If War Comes, Don't Blame The "Military-Industrial Complex" – It's Much Worse Than You Think

Authored by James George Jatras via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

As the drumbeat intensifies for what might turn out to be anything but a «splendid little war» against North Korea, it is appropriate to take stock of the ongoing, seemingly successful effort to strip President Donald Trump of his authority to make any foreign and national security policies that fly against the wishes of the so-called Military-Industrial Complex, or MIC. A Google search for «Military-Industrial Complex» (in quotation marks) with «Trump» yields almost 450,000 hits from all sources and almost 26,000 from just news sources.

During the 2016 campaign and into the initial weeks of his administration, Trump was sometimes described as a threat to the MIC. But over time, with the appointment to his administration of more generals and establishment figures (including some allegedly tied to George Soroswhile purging Trump loyalists, it’s no surprise that his policies increasingly seem less a departure from those of previous administrations than a continuation of them (for example, welcoming Montenegro into NATO). Some now say that Trump is the MIC’s best friend and maybe always was. 

There are those who deny that the MIC exists at all. One self-described conservative blogger writing in the pro-war, pro-intervention, and mostly neoconservative National Review refers to the very existence of the MIC as a «myth» peddled by the «conspiracy-minded». Sure, it is conceded, it was appropriate to refer to such a concept back when President Dwight Eisenhower warned against it in 1961 upon his impending departure from the White House, because back then the military consumed some 10 percent of the American GDP. But now, when the percentage is nominally just 3.2 percent, less than $600 billion per year, the term supposedly is inapplicable. (There are those who argue that the real cost annually is over $1 trillion, but why quibble.) 

There is a germ of truth contained in the reference to money. Compared to the «wars of choice» that have characterized US global behavior since the end of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, the MIC of the 1950s and 1960s was relatively less likely to embark upon foreign military escapades. The existence of a world-class nuclear-armed foe in the form of the USSR moderated tendencies toward adventurism. The most serious «combat» the classic MIC preferred to engage in was inter-service battles for budgetary bounty. Reportedly, once General Curtis LeMay, head of the Air Force’s Strategic Air Command, was briefed by a junior officer who repeatedly referred to the USSR as «the enemy». LeMay supposedly interrupted to correct him: «Young man, the Soviet Union is our adversary. Our enemy is the Navy». 

But today the «Military-Industrial Complex» is an archaic term that doesn’t begin to describe the complexity and influence of current structures. Indeed, even in Eisenhower’s day the MIC was more than a simple duplex consisting of the Pentagon and military contractors but also included an essential third leg: the Congressional committees that provide the money constituting the MIC’s lifeblood. (Reportedly, an earlier draft of the speech used the term «military-industrial-Congressional» complex, a fuller description of what has come to be called the «Iron Triangle». Asked about the omission from the final text, Eisenhower is said to have answered: «It was more than enough to take on the military and private industry. I couldn't take on the Congress as well».) 

Not only did the Iron Triangle continue to expand during the Cold War, when production of military hardware established itself as the money-making nucleus of the MIC, it swelled to even greater proportions after the designated enemy, the USSR, went out of business in 1991. While for one brief shining moment there was naïve discussion of a «Peace Dividend» that would provide relief for American taxpayers from whose shoulders the burden of a «long twilight struggle» against communism (in John Kennedy’s phrase) had been lifted, that notion faded quickly. Instead, not only did the «hard» side of the MIC maintain itself – first in Iraq to fight «naked aggression» by Saddam Hussein in Kuwait, then in the Balkans in the 1990s as part of NATO’s determination to go «out of area or out of business» – it then branched out into «soft» areas of control.

In the past quarter century what began as Eisenhower’s MIC has become a multifaceted, hybrid entity encompassing an astonishing range and depth in both the public and private sectors. To a large extent, the contours of what former Congressional staffer Mike Lofgren has called the «Deep State» (which largely through Lofgren’s efforts has since become a household word) are those of the incestuous «expert» community that dominates mainstream media thinking but extend beyond it to include elements of all three branches of the US government, private business (especially the financial industry, government contractors, information technology), think tanks, NGOs (many of which are anything but «nongovernmental» but are funded by US official agencies and those of our «allies», satellites, and clients), higher education (especially the recipients of massive research grants from the Department of Defense), and the two political parties and their campaign operatives, plus the multitude of lobbyists, campaign consultants, pollsters, spin doctors, media wizards, lawyers, and other functionaries. 

Comparing the MIC of 1961 to its descendant, the Deep State of today, is like comparing a horse and buggy to a Formula One racecar. The Deep State’s principals enjoy power and privileges that would have brought a blush to the cheeks of members of the old Soviet nomenklatura, of which it is reminiscent. 

Indeed, the Deep State’s creepy resemblance to its late Soviet counterpart is manifest in its budding venture into the realm of seeking to brand domestic American dissent as treason, to the hearty approval of the loony Left. As described by Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

‘The government would never compile, analyze, and target private news outlets just because they deviate from the official neocon Washington line.


‘Perhaps not yet. But some US government funded «non-governmental» organizations are already doing just that.


‘The German Marshall Fund has less to do with Germany these days than it did when founded after WWII as a show of appreciation for the US Marshall Fund. These days it’s mostly funded by the US government, allied governments (especially in the Russia-hating Baltics), neocon grant-making foundations, and the military-industrial complex. Through its strangely Soviet-sounding »Alliance for Securing Democracy» project it has launched something called «Hamilton 68: A New Tool to Track Russian Disinformation on Twitter».


‘This project monitors 600 Twitter accounts that the German Marshall Fund claims are «accounts that are involved in promoting Russian influence and disinformation goals». Which accounts does this monitor? It won’t tell us. How does it choose which ones to monitor? It won’t tell us. To what end? Frighteningly, it won’t tell us.


‘How ironic that something called the German Marshall Fund is bringing Stasi-like tactics to silence alternative media and opinions in the United States!’

The Soviet nomenklatura gave up without a fight. It’s unlikely its American counterpart will. Whether Trump in the end decides to fight or to seek accommodation is still under debate. Some suggest that by signing the recent bill imposing sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea, he has already surrendered. But either way, war or not, things are going to get very rocky.


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I'm blaming the Debt-Money Monopolists first and foremost.

Their whole Debt-Money Monopolist Mega-Corporate Fascist Empire system is to blame, too.

Their version of the "human power elite" are complete sellouts to humanity.

They Live 1988.They Control the entire planet. The human power elite.

Watch it to the end (6 minutes). This is called "revelation of the method." Criminals love to mock their prey.

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Majestic12 Savvy Sun, 08/13/2017 - 16:25 Permalink

"the debt that conflict produces"

It's bigger and broader than this article "wants us" to look at.

Try the Banking-Oil-Chemical-Pharmaceutical-Military-ALL GOVERNMENT-Food Supply-Mass Media-Technology-Industrial Complex.

The amount of collusion, corruption and satanic motive is unfathomable.

As long as "everyone" keeps saying to themselves "how can I get a piece of this action", it will prevail...with our permission.

In the words of the house-wrecking, walking corpse Nancy Reagan, "just say "no".

Never thought such genius would escape those lips.

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7thGenMO amadeus39 Sun, 08/13/2017 - 11:32 Permalink

You're about 104 years too late because once The Fed was created it locked into place the Debt-Money-Monopolist Owners and their heirs.  We can only speculate who these anonymous Owners are, but, as George Carlin says, "it's a big club - and you ain't in it!"  Many in the ZH community, like myself, believe it is preferable, for the long term, to build a better society by returning to a Republic - one that does not allow exploitation of average citizens by the oligarchs and their waterboys - banksters, MIC, and politicians.  Many realize that oligarchs, contrary to how their PR firms wish to have them portrayed, are despicable people who dabble in every form of depraved human behavior imaginable - including #PIZZA parties.  The key to removing the power of these oligarchs is to eliminate their money printing monopoly - AUDIT THE FED!

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If War Comes, Don't Blame The "Military-Industrial Complex" – It's Much Worse Than You ThinkMy response: I read the article and looked at the title and something I heard someone say once a long time ago came to mind. I thought this might be something of interest since we now find ourselves in the era of increasing TRADE WAR rhetoric."WHEN GOODS NO LONGER CROSS BORDERS, ARMIES DO!"

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The number one perception management device of the Debt-Money Monopolists is to promote the wrong use of words. Once they get you using the wrong words, well, you can't communicate and ordinary humans can't grow in knowledge.

"International Jew" is the wrong term. They are the wrong words. The term is too general, it is too vague, and it is simply wrong.

Debt-Money Monopolist, however, is extremely precise. It includes the European Royalty who are not Jewish, YET STILL CONTROL THE MONEY ALONG WITH THE ROTHSCHILDS.

Even though I'm right on all counts, your mind control will not allow you to use the precise term. Instead, you will use imprecise language in order to occult the true interests behind the debt-money system of global enslavement.

You can't help yourself. Your mind isn't free.

Oh, to be an unwitting hapless agent for the very people you claim to despise... what a wretched life that makes.

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Debt-Money Monopolist Mega-Corporate Fascist Empire.

The only clarification that could improve upon it is...

Supranational Debt-Money Monopolist Mega-Corporate Fascist Empire.

The imagery is that of a woman dressed in fine robes with lots of wealth (Debt-Money Monopolists - non threatening looking, wealthy) which has illicit relations with all governments and national establishments who rides (controls) the Beast Empire system.

What Beast Empire system? The one who had a man with the number of 666.

Oh, that would be Nero. The modern day incarnation of the Roman Empire controlled by a Debt-Money Monopolist cabal that is perched on top of the societal system.

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Benito_Camela Herd Redirecti… Sun, 08/13/2017 - 15:06 Permalink

Add one more I for infotainment. Without the bullshit left/right culture war and a place for the Pentacon analysts to peddle their same exact lies for every new war, the rest of the MIIBC would have a harder time drumming up the increasingly meaningless "popular support". Of course it's no coincidence that numerous media companies are also owned by weapons suppliers.

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Bes Sat, 08/12/2017 - 20:10 Permalink

hahahahaha!the MIC is a figmment of my imagination!----zh...   you are jumping the sharrkand i loved you.---hahahaha!

Proctologist Sat, 08/12/2017 - 20:18 Permalink

The Deep State is firmly in control, but they're too smart to just off Trump because he's not 100% in their camp.

I envision a slow poisoning of Trump, ala Napoleon.

Heads will be on pikes before the deep state gives up power. Many heads.

All Risk No Reward daveO Sun, 08/13/2017 - 03:19 Permalink

Trump is safe.

He works for the Banksters.

He's controlled opposition.'

He's duped so many people he will likely be voted Sophist of the Year, 2017.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Socrates is rolling over in his grave.

Grammar and logic lost. Amoral rhetoric won.

In a landslide.

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You are confused, doctor.  Prolly from the speciality you choose.  There have been manygroups that have had ultimate power, only to lose it to happenchance.  Sometimes it happened gradually, sometimes all at once.  The Reformation produced two differentgroups, both important but one greater than the other. There is trouble in Deep State City and it will not end like the split from Rome.  Thereis an obvious split in the depths of the deep state and it is of the variety that doesn'tallow a compromise.  One group of the leaders, the group that supported Hillary's bidfor the presidency, want to call Putin's bluff, namely his threat to go nuclear at a hint of America acting out its hostility at Russia. The other group, who covertly put Trump in theOval Office, is not willing to see whether or not Putin is bluffing.  The deep state since last November has been struggling with an existential crisis.  A crisisaffecting not only their existence but the existence of civilization as well. The Pentagon is not sure what an attack on North Korea will wreak.  If Russia decidesthat it is the first step in America's preemptive strike against one of her allies, there's achance she will respond fully against the small attack on the Korean peninsula.  Advantage Russia.America's original preemptive strike against Russia and all of her allies is the onlyway to prevent Russia's answer to a North Korean hit. But that would be the beginning of a NUCLEAR WORLD WAR, and we can assume that the American oligarchs, billionaires, and PTB would regret such an event.The fact that Paul Wolfowitz of the deep state firmly believed no war wouldresult, notwithstanding. The faction of the deep state opposed to calling Putin's bluff, and who supports the Trump presidency, is ahead on points now: Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Qatar, Venezuela,Philippines, some members of the EU, even a couple of nations washed by the SouthChina Sea.  Is it really possible for two members of BRICS to be at each other'sthroats, or are theyfeigning conflict to appear to be a weak link? Who will Merkel support?  And Macron?  When France and Germany declare, who willthey bring with them? The American Deep State is in the midst of a midlife crisis and there is nothingwe can do but fan the air and wring out the cold compresses.Wolfowitz is capable of triggering a war some place on the globe with a believable 'false flag', perhaps even a nuclear one. But in the words of Doris Day, QUE SERA SERA.



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I'll blame president pumpkin if war comes by way of the U.S initiating it. Just like I blame previous presidents who started bullshit wars like Bush and obozo.