from the roads and the health service alone. If they are ripping someone off, it's not me.

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msamour CRM114 Jul 17, 2017 7:53 AM Permalink

Hi there Fella!,I live in the Nation's capital, and for the most part I agree with what you say. There is one caveat however, There are a lot of dumb idiots in this country. My neighbourhood park was taken over recently, because a Mosque was built next to it. I get regularily threatened when I take my son there. "You should no go to the playground with your son when there are women there" I was told a few months ago. Luckily, the local police (On the French side) does not put up with intimidation of that kind. But most Canadians see absolutely no problem with letting certain cultures dictate our way of living though!I give it another 25 years and this country will become Canadistan... Country full of idiots I tells ya!

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CRM114 msamour Jul 17, 2017 8:09 AM Permalink

Hey, buddy!We get none of that rubbish round here (Maritimes). Only halal restaurant just got compulsarily purchased and bulldozed for a college residence. Unanimous vote by councillors, not a squeak of protest, even though everyone knows they could have easily picked another site.I note the Quebecers told Mulcair where to go when he backed the niqab thing, and he is now political history.I've seen no compromise over muslim demands in Manitoba.I think you have an Ontario problem, not a Canadian one.

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