Paul Craig Roberts Warns "Trump Will Now Become The War President"

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

President Trump has been defeated by the military/security complex and forced into continuing the orchestrated and dangerous tensions with Russia. Trump’s defeat has taught the Russians the lesson I have been trying to teach them for years, and that is that Russia is much more valuable to Washington as an enemy than as a friend.

Do we now conclude with Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev that Trump is washed up and “utterly powerless?”

I think not.

Trump is by nature a leader. He wants to be out front, and that is where his personality will compel him to be. Having been prevented by the military/security complex, both US political parties, the presstitute media, the liberal-progressive-left, and Washington’s European vassals from being out front as a leader for peace, Trump will now be the leader for war.

This is the only permissible role that the CIA and armaments industry will permit him to have.

Losing the chance for peace might cost all of us our lives. Now that Russia and China see that Washington is unwilling to share the world stage with them, Russia and China will have to become more confrontational with Washington in order to prevent Washington from marginalizing them. Preparations for war will become central in order to protect the interests of the two countries. The situation is far more dangerous than at any time of the Cold War.

The foolish American liberal-progressive-left, wrapped up as they are in Identity Politics and hatred of “the Trump deplorables,” joined the military/security complex’s attack on Trump. So did the whores, who pretend to be a Western media, and Washington’s European vassals, not one of whom had enough intelligence to see that the outcome of the attack on Trump would be an escalation of conflict with Russia, conflict that is not in Europe’s business and security interests.

Washington is already raising the violence threshold. The same lies that Washington told about Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, Assad, Iran, Serbia and Russia are now being told about Venezuela. The American presstitutes duly report the lies handed to them by the CIA just as Udo Ulfkotte and Seymour Hersh report. These lies comprise the propaganda that conditions Western peoples to accept the coming US coup against the democratic government in Venezuela and its replacement with a Washington-compliant government that will permit the renewal of US corporate exploitation of Venezuela.

As the productive elements of American capitalism fall away, the exploitative elements become its essence. After Venezuela, there will be more South American victims. As reduced tensions with Russia are no longer in prospect, there is no reason for the US to abandon its and Israel’s determination to overthrow the Syrian government and then the Iranian government.

The easy wars against Iraq, Libya, and Somalia are to be followed by far more perilous conflicts with Iran, Russia, and China

This is the outcome of John Brennan’s defeat of President Trump.

*  *  *

UPDATE: The escalation of the conflict with Russia has begun. US vice president Mike Pence made false allegations against Russia yesterday (Aug. 2) in Montenegro designed to panic Montenegrins into joining NATO. The two-decade march of NATO eastward despite Washington’s promise to the contrary, surely has taught Russia that no agreement with Washington can ever be trusted. So why does Russia continue to seek agreements with Washington?


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hahahahahah!!!it's a good thing trump didn't bring a bunch of generals into his cabinet....andit's a good thing trump trump hasn't been calling for a giant boost in the MIC for the last couple of years...andit's a good thing he said we should get out of Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan instead of staying and focusing on "winning"... andit's a good thing trump doesn't provide arms to the largest and biggest state sponsors of terrorism Saudi Arabia and Israel...andit's a good thing trump doesn't have billionaire banksters, Goldman boys, and wall street street buddies who are going to make a killing from all sides from war...hahahahaha!did you catch the /sarc???----my how short everyone's memories are.trump is the deep state Not captive by ityou just fell for his bullshit(but cankles... but seth rich... get over that shit)trump is prez now and over the cliff bitchezmoar war and the march is on#maga

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ThirteenthFloor Got The Wrong No Sun, 08/06/2017 - 13:45 Permalink

Correct. Trump said he bomb the shit out of ISIS. This is classic psych marketing speak, and really how he won the election - suburb marketing. This statement as spoken appeals to the broadest demographics....

1) the elite with interest in Raytheon and General Dynamics envision rising market values in their shares.
2) joe six pack or anyone watching the 6pm news thinks it's about time to womp some terriorist muzzies finally and actually win a war.
3) those that are aware ISIS is a creation of CIA, MOSSAD, and KSA think he will drain the swamp because Trump 'knows' what ISIS is.

Trump then gets votes in all three demographics. Now Trump's in and everyone is trying to figure what Trump is going to do.

The ultimate psy-marketing statement was 'Make America Great Again'...what does that mean ? Something different to everyone and oh so can fabricate anything out of it. Just like....hope and change...or...change you can believe in....a better idea...coke's the real thing....on and on and on.

Don't believe me ? third debate Clinton questioned him on this exact motto, then she backed off completely in micro seconds, why ? Because debating that exact question, lifts a curtain NO ONE in power wants lifted.

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jeff montanye thesonandheir Sat, 08/05/2017 - 04:02 Permalink

ike was not kidding when he warned us about the military industrial complex.  for those with some time on their hands, check this book out… the story of the war in angola that the cia ginned up to show it still had the right stuff after vietnam.  useless, pointless lies, death and destruction for their institutional hubris.  to repeat, this russian meddling with u.s. elections is "a Brennan operation. It was an American disinformation operation f***ing the f***ing president. And at one point they even started telling the press, they were back-briefing the press, the head of the NSA was going and telling the press - f***ing c***sucker Rogers3 - was telling the press that we even know who in the Russian military intelligence service leaked it. I mean all bulls***."this from a left wing jewish pulitzer prize winning journalist with five george polk awards.…

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Much better to talk about making war overseas than the situation at home.  The talk about opioid deaths masks the real medical disaster, that Americans are dying in such numbers at younger ages that the life expectancy for many Americans is going down.  People are dying of cancers that were almost unheard of 100 years ago.  Look at those crews that worked at cleaning up the shoreline oil spills from the Deepwater Horizon blowout in 2010.  Most of those guys in cleanup gear are now sick or dead.  The United States is now pretty much all a hazmat zone, with pesticide contaminated food, vaccines that cause brain damage, cnacer drugs that kill up to half of some patients within weeks of administration.  We are cattle, whose lives mean nothing to our Rothschild controlled masters. Trump knows that if goes against the hidden and degenerate rulers of this country, he will wind up like JFK, whose murder was engineered by his paid off Secret Service detail.  

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"Russia War = The Last War."  Why it won't happen.......  Vlad is too patient and too smart. 

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ThirteenthFloor jeff montanye Sun, 08/06/2017 - 10:39 Permalink

Ike warned us about the MIC, after he basically created it. He supported U2 missions over Russia, the overthrow of Arbenz in Guatemala, murder of Lumumba in Congo, and started the project in Cuba (Bay of Pigs). He knew all about Dulles brothers 'games' in Europe post war with ex Nazis.

You could say Ike is the father of the MIC. Then after JFKs assassination... he says 'Americans are smart people they'll know what to do'. Really Ike, maybe Americans would just close their eyes ?

CIA family jewels docs below....the CIA is indeed the frontmen of the MIC. It's in plain sight for those who open their eyes.

On may 5, 1953 the CIA and Ike approve and funded the Psychological Strategy Board to establish a US Docrinal Panel to convince Americans the USSR is to be 'hated', to create an ideological war against Russia. This can construed as the birth of the Neocons.…

Ike was a democrat whom the Dulles brothers convinced to change party to Republican and be their 'yes' man in office. Allen Dulles was oft said, 'there's the govt's foreign policy and then there's my brothers policy'. Thank you Ike 8 years of CIA and MIC expansion and the American Frankenstein.

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Guys I seriously don't know how much more of this I can take.I have had enough of former "officials" and "officers" and "whistleblowers" that take a governement paycheck all their lives (the call it "public service") and then they retire with cuchy pensions and proceed to bitch about everything they were complicit in.I am suck to death of Paul Craig Roberts inciting useless outrage among left and right leaning people for who he has never once in his life recommended ANY POSITIVE OR PROACTIVE RESPONSE.I am sick to death of these golden-parachute self appointed special forces of morality telling us working class people what we feel and think. You are great at picking up heart-felt and emotional crap to eulogize us while we yet live but hey Paul DID YOU OR REAGAN RETURN US TO THE GOLD STANDARD AS YOU HINTED AT MUCH LIKE DONALT TRUMP DID IN PRESENT-DAY?WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU WHEN RONNIE WAS TURNING CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA INTO A BLOOD BATH? WHERE WAS YOUR MORALITY THEN?Don't say you didn't see it at the time and don't bother telling us what happened now because WE SAW WHAT WAS HAPPENING THEN. Apparently you missed it.Hey asshole, all of your wealth, your comfortable house, you continued access, priviledge and seemingly untouchable status in the alt-media?You got paid in blood for that.One way to attone would be to take a vow of poverty and relinquish your wealth. That's one possible way. Now is the time when you start thinking about attonement old man.And may the dirt lie light upon you.  

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Mustafa Kemal a Smudge by an… Sat, 08/05/2017 - 10:30 Permalink

 "And may the dirt lie light upon you." That should come soon enough. Your points about PCR are well done. Nevertheless, it does appear that he has a point.We have boosted MIC budget and in additionn to many generals, Trump has many banksters. weapons sales to SA, open the door to more Palestinian apartheid,war in Yemen, war in Somalia, US troops in Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Iraq, Syria,and look, it appears that we are going  "win" in Afghanistan: may have voted for Trump as the Peace president, but he does not appear to be making friendly with too many peopleRaytheon stock is way up  

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DPLETTENBERG The First Rule Sat, 08/05/2017 - 09:35 Permalink

I think in general people are more indifferent about the conflicts because of the volunteer army. In Vietnam, when there was a draft, everyone had a son or daughter or knew of someone in the war. That made it much more personal. Not so with the military now.Although I'm sure it would never happen, a draft would be good because then many more people would get a sense of what warfare is.

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GUS100CORRINA WillyGroper Sat, 08/05/2017 - 00:17 Permalink

Paul Craig Roberts Warns "Trump Will Now Become The War President"My response: While on the surface, some might think this idea to be true. But I want to suggest that something very different is going on with President TRUMP. Trump’s election is a “reprieve” for America, a refrain from judgment. Rabbi Cahn said God “intervened” to place a man in power who had broken every single rule in the political playbook.As I have expressed a number of times, President TRUMP is America's Nineveh moment. The US Senate and US Congress actions to date are indicative of groupe who are either incredibly stupid or scared and/or deceived. Maybe these legislators are afraid of IC and the American republic no longer exists.As a side note, President OBAMA was a WAR president. His administration dropped more ordinance in the Middle East theatre than any other war in history.OBAMA was and still is a dangerous and evil man. He should be kept under surveillance forever until he dies. Also, security clearances for all of OBAMA's administration should be revoked ASAP.

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This war shit needs to end!!!!  Afghanistan makes us look like idiots compared to the Russians who eventually pulled out.   In Syria, we're funding terrorists.  In IRAQ.   Soon in North Korea.Crazy because its all about the MONEY stupid.    Need to shutdown the war profiteers.

Dr. Engali Fri, 08/04/2017 - 23:14 Permalink

Can anyone name one non-war president in the past century, and it doesn't count if the media covers up for them? Now, I will put one caveat on my question, and that is that no matter how many people our country has slaughtered, we haven't had an official war since we declared war on Japan in WWII.

not dead yet khnum Sat, 08/05/2017 - 03:36 Permalink

We have been in an underground war with Iran since Jimmy pulled the rug out from under the Shah. Khomeni, who was illiterate, had glowing letters written for him and sent to Carter saying he was a man of peace and only wanted to home and work to bring peace to Iran in what little time he had left. The powerful Iranian military did not want Khomeni back but the US persueded them to let him in and stand down. Within days Khomeni's firing squads were at work executing military officers. They didn't waste any time with trials or taking them to jail they just took them out back of their offices or up on the roofs and fired away.If Jimmy had not signed off on creating Al Qaeda to overthrow the ELECTED socialist Afghan government, which wanted to bring education and healthcare to it's population including women, there would have never been an Afghan war that eventually led to the rise of the Taliban. Brezinski admitted years later that Carter knew this act would bring in the Soviets as they were afraid if Afghanistan rolled over to the wackos the violence would spread into the Soviet Muslim Republics which it did later with the help of the CIA. The US wanted to give the Soviets their version of what the Americans went through in Vietnam and said so in private. Jimmy started that war and many thousands have paid the ultimate price since then and continue to so.

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Ms No Dr. Engali Sat, 08/05/2017 - 02:30 Permalink

Right, and on top of that we don't have presidents.  If anything the office is mostly symbolic.  I often wonder if Trump actually knew what he was getting into before he got in there.  One would think he had to know.  It's not like he was a turnip farmer prior.  Then again sometimes he does seem to respond as if he is surprised by it.

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