New York Attorney Demands To See Manafort's Bank Records Over $16 Million Loan

In what should have probably been the first action in the investigation of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, WSJ reports that New York prosecutors have decided to 'follow the money', demanding records relating to up to $16 million in loans from a bank run by a former campaign adviser for President Trump.

As a reminder, in mid-April, federal investigators requested Mr. Manafort’s banking records from Citizens Financial Group, the Journal previously reported, but now...

The subpoena by the Manhattan district attorney’s office to the Federal Savings Bank, a small Chicago bank run by Steve Calk, sought information on loans the bank issued in November and January to Mr. Manafort and his wife, the person said.


The loans were secured by two properties in New York and a condominium in Virginia, real-estate records show.

Mr. Calk was a member of Mr. Trump’s economic advisory panel who overlapped with Mr. Manafort on the Trump campaign.

Around the time they were issued, Mr. Calk had expressed interest in becoming Mr. Trump’s Army Secretary, the Journal previously reported, citing three people briefed on the Army interactions.

A veteran whose bank caters to former members of the military, Mr. Calk didn’t get the job, and previously declined to comment on it.


Mr. Calk has previously said that the loans to Mr. Manafort were standard with more than sufficient collateral.


Messrs. Manafort and Calk knew each other before the campaign, a person familiar with the relationship has said.

The Journal reported in May that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman had begun examining real-estate transactions by Mr. Manafort, who has spent and borrowed tens of millions of dollars in connection with property across the U.S. over the past decade. Investigators at both offices are examining the transactions for indications of money-laundering and fraud, people familiar with the matters have said.

Asked by a reporter for The Wall Street Journal about the subpoena Monday, Calk said, “I’ve got no comment, but I appreciate the call.”


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Since we're all about 'following money' now, I heard rumors there was a  foundation that took in tons of foreign money.  Um, the name clinton comes to mind.  Maybe check there in case of suspicious activities. 

knukles Jayda1850 Mon, 07/17/2017 - 18:23 Permalink

Lemme see now ... what was the name of those banks in Chicago?The one the Pritzgers got into.  And the other one, the slush fund for Chicago politicians which got "rescued" by ML, GS, FB, etc.In fact i agree with more hearings.  When one drags the marsh a lot of bad shit gets uncovered.And I for one, in the interests of further civil existence, think we should start a draft Hillary run afresh in 2020 campaign.Her and HiawathaAnd to appeal to a broader demographic, Hiawatha could do the run in black face.  American Indians cannot be racist.

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meditate_vigorously (not verified) Jayda1850 Mon, 07/17/2017 - 19:06 Permalink

Any asshole who makes it into the Senate, let alone stays as long as Sessions, is not trustworthy. I never expected Sessions to be anything but a swamp creature and possibly a pederast being blackmailed.

When the Proles on Breitbart are cheering for a politician, I know the American people are being setup again.

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GUS100CORRINA Bopper09 Mon, 07/17/2017 - 18:18 Permalink

New York Attorney Demands To See Manafort's Bank Records Over $16 Million LoanMy response: When is the PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL BS going to end??? So this entire brouhaha is over millions? REALLY? How about the "DUMB ASS", "SHIT FOR BRAINS" NY ATTORNEY go after the REAL "DIRTY" MONEY in the DNC and the CLINTON FOUNDATION? I hear the money is in the BILLIONS!!!When they go after the HRC CRIME SYNDICATE, then I will pay attention. 

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max_leering Mon, 07/17/2017 - 18:10 Permalink

Manafort should play hard ball... "I'll show you my financial records when Bill/Hill open up the books to the Clinton Foundation... otherwise, please fuck off!"

Rick Cerone Mon, 07/17/2017 - 18:12 Permalink

If the DA and AG cannot prove public allegations, they should be sued for slander. What is the status of the IRS investigation of the CLINTON FOUNDATION?

BarkingCat Mon, 07/17/2017 - 18:13 Permalink

Bank is not in New York so their resoonse should be - go fuck yourselves,  we are not in your jurisdiction.  Which by the way it will be my response to any search subpoena from New York State.

Sofa King Mon, 07/17/2017 - 18:15 Permalink

Growing up I remember learning that I we are "innocent until proven guilty". I guess it actually "you're guilty and we'll keep digging until we find something to charge you with."

Too-Big-to-Bail (not verified) Mon, 07/17/2017 - 18:23 Permalink

There would have been more progress made with following the money with the Clinton Foundation, if it wasn't for all those pesky suicides slowing things down

johand inmywallet Mon, 07/17/2017 - 19:16 Permalink

I really hope someone kills schneiderman!!! Manafort, tell him to fuck off and die. If there is no crime, don't go looking for one. I miss the days of the old mafia where schneiderman would already be chum.

Fartboxbuffet (not verified) Mon, 07/17/2017 - 19:24 Permalink

I heard mr sessions likes young White twinks with blonde hair blue eyes and shaved sack and balls just a little treasure trail of hair left 

Sanity Bear Mon, 07/17/2017 - 21:08 Permalink

If it's official now that targeting the political opposition is legit, it's time to go to town on some people who have deserved it for a long time, and who just happen to have lost their grip on power recently.

navy62802 Mon, 07/17/2017 - 21:56 Permalink

What a fucking joke. How about they look into the Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership? Or Uranium One? Or the Clinton Foundation Haiti moneys? Oh I get it now ... Manafort is not a CIA affiliate, so he automatically gets extra special attention.

RocketScience Tue, 07/18/2017 - 02:45 Permalink

If Trump will not defend himself, there is not much anyone can do but sit back and watch the two-tiered system of justice grind out the sausage. The media and the bureaucrats are still runnning the country.  They are going hang poor Donald and his family.