Iran Rejects Trump's Warning; Foreign Minister Slams "Saudis Involvement In 94% Of Terrorist Attacks In The World"

The US president warned that Iran would face ‘new and serious consequences’ if the detained Americans were not released.

But now, as MiddleEastEye reports, Iran demanded on Saturday that the United States release Iranians detained there, a day after US President Donald Trump called on the Islamic Republic to release three US citizens.

“America should quickly release Iranian prisoners in the country,” foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said, according to the Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA).

On Friday, Trump urged Tehran to return Robert Levinson, an American former law enforcement officer who disappeared in Iran more than a decade ago, and to release businessman Siamak Namazi and his father, Baquer, both jailed on espionage charges.

Trump warned that Iran would face “new and serious consequences” if the three men were not released.


“The judiciary, courts and judges in Iran are completely independent, as in any other country,” Ghasemi said in a statement.


“Any interventionist and threatening statement by American officials and institutions has no effect on the will and determination of the country’s judicial system to try and punish criminals and violators of the country’s laws and national security.”

The statement capped a week of US rhetoric against Tehran, which announced last Sunday that another US citizen, Xiyue Wang, a graduate student from Princeton University, had been sentenced to 10 years in jail on spying charges.

On Tuesday, Washington slapped new economic sanctions on Iran over its ballistic missile programme and said Tehran’s “malign activities” in the Middle East undercut any “positive contributions” coming from the 2015 nuclear accord.

Last October, an Iranian court sentenced 46-year-old Siamak Namazi and his father, Baquer Namazi, 80, to 10 years in prison on charges of spying and cooperating with the US.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps detained Siamak in October 2015 while he was visiting his family in Tehran, and Baquer, a former Iranian provincial governor and ex-UNICEF official, in February last year, family members said.

Levinson, a former agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and for the Drug Enforcement Administration, disappeared in Iran in 2007. The US government has a $5m reward for information leading to his safe return.

Levinson left Iran years ago and the Islamic Republic has no information about his whereabouts, Ghasemi said on Saturday.

“The statements of the White House, as usual, are an example of interference in Iran’s internal affairs and the demands are unacceptable and rejected,” Ghasemi said, according to ISNA.

And then, as The American Herald Tribune reports, the Islamic Republic of Iran's Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, told The National Interest.

"We don’t see the situation in our region as a winning or losing battle. It’s a situation where the initial U.S. invasion of Iraq has led everybody to lose.


Because we believe that the situation in today’s world is so interconnected that we cannot have winners and losers; we either win together or lose together,."


Zarif also said that Shias, Sunnis and Kurds are all important segment of Iraqi society with whom Iran needs to have relations.

“Iran has rushed to the aid of the Iraqis, not just the Shias, but everybody. For us, the Shias, the Sunnis, the Kurds—all of them are an important segment of Iraqi society with whom we need to have relations.” 

Citing an example of Iran’s help to Iraqis when Daesh invaded Iraq in 2014, the foreign minister said, “We went to the support of the Kurds: when they had been invaded by ISIS, we were the first to go to Erbil to secure it and to rescue it, basically, from a Daesh occupation.” 

He added there are certain countries in the Middle East who have been “consistently” supporting terrorism.

“You have countries in the region who have consistently supported extremists…



Some countries consistently supported the wrong groups - these are the same countries from whose nationals, almost 94 percent of those engaged in acts of terror, came - so we are talking about a consistent record on their side and a consistent record on the Iranian side.” 

He added that Iran does not seek to exclude Saudi Arabia from the security calculus of the Middle East region.

“We believe that Saudi Arabia is an important part of that security, as we believe that other countries in the region should be an important part of that security understanding.”


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  At the heart of the problem is the US, the UK, and their support of evil, inhumane Wahhabi Saudi Arabia… evilly justified through their oil and arms business. The Wahhabi Saudi support of terrorists all over the world and their proliferation of hate-preaching mosques is a realized danger to every non-Wahhabi religion, sect and civilization on the planet. Wahhabi mosques and evil theology is infecting the entire world, not just the Mid-East. Do not accuse me of being a Wahhabi hater, just accept me as one. I do not believe they are regarded with similar contempt in Zionist circles worldwide. 

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  ..and the original reason for the US initiated insurgency in Syria and all of the associated pain, death and horror  is that Assad, as a client and ally of Russia would not allow an NG  pipeline through Syria that would come from Qatar, through Saudi Arabia up to Turkey and into the EU to compete with Russian pipeline supply that currently enters through Germany. But now that that will never happen, we seem to be turning on Qatar. Trump and Company better figure this out soon and stand up like honorable men or he is going to get his political ass handed to him.There are more dynamics, but that is over half of the short story.There is too much truth and push-back out here in the digital boonies for the schmucks who have been controlling things for their profit to get away with it anymoar.

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Well hey good news, boys and girls… It seems that Russia and Germany have agreed on a second huge pipeline to enter the EU through Germany (I believe it is called “Nordstream 2”). I would have a hard time believing this has anything to do with the change of attitude down where Qatar, Iran, Syria and  MWSA (Maniac Wahhabi Saudi Arabia) are. All of the NG to the EU from Russia routed through Germany cannot possibly be a factor. 

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Islam backed the Allies, fighting in both WW1 and WW2 on our side.US/UK fucked them hard, without any remorse. Mission Accomplished.The first thing a Muslim will do is invite you to have tea, and break bread.Islam believes that Jesus is a true prophet, and that there is one God.The former-Soviet Khazarim in WADC, not so much. They worship gold.The Chosen openly call Americans, 'deluded followers of the False Christ'.There are no Muslim brokers on Wall Street, or in Trump's Administration.Muslims didn't bring liquor, drugs, pornography and child trafficking to USA.The Chosen did. They own the distilleries. They want the weed dispensaries.The Chosen put America -$20,000,000,000,000 in perpetual 'debt', ...forever.Trump openly hates Muslims. His whole family are married into the Khasarim.But Trump's hate for Muslims didn't stop him from selling $112B in arms to the Al-Saud Wahhabi-ISIS terrorist head choppers who are aided and abetted by Israel, did it? Don is a Khazar at heart. He has a dead soul."You're gonna be dodging Saudi RPGs from all the winning!" Don the NeoCon

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Umm, since when are weed and distilleries bad things? And I believe the Scots-Irish brough the booze over here, they're rather good at the distilling. The Germans brought beer. They're pretty good at that. As for TBT or not TBT, he's a Zionist shill, but does that mean we have to go to the opposite extreme and absolve the Muslims of everything? The Muslims have been in the child trafficking business for a while--or are you arguing that they did not make raids on Europeans to get slaves for their harems? I'm not sure why the majority of folks on ZH are so keen to pin everything on one group of people. The Jews did some shitty stuff. So did the Muslims. So did the Christians. So did people of various races with no religious affiliation. But it's always the victimhood bullshit here--oh, if it weren't for the Muslims/Jews/Vatican/blacks/gays/liberals/etc. then everything would be fine. That is, of course, nonsense of the highest order. Most people are fundamentally good because sociopathy is still not a common trait. Good people are led astray by sociopaths. Sociopaths occur among all people. That seems a much more parsimonious answer than it is all the fault of one group (and you might notice that the group whom is most at fault in any particular era tends to fall out of power eventually, to be replaced by some other power hungry group...). 

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Fake weapons of mass destruction3000 deadmillions innocent dead in the middle east1000's dead good americans just cannon fodder for Israel and Saud Arabia....protect freedom at home by going to the other side of the planet...makes sense /SarcasmNobody is in jail the psychopaths and pedophiles run the showAIPAC has total control.Money begins and ends with jewish bankers.  American taxpayer has funded the complete destruction of the middle east. Head in the sand. Facebook Amazon Netflix Google. Poison in the food and water.....fat pigs on scooters outside walmart......America long gone......... 

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And this clown boy...the greastest show on the planet, has the stomach to threaten Iran.....a secular sovereign nation 200 years without war......Iran has one thing U S S A don't....integrity disciplin morals.....U S S A fucking men in the ass and changing fucking darkness coming.....

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America through its foreign policy has reeked havoc upon many countries, but few societies have been affected or suffered from our meddling as much as Iran. Over the years economic sanctions and our backing of Saddam Hussein during the Iraq-Iran war have created a bitter relationship.Recently released declassified documents shed light on the Central Intelligence Agency’s central role in the 1953 coup that brought down Iranian Prime Minister Muhammad Mossadegh. They conflict with the U.S government's long denied involvement in the coup, however, our meddling goes much deeper. More in the article below.

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"America through its foreign policy has reeked havoc upon many countries, but few societies have been affected or suffered from our meddling as much as Iran."It's amazing the number of French, Italian, Central European, and Russian books on the subject are available to Europeans who speak/read 2 to 3 different languages. Living in the US with its closed minded citizens are rarely educated about the full tragedy the US military/govt. has visited upon Iran and so many other battered nations.What a terrible tragedy: America. 

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When American tourists first visit in their Bermuda shortsand alligator shirts, they waddle around like they're in a newDisneyland. After awhile they start getting shit-faced andabusing the local women, and most of them stay that way.Younger Americans occassionally settle in and 'go native'.They live with locals, eat local food, and hang out with locals.That's when the doors of perception begin to reveal the trueMatrix: the vampire mind, the gold slayers and the poor slaves.Then you start to wake up fast. Like scales falling off your eyes.And you realize that you, as an American, that represents Death."You're gonna need a bigger buttplug with all the winning!" Don the NeoCon

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Yet another country that is demonized by the media and western governments who's statements are rational and coherent without any emotional button pushing. The US could take lessons from our enemies.

historian40 Sun, 07/23/2017 - 23:33 Permalink

If they're spies, tough titty.  They shouldn't be there.  If the US believes they have been wrongfully prosecuted, present the evidence.  Don't just demand their release.  Trump is a zio stooge, like his predecessors.

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Saudi Arabia is the most evil country in the world and should be cleansed.  Be that as it may, I am liking how the Coalition of Courage (Syria-Iran-Russia) have stabilized Syria. One can only hope the Iraqui's also join the coalition, along with Turkey.  On the flip side the Coalition of Clowns are already on their back foot but should not be taken lightly.  They are a devious bunch of meddling losers and will try any trick in the book to try and regain the upper hand.  I know China is on board with Courage, only wish they would be more visible in their support.  Turkey can also play a key role as well simply by opening the gates and allowing 3 million Muslims to invade Europe.   

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"today’s world is so interconnected that we cannot have winners and losers; we either win together or lose together."wow. words to live by. Hats off to you, sir.

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Even Iran sounds more sincere than the double speak and threats from the USA.I am wondering after the carnage and deaths the USA inflicted in the middle east and elsewhere why no one was able to extract retribution yet?  The 17 intelligence agencies aren't intelligent enough to stop them.  9-11 was supposedly an inside job.Maybe the plan is and has been long term to defeat the USA economically.  Other cultures have much more patience than the Western cultures,  

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"Maybe the plan is and has been long term to defeat the USA economically." Yes that is the plan, you can't defeat the US militarily, without destroying most of the world, so?People don't really grasp how important petrodollars are to the US dollar value.The US has been hit with a double whammy of countries moving away from the US dollar, and low oil prices.Saudi Arabia sells 10 million barrrels a day, at 50 bucks, that's  half a billion US dollars a day that passes through a US bank. At $100 it's a billion a day.Cash flow is important, the small fees the banks charge on the transfers earned US banks a billion dollars a day, 20 years ago, probably a lot more today.So Russia and Iran sell oil in other currencies, and China buys in Yuan.The US dollar bubble will burst, but when?

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Some days I wonder if this country isn't so damn weak and overextended already that we don't even have to worry about an attack on Iran ever even happening, one of those project strength when you are weak type of things.