Ponzi Pays - Why Armed Robbery Is For Suckers In Today's Judicial System

That there are large sentencing disparities between white collar criminals and armed robbers shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. The American legal system exhibits a strong bias toward individuals with resources who can afford top lawyers to negotiate a lenient sentence for, say, defrauding 600 investors out of $1 billion.

But according to data provided by Dynamic Securities Analytics in partnership with Ponzitracker.com, the gaps in sentencing might be larger than one might expect.

Ponzi scheme operators who stole more than $100 million in 2016 were sentenced to 14 years, about 168 months in prison, or 21 days for each $1 million stolen.


By comparison, federal sentences for robbery were 117 months (9.75 years) with a median loss of $2,989, which works out to about 40,372 months in prison for each $1 million stolen.

In other words, robbers served 50,000x more time per dollar than your average financial fraudster.

And the disparity widens as the amount stolen increases. Those who stole less than $5 million received sentences of, on average, 2.75 years, or about 159 months per $1 million stolen.

The disparity for those convicted of theft is less jarring. Typically, convicted thieves served 22 months for a median loss of $137,828. That’s about 159 months per million, or 227 times as long as the average Ponzi operator.



Aside from the presumed wealth of those convicted, what is it that differentiates a Ponzi scheme from a robbery that makes such a dramatic difference in sentencing? A robbery implies force, sure, but is that enough to warrant a sentence that’s 50,000 times longer relative to the amount taken?

Of course, not every Ponzi scheme receives the intense media coverage that Bernie Madoff's did when he stole $60 billion, the largest financial fraud in US history. New York City dominated the Ponzi scheme tables again in 2016 thanks to the collapse of Platinum Partners, whose executives were charged with stealing more than $1 billion. Ten Ponzi schemes collapsed in California, the most of any state.  


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either they should let those fuckers go OR let bernie madeoff-with-my-money go. Either both groups should be arrested or Neither.include John Whorezine on that list of course.  How can you 'lose' billions without lots of planning. The shit is smeared everywhere, but as long as we make the BIGGEST mockery of justice by letting the BIGGEST criminals run free, it's a travesty of justice.  i say let Madoff go free if you aren't gonna do anything to the other cocksuckers.   millions < billions and trillions        

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If you really want equality under the law, we need Congress to reign in Liberal Judges by imposing mandatory minimum sentences into the statutes. Any judge that tries to deviate from imposing the mandatory minimum shall be arrested and charged with obstruction of justice.

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I used to read this site regularly, but, it has become insufferable to just try to read an article with all the ads bouncing the page around.  It's fucking crazy...  Please remove some of the fucking ads that bounce the page around.  I love the articles, but, the God damned fucking pages are killing me !

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The Ponzi schemers are the same people who own and operate the Goldman Sachs Feral Reserve System. They skim about 1% from their loot to bribe the political parasites for protection from prosecution and if prosecuted for lenient sentencing and a few more % skimmed off for bribes to the persecutors and judges.

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Ponzi Roulette looks pretty good on the odds.

Pool is my preferred game to fleece the sheep.

The Government is very good at stacking the 'Black Jack' deck in the house favor.

But now there is a brand new game on the horizon...

~~)(~~)(~~** Playing US Constitution BINGO! **~~)(~~)(~~

How do you play?

Watch George Webb.

Follow his lawsuit alleging that the FBI - CIA - JTTF - DoD and Local Law Enforcement are trampling all over the US Constitution.

How do you win?

George prevails in a court of law.

How do you lose?

George Webb Swaggart loses his case or the case gets buried for 50 years (Or just 2, IMNSHO.)

Don't like playing BINGO or other games of chance? (More like games where you HAVE a chance of winning actually.) ... Great, go back to watching CNN or playing the stock market (Where you always win, or so they tell you.).


George is, he is chomping at the bit to get started.

Here are your first four cards:

Day 294.01 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUUcARrGi9U

Day 294.02 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw7FfoqAp60

Day 294.03 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56tGHsxLNgo

Day 294.04 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZLqHH12GqE

A background post on this mess from me is coming up........ You enthusiastic ZH lucky BINGO players.

Live Hard, We Can Always Start A Side Pool On George's Life Expectancy, Die Free

~ DC v7.5

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But, but the Pnozi people were our friends!!!They gave us money!!!!!Think of their efforts as just another tax, a Darwin Tax on the rubes foolish.Ok? 

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100% of the judges who enforce IRS rulings belive both the NIST story of 911 and that the USA landed on the moon.They will get a judgement later and not be giving them at that time.

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Madoff's mistake is that he didn't listen to his Talmudic rabbi.  The Talmud is very clear that it is a crime and sin to steal from fellow Jews but open season on the goyim cattle.  Most of the money which Madoff stole was from his fellow Jews.  Big mistake.

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  "Of course, not every Ponzi scheme receives the intense media coverage that Bernie Madoff's did when he stole $60 billion, the largest financial fraud in US history." - By a private party/s?- By a government entity?- By an entity with a government-sounding title, but not affiliated nor bound by government...?- By an international cabal of non-govnernmental agencies & organizations whom work hand-in-mitt with U.S. based governmental-sounding titled organizations...? 

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I still wonder what happened to all that madoofs money? There is no way in he could have spent billions without drawing a lot of attention to himself. Something here stinks a lot. Did mossad take it all? Jews robbed Jews, lol.

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Of course armed robbery is punished harsher than a ponzi scheme. Armed robbery is a violent crime that risks death. This isn't controversial, it's common sense. Just because people of color are the most active armed robbers, doesn't mean we should up the punishment for thieves who don't use violence to balance out a mythical sentencing "disparity."

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"The thief or swindler who has gained great wealth by his delinquency has a better chance than the small thief of escaping the rigorous penalty of the law." (Thorstein Veblen) "Well, as through the world I’ve rambled, I’ve seen lots of funny men Some rob you with a six-gun, some with a fountain pen As through this world you ramble, as through this world you roam You’ll never see an outlaw drive a family from its home" (Woody Guthrie, “Pretty Boy Floyd the Outlaw,” c.1935)