A Cannabis Company Just Bought A Whole California Town

Authored by Carey Wedler via TheAntiMedia.org,

As cannabis grows increasingly acceptable in society and more states legalize it, everything from cannabis churches and resorts to yoga and restaurants are cropping up. And now, there will be an entire cannabis-inspired town.

American Green is a cannabis company based in Arizona, but they just bought the small California town of Nipton, located in San Bernardino County, and plan to convert into a municipality with a cannabis theme.

The company has a “state of the art” cultivation facility in Arizona and also sells hemp-based CBD (cannabidiol) products online and works to develop cannabis apps. They just spent five million dollars to obtain Nipton and plan to spend another $2.5 million creating their cannabis tourist attraction over the next 18 months.

We thought that showing that there was a viable means of having a cannabis-friendly municipality and further making it energy independent could be a way of really inspiring folks to say, ‘Why can’t we do that here?’” says the company’s consultant and project manager for Nipton, Stephen Shearin.

Bloomberg reports:

American Green plans to include a new facility to manufacture water infused with CBD, the cannabis component that is typically associated with reducing pain and inflammation. The new Nipton will also have a production site for edible marijuana products, retail stores, and artist-in-residence programs.”

In doing so, the company hopes to develop Nipton into a tourist attraction and make cannabis approachable and acceptable to a wider audience.They plan to manufacture products with smaller doses and provide a vending machine that ensures customers are of age using a biometric scanner.

American Green wants to make Nipton, which features natural mineral springs, a tourist destination. Shearin told Marijuana Business Daily that they plan to “open cannabis-themed bed and breakfasts, host culinary events, start artists-in-residence programs and more.”

They are in negotiations with edible and extract companies to set up shop in Nipton, as well as ship and distribute their products to other parts of the state.

Though they plan to be up and running by mid-October of this year, they still have to wait for the necessary state and local licenses to be able to cultivate and sell cannabis on the property.

If we have to wait until January and prepare for that and get that in place, and then build out the infrastructure to support it, we can still have a cannabis-friendly destination,” Shearin said.


It’s a master-planned community,” he told Marijuana Business Daily. “It’s designed to be very specific in terms of being legal, being a town and running it correctly. It’s designed to be open-ended in terms of what it can evolve into by partnering with the right company.”

They also want to build out the town’s mineral springs and create several CBD-infused water pools, expand an existing solar farm, and ensure there is enough lodging for future tourists.

And it’s not just Nipton they want to transform. They hope to change the entire region and make cannabis-based towns more acceptable and popular.We want to revitalize the region, not the town,” Shearin said, “and we want to do it in a way that other towns can say, ‘Look at that, they have this regulatory system that allows them to embrace cannabis while not offending people who may not be of that mindset.’”

For now, they are moving forward within California’s legal framework. Though President Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions has threatened to crack down on legal cannabis, his future in the administration is uncertain, and it’s difficult to imagine a state like California giving up its recent voter decision to legalize the plant.

Fittingly, Nipton used to be a gold rush town. As Shearin said, The Gold Rush built this city. The Green Rush can keep it moving the way people envisioned it years ago.And he hopes to do it elsewhere:

“The plan is absolutely to duplicate this model in new cities.”


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I could smoke pot without having to travel to the middle of a desert.I mean, yeah, sure, pot is mildly entertaining and all, but you can get it basically ANYWHERE.  It's not even close to being "counter-cultural" any more.  You don't need to commune with your pot head buddies in a remote location and pretend you're all doing something "taboo" together any more.Maybe I'm missing the "cool factor" in all this.(Here come the down-votes)

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Xredsx desertboy Fri, 08/04/2017 - 20:21 Permalink

What is the rules on weed over there then? Can everyone grow their own plants, or is it only the government that can? Or bussinesses? Sorry i live in the Tyranny of Britain and not your Tyranny. My government would only allows us to grow a plant if they could fine us some how. Like smoking it in the streets or something. We got no chance other wise.

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Vic Odd Xredsx Fri, 08/04/2017 - 23:43 Permalink

The town of Nipton is unincorporated, so the company would not even have water rights unless they can incorporate the town. American Green ticker:ERBB is an OTC sub penny stock trading at .0016. I was watching level 2 today. It's a dilution machine. The ask wall at .0017 was replenished with millions and millions of shares all day,so despite the buying frenzy it was held down.

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quadraspleen Xredsx Fri, 08/04/2017 - 21:38 Permalink

Nah, they don't care about someone growing a few for personal. In my county the police and crime commissioner has actually directed magistrates to consider less than 10 plants "personal". I grew 14 last year and I live next to a copper. My missus wouldn't let me have as many this year. She got paranoid. I'm restricted to 5. That's my tyranny right there :)

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ParkAveFlasher Fri, 08/04/2017 - 19:58 Permalink

Pot-based subcultures settling entire towns are sort of vanilla when you consider Disney is essentially a govt-funded hallucinogenic mass-mind-control experiment and has carved out half of Florida. 

juangrande Fri, 08/04/2017 - 20:02 Permalink

You smoke 16 tons and what do you getAnother day older and deeper in debtSt Peter don't you call me cause I can't go....I owe my soul to  the company store

az_patriot (not verified) Fri, 08/04/2017 - 20:05 Permalink

When I was young I smoked a few joints.  Pot made me feel out of control and kind of sick.  Never did it again.  I honestly don't understand what people see in this shit, but if they want to smoke their brain cells to death be my guest.

Erwin643 az_patriot (not verified) Fri, 08/04/2017 - 21:49 Permalink

Right on!Have you ever tried the old Ian Fleming-invented Vesper? A different gin is required, due to Gordon's being watered down over the years, but it goes like this: Three parts gin (Tanqueray), one part vodka (Stoli) and 1/2 measure Lillet Blanc (available at BevMo, right next to the Tanqueray. Originally known as Kina Lillet). If you measure whole shots (Bond told the waiter to put it into a champaigne goblet), this cold-shaken martini will get you higher than hell.Gotta love Ian Fleming. Old school (actually studied him while earning a degree in Intelligence Studies).

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