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Benchmark Capital sues Travis Kalanick for fraudSuing a company exec is ridiculous. Delaware? Give me a break. The Delaware corporate veil is impenetrable and the exec is indemnified by the company. That means Kalanick can run up $100M in attorney fees all on the company's credit card.

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If a board of directors decides to have a compititor assasinated, their business burnt down, their family kidnapped, then they cannot be touched as individuals?If an executive of a company commits a felony are they protected because they claim to be acting on behalf of a company.However a comany cannot authorise a criminal offence, so that defense doesn't work.There is a line in there were executives on boards tend to get away with criminal activity by acting as a group.However if you are on a board and are aware a criminal act is to be committed you are still required by law to report a criminal act is going to be committed.Boards get around all this by operating in grey areas and using equivocal language.

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but but but ZH is praising Uber as the news style Libertarian Capitalism, free from any restrictions(and payroll taxes too). What happened, man???????????????? I thought Uber was the way all companies were going to be doing business ind a future man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh woe is me....BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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"but but but ZH is praising Uber as the news style Libertarian Capitalism, free from any restrictions(and payroll taxes too)"...lol...in one sentence you announce yourself as in favor of state sanctioned monopolistic practices (that would be the licensing and buying of a "gang medallion" from the appropriate gang agency) and then make everyone cringe at the prospect of the gangland-style state not getting its pound of flesh (that would the taxation part) from the lower to middle class citizen just trying to make a buck.So, what do you do for an encore? ;-)

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Fucking progs and/or communists will never understand us even as we understand them perfectly.These are the types of sons-of-bitches that want the state involved in every aspect of our lives right up to and including us paying for their goddamned sex change operations. And the young useful idiots that have indoctrinated into this demented way of thinking have just now figured out that THEY THEMSELVES WERE TARGETED by these people because they are "young & healthy" (see ObamaCare) and "legalization of marijuana" was only just another statist taxation policy ploy so now, they've got them off on their next "distraction quest" (or the chasing of squirrels in traffic) in banning statues, art, literature, speech and flags under some guise of fighting a perceived "oppression"...which would be the statues, art, literature, speech and flags.So clearly the thing for these young useful idiots to do is follow these not-so-cleverly-disguised Marxist fags who are consistently & predicatively wrong right over the cliff face. But we may have to give directions toward that cliff per the Darwin Award winner model ;-)

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OMG, that's just fantastic and so much to understand and agree with.

  • "These are the types of sons-of-bitches that want the state involved in every aspect of our lives right up to and including us paying for their goddamned sex change operations."

So true, so true :-)For me and yourself and so many folks on ZH, the state's obsessive involvement in every nook and cranny of our lives is totally foreign to our culture and upbringing, but there's a whole class of people out there who actually love it because they've never been educated and taught to think and act for themselves. It cannot end well.

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It should be noted as well that, a states "obsessive involvement" (to the point & artfully phrased on your part I might add) lends itself to involve itself deeper into the things they themselves have screwed up, thereby growing itself. The debate of course, is whether it is intentional as these are supposed to be the smartest minds...lol.Which is all part & parcel to the formation of the Deep State, this, shall we say, "busy work" where nothing even remotely productive or positive to society happens. Busy work (for the uninitiated snowflake who may be lurking) is the shuffling of papers/digitals from inbox to outbox and correspondence between interested bureaucracies in how to do it properly...but in effect...means nothing to anyone except a government lawyer or a self-serving bureaucrat of the Department of Cannabis. Now smoke a doobie and just think of the ramifications of waste, fraud & abuse involved in that scheme!...LMAO!!!For every "law" passed, regulation(s) must and are implemented and as the assorted bureaucracies grow so does the Deep State to the point where "it" deems the only thing that really matters is itself and its attendant "sucker fish" which derive their sustenance from "it". Everytime some nuub fresh out of his parents basement looks at a tax stamp they should think of all the bureaucratic thought, salaries, pensions and effort that went into making that tax stamp appear just as it is...as if...out of nowhere ;-)

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These people are actually worse than original Soviet communists.Those in the Soviet Union and its satellites were not infected with this "social justice" crap. If you did get yourself involved in activities that endangered the communist party and were not involved in criminal activity, you were left alone. However I would love to see Antifa or Black Lives Matter try their crap in a place where Soviet police us the law enforcement. 

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If UBER wasn't such a case of chaos, it would be hilarious.Thanks for pulling together in one place its life story WB7.Brilliant :-)

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I do take exception with categorizing all new people as trolls. I have been a reader since the affable Canadian went on CNBC to promote ZH. Hadn't before felt the need to comment.

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A corporate version of Lord Acton's quote: "The great heresy is that being a director has any relation with either your competence or your lack of venality.

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Playing Devil's advocate, I'm have my own similar horror story anecdotesregarding the 10,000 curry swilling Yellow Cab drivers in NYC and Lyft drivers elsewhere.I guess  Uber is the corporate 'punching bag' du jour.

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I used Uber to and from the Airport and compared with the Taxi. Uber was quite a lot better and cheaper by $12 both ways ($24 savings compared to Taxi on the day). Also, the Uber driver was a local whereas the Taxi driver barely spoke English. That said, the Taxi driver did come back to pick me without me needing to make a call (he said it was on his way home and he'd just drive by and pick me up when I was leaving my meeting). All-in-All, I will defer to Uber in some cities if given the chance. It's cheaper and supports the local economy whereas Taxi's appear to be paying off some rich guy's rent-seeker Taxi medallion through low-skill immigration from the 3rd (and4th) world.

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We've all had that rotten taxi experience. We've also got plenty of plumber stories. I suppose some asshole from MIT or Stanford will design a platform to intermediate plumbers and their customers and the company will be valued at $100 billion and we'll still have leaky pipes.

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I think it's safe to say that list above reflects more about the cowboy management and jackass shareholders of the enterprise than it does about the individual drivers and their performance.

Nevertheless, having read some of those articles, would you still be comfortable with your wife or daughter riding alone with UBER at night or would you recommend another car service?

And what does it mean when they insist they carefully vet their drivers to protect the passengers so no licenses are required and then proceed to cover it up when they fail?

What can be said when a corporate says we operate with your sacred trust and then proves it can't be trusted?

And why the fuck should anyone believe that a corporate clusterfuck should be valued at $100 billion? Particularly coming from a litigant who says the CEO committed fraud?

Now as you can imagine, I don't check the news for UBER every day, but when I noticed the first round investor was suing the former CEO that caught my eye and then when I saw all the other recent shit I thought holy cow, that's a picture!

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AS long as I am not forced into riding in some foul smelling, unwashed goatherder's cab... who btw, hates dogs and alcohol? ( my two bestestest friends )I'll take Uber or an alternative all fn day long.Remember the Hansom Cab?