Demographic Dysphoria Looms As Doctors Discover Sperm Counts In Western Men Plummeted Nearly 60%

Population growth is responsible for the majority of GDP a downturn in population growth matters...particularly when population growth shifts from wealthy or developing nations to the poorest.  I'm not describing something that may happen in the future...I'm describing what has already happened that is continuing to send progressively larger tsunamis swamping the world economy and has the central bankers doing everything and anything to try to sustain the unsustainable.

Which means, as Econimica's Chris Hamilton recently noted, the next business cycle recession will be unending and is very likely to run years into decades and perhaps a century or more.  A declining population already indebted with record debt and zero interest rates will consume less...meaning overcapacity and excess inventories will never be fully cleared before the next downturn...and on and on and on.

But the absence of a growing consumer base isn't just a US issue...this is a global problem.  The annual growth of the 0-64yr/old population of the combined OECD nations (most the EU, US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Japan, S. Korea, Australia / New Zealand) plus China, Brazil, and Russia show the growth that has driven nearly all economic growth has come to an end...and begins declining from here on. 

And when importers are shrinking, exporters have no one to export to...and on and on and on.  The depopulation we are now facing is not simply a demographic issue that so many believe; the end of growth is the start of the SHTF scenario in which we now find ourselves.  While this situation offers short term nirvana to investors, the economic repercussions are ultimately disastrous.

And it may be about to get even worse.

As reports, According to a new analysis published Tuesday, sperm counts in Western men have plummeted nearly 60 percent over the last four decades. Though researchers say the specific drivers behind the trend will require further scientific investigation, current data suggest a link between the sharp decline and living in the industrialized world.

“The results are quite shocking,” Hagai Levine, an epidemiologist from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, told The Guardian. Levine led the international team of researchers, who examined 185 individual studies conducted between 1973 and 2011.

The analysis, published in the medical journal Human Reproduction Update, additionally revealed that on average, Western men’s sperm concentration — the number of sperm within a semen ejaculate — is falling 1.4 percent a year. Added up, that calculates to an overall drop of more than 50 percent since the early 1970s.

“This is a classic under the radar huge public health problem that is really neglected,” said Levine. The team notes in its report that recent studies have shown an association between poor sperm counts and overall morbidity and mortality.

Unlike with Western nations, the team found no similar trend among the male populations of less-developed countries, such as those in Africa and South America.

“Therefore,” the team writes“sperm count may sensitively reflect the impacts of the modern environment on male health throughout the life course.” Researchers acknowledge, however, that far fewer studies have been conducted in those nations and that more data needs to be compiled before a final conclusion can be drawn.

While the scientific community seems to agree that the Western trend is likely being driven by a confluence of factors, one member of the team, Professor Shanna Swan of the Ichan School of Medicine in New York, told the Independent that the lack of declining sperm counts in less-industrialized nations is something that can’t be ignored.

“The fact that the decline is seen in Western countries strongly suggests that chemicals in commerce are playing a causal role in this trend, she said.

Just as startling as the trend, says Professor Richard Sharpe of Edinburgh University, is the fact that it shows no sign of slowing down. Speaking to The Independent, Sharpe, who was not involved with the research, said:

“As the authors point out, the continuous nature of the decline is of as much concern as the decline itself, given that we still do not know what lifestyle, dietary or chemical exposures might have caused this decrease.”

Calling the trend “real beyond any reasonable doubt,” Sharpe says that with more and more women wanting to have babies later in life when conception is considerably more difficult, there now exists a “double whammy for couple fertility” in Western societies.

“Therefore, looking ahead,” he said, “I can only conclude that couple infertility is set to increase. Hopefully, this new study will serve as a wake-up call for health and research authorities as well as for the public, and for young people in particular.”


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Socialism or the "chosen people" sapping every extra dollar through the magic inflation machine aka the Federal Reserve combined with our fake two party dictatorship that regulates the hell out of everything has accomplished it mission.Millions of fatherless children clogging our courts and jails, more people incarcerated that in the history of mankind, millions of young men scared shitless to start a family for fear of becoming a indentured servant.These evil MF's won. When people wake up to reality and look around Andrew Jackson will be a fond memory. It's just sickening how we have let these evil MF's destroy our civilization.

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 As a public service, I hereby volunteer my natural services to the sperm deprived of western femaledom. 18 to 80—blind, crippled or crazy... Do not be offended if I need to employ paper bags or stack you up. Desperate times call for desperate measures.   Um.. I hope I did not offend or commit any untoward micro-aggressions there. This is a national emergency and time to put aside venal cultural Marxist, Social Justice Warrior or liberal indulgences.

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I think one of the last conspiracy theories is in the process of being proven fact.  Genetic targeted viruses...  They are looking for a bunch of Russian samples. Why does the airforce want that?  And people think they aren't spraying us?  Weird is going to 11.  P.S. You don't care but I'm going to tell you anyway.  I was just attacked by a bunch of giant grubs that look like Maggots.  I was outside in the dark sitting on a chair waiting for my dog.  I had them crawling on me.  I turned my phone light on and swept them away.  They kept coming back, fast too!  I don't think I will ever sleep again.  Time to move.  It might be those cicadas Tall Tom was talking about, or scarab beetles.  They are big. thing for well behaved people who don't mind the govenment forcing injections on them.  Remember how 90 miilion could have been injected with cancer virus.  Apparently that SV40 can spread from generation to generation."Upon the discovery that SV40 was an animal carcinogen that had found its way into the polio vaccines, a new federal law was passed in 1961 that required that no vaccines contain this virus.  However, this law did not require that SV40 contaminated vaccines be thrown away or that the contaminated seed material (used to make all polio vaccines for the next four decades) be discarded. As a result, known SV40 contaminated vaccines were injected into children up until 1963. In addition, it has been alleged that there have been SV40-contaminated batches of oral polio vaccine administered to some children until the end of the 1990's." 

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It's Monsanto's fault.  Something about the birds and the bees. I recall the bird's egg shells were weaker because of the stuff in the bugs they ate containing insecticides and then it was the bee killoff from Roundup. But who cares as long as dividends are paid.  Robots are going to do all the work anyway so why do we need a larger world population. 

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Put in a box, all animals have a natural limiting factor and the population growth levels off.  Not humans tho, we keep growing exponentially.  So far.Who would have thought that the human population natural limiting factor has a psychological component, and not chemically or physiological like animal.  In human kind, we are so fucked up we actually want to be gay or transgendered and therefore a-reproductive.Steroids in everything on the shelf or in the fields, and acceptance forced upon us to welcome one and all...straight to hell.Cheers

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Observation: Interesting!! Let's think about this situation for a minute and look at some variables that effect maie health: DIET, RADIATION, GMOs, AMOUNT OF SLEEP, STRESS. MARRIAGE and TIME.The typical male DNA of this time period is carrying a significantly larger GENETIC LOAD when compared with the typical male of 6000 years ago. With each generation, the GENETIC robustness of mankind get weaker. What is the physical law that discusses this process? The 2nd LAW of THERMODYNAMICS. The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of an isolated system can only increase over time. In other words, things generally proceed to gradual decline which leads to total disorder.MANKIND is not meant to live forever despite what evolutionists believe. Mankind's "evolution" is going in the WRONG DIRECTION. Evolution is FAKE NEWS and everyone did not evolve from pond scum.This article makes perfect sense if one has the correct WORLDVIEW.

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I would normally agree with the SHORT idea except condom's serve another purpose and that is to protect people who have intimate relations from setting sexually transmitted diseases.But I think you get the idea ... MANKIND is on a downhill run and there isn't a thing we can do about it.See link below for additional information on life span degradation of mankind. If you have never seen this information before, you will be amazed at how long people in the Book of Genesis actually lived. For example, ADAM lived to be 930 years old.

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Bingo! Plastic byproducts devastate the health of both, men and women. I used to drink mineral water all my life. Now the last brand I used finally switched to plastic. I quit buying all together. I boil water in a glass kettle. I will not pack lunch in anything, but a glass bowl... and when my building they wanted to replace copper plumbing from the 80's with modern plastic pipes, I voted "no". I'd rather sip some copper, quite honestly. You know how a human body has traces of almost entire periodic table, and all of them are essential to healthy body function, even the benign things like arsenic and cyanide. Well, guess what?! Short of radioactive isotopes you will not find a single plastic compound in the list of things body couldn't do without.In fact, plastic is an oil byproduct, which in turn is a product of organic decomposition. Oil is dead dinosaurs, that's been cooked under high pressure and heat beneath the surface. They're remains of unprocessed organic waste and rot. I don't have to be a scientist to know that dead things are toxic to living things, unless they've initially been re-metabolized into useful short-chain carbon by sun through plants. Plants benefit from oil byproducts the most. The plants grow faster and bigger. They love most oil byproducts, because they operate in a way opposite to animated organic life. They charge carbon chains with sunlight, by removing oxygen and releasing a molecule that can easily re-combine with their opposites and release energy in the process.To cut the long talk short, plastic ingestion introduces elements into the body that work against it's natural biological function. They are an obstructive chemical that prevents healthy biochemical function.

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