15 Million Americans Would Opt-Out Of Obamacare.. If They Could

Authored by Scott Rasmussen via Ballotpedia.org,

If the individual mandate were to be repealed and Americans were no longer required to purchase the Obamacare-mandated levels of health insurance coverage, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) believes that 15 million Americans would no longer purchase such coverage.

Some, including Jonathan Gruber, believe that the CBO is overestimating the impact of repealing the mandate. Gruber was one of the architects of the healthcare law.

Politically, the impact of these projections is significant since the individual mandate has long been the most unpopular part of Obamacare. Recent polling shows that two-thirds of Americans would like to see it repealed. For many, the idea of the government forcing anybody to buy anything is in conflict with America’s commitment to individual freedom.

Additionally, if the CBO projections are correct, there are 15 million Americans who would directly benefit from the repeal. Typically, when people are directly impacted by a law, their support or opposition is more intense than that of more casual observers.

On the other hand, if Gruber is correct, the Republican plans to repeal and replace Obamacare would have a much smaller impact than the CBO expects.

If the individual mandate were to be repealed, many Americans might be interested in purchasing less comprehensive and less expensive coverage. The CBO has offered no estimates of how many might take advantage of such alternatives. It is currently illegal for insurance companies to offer less expensive plans offering less comprehensive coverage.


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HAVE THEY seen the    MIT's Prof Jonathan Gruber "americans are stupid" videos ???or    the corbett report on Rockefeller University creating obamacare ??? https://www.corbettreport.com/episode-286-rockefeller-medicine/   ???or read   Tom Woods ebook on Obamacare lies http://www.yourfriendsarewrong.com/   ???

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HillaryOdor InjectTheVenom Thu, 07/27/2017 - 15:48 Permalink

"the idea of the government forcing anybody to buy anything is in conflict with America’s commitment to individual freedom."Ha!  Since when?  As far as I can remember Americans love being forced to buy all kinds of things.  Forced to buy an army and a navy, forced to buy public roads, police and fire departments, forced to buy brainwashing centers in the name of education, forced to buy all kinds of stuff for poor and old people, forced to buy from people connected to our leaders, and of course forced to rebuy your property every year after you've already bought it.  It's just another tax.  Americans love taxes.  When did this supposed attitude against coercion come about?

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People conveniently forget why we have government intervention in healthcare finance in the first place.  It's because the corporate sector fucked up so spectacularly they crashed their own market, over and over and over again.  Indeed, the original version of ACA was written by the Heritage Foundation around 1990, on commission from the insurance industry.  Obama hired Elizabeth Fowler, a once and future insurance company executive, to modity the Heritage foundation plan into what we now know as ObamaCare (ACA).It's a huge bailout of an anti-competitive monopolistic corporate cartel that has cut open the goose that laid the golden eggs.  It's just the latest bailout, and certainly not the last.  Healthcare finance in the US was an obvious and collapsing disaster before 1973, when the Nixon Administration came up with HMO plans.Pretending the free market can work in health care is wishing for an immediate depression.  Not just due to the fact it will take down the sector that accounts for 18% of GDP; but also our entire healthcare infrastructure.  Healthcare is not the same as healthcare finance, but in our current economic system, a financial problem supersedes all real economy needs.

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What you are missing is that this is NOT a free market. The carriers control healthcare costs 100%. That's why costs never go down and you continually get less and less for your premium. There has not been a free market in healthcare in this country for decades. Introduce competition. Support direct patient care and the purchase of catastrophic insurance policies across state lines. Give patients some skin in the game.

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Another brainwashed "free marketeer." Who can offer better premiums when the Apple of health care will have the largest risk pool? LOL!!! It will only be subsidiaries from the same corporations with the largest risk pool. You are a tool. Who can enter to compete against Apple, Newcorp, ATT, Walmart, etc...? Only corporations with an even more ruthlessly efficient profit model. Hint: Amazon.

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That is more or less what we have. Ludicrously large institutions help create a regulatory environment that effectively stops any kind of disruptively better approach to providing these services.I like you free market folks' ideas. It sounds cool but naively seems to assume that a private institution can't exercise the power necessary to destroy your Invisible Hand.They can, and they are.If you think free market forces will figure it out somehow, then you are exercising the same kind of blind faith necessary to thinking that the government can fix it all.It is why GOOD governance is necessary. Once we reach a certain level of size and complexity, a regular person can't know enough nor exercise enough power. Who will represent this person? In theory, it should be a government.Fuck the private sector. It has already shown it does not give a shit about anything but treading water. And fuck the public sector... It has shown it is interested in nothing other than talking points.Say hello to a status quo that effectively can't change without some kind of seismic shock.

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I always felt like everyone should be able to opt out. However, No ER or any other healthcare service unless you can pay for it in cash if you do so. I think the small tax penalty is a pretty good trade off and as it stands now, allows you sign up for a plan if you end up needing it with no premium penalty, etc. In my view if you opt out and end needing to join a plan for a high cost issue, then you should have to be signed up forever, and your unpaid premiums for the years you opted are ultimately made up inyour premiums until you hit medicare. But again, if you don't have the cash, the government will cover most of it, so what the hell.  

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"I think the small tax penalty is a pretty good trade off and as it stands now, allows you sign up for a plan if you end up needing it with no premium penalty"

Considering that for $1k/mo per adult and $7k deductible, cash is a better deal. You need to spend $19K just before the first dollar of ins. kicks in. I very much doubt most Americans can afford $1k/mo per adult anyway (which will be for people over forty after the rate hikes kick in next year. People simply aren't going to be able to afford it. If your able to pay the $1k premium, then it just make sense to save the cash.

"But again, if you don't have the cash, the government will cover most of it"

Only if you make near the poverty level which means you need earn less than $15K/yr per working adult.

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The individual mandate was always a joke.  It was never enforced, so it really wasn't much of a mandate.

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I think he was referring to the tax penalty, which was proposed by an RNC member, that got included.

I think the revised Obozocare the RNC has been pushing, they are nixing the Fed penalty, but there is a bigger penalty if you want to sign up for ins. if you don't already have it. So suppose you lose your job and get a job with a different plan. You have to pay that penalty. It really serving the same crap on a different plate.

My guess is that it will collapse next year as too many people will drop out because they have to fork over half of their paycheck for coverage. The US will become #1 as the most uninsured developed nation.

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slightlyskeptical AGuy Thu, 07/27/2017 - 18:37 Permalink

And the rest of the world will see our leaders for who they are and refuse to do biz with us, more than they already have, unless of course you pay them $250k per job like Wisconsin is paying Foxconn. Just another case of Republicans voting to imprison themselves in a very non-free market move, to bring in what are ultimately low paying jobs.

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