Stocks Jump On Rumors That Bannon Firing Is Imminent

A decision is reportedly imminent from White House chief of staff John Kelly on whether Steve Bannon will keep his job, according to administration officials with knowledge of the situation. Axios reports that man West Wing officials are now asking "when," not "if," Bannon goes.

Axios points out that Bannon, who has run afoul of Trump in the past, is now suspected by the president of leaking about his West Wing colleagues.

Trump resents the publicity Bannon has been getting as mastermind of the campaign.


Many West Wing officials are now asking "when," not "if," Bannon goes.


Chief of Staff General John Kelly has been reviewing Bannon's position.


A recent deluge of media coverage of Bannon - including Bannon's explosive conversation with the American Prospect - have not escaped either the president's or Kelly's attention.

One White House source twists the knife:

"His departure may seem turbulent in the media, but inside it will be very smooth. He has no projects or responsibilities to hand off."

Interestingly, the market is bouncing on these headlines (presumably this would be a win for Cohn).

Which is odd because the actual report contains absolutely no additional information at all that Bannon may or many not fired.

However, Axios does note that there are a number of reasons why Bannon may survive...

Trump often sends mixed signals about his personnel plans, and makes decisions — both to keep and dismiss people — on whim.


Bannon, with his close connection to the president's base, is the one West Wing official who could do authentic damage to Trump on the outside.


We're told that Bannon's friendship with the billionaire Mercer family, who has been an important Trump ally, is a factor in the president's decision and could be part of the strategist's survival package.

One Bannon friend warned: "Get ready for Bannon the barbarian."


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It is apparent that there is a on-going campaign to dirty up Bannon before the inevitable firing, now coming from Trump's own agents like Roger Stone (see link), as it wasn't enough incoming turd to pile on from others. Yet ones that should be fired seem secure in their positions, but go ahead Trump and amputate your hand. Think long and hard there before you pull the trigger...there are ALWAYS unintended consequences! Besides there are bigger fish to fry.

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FoggyWorld ParkAveFlasher Fri, 08/18/2017 - 12:44 Permalink

Trump has responded to that by saying Bannon only came on board in August.   What Trump doesn't remember is that white board where Bannon kept track of all the promises made and helped shaped a program.    He still has that board up in his office and that will be put in the burn bag.  Trump expects people who work for him to be cheerleaders or outright devious and that leaves no room for straight shooters.

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GUS100CORRINA kliguy38 (not verified) Fri, 08/18/2017 - 11:37 Permalink

Stocks Jump On Rumors That Bannon Firing Is ImminentMy response: The DEEP STATE's attacks of the last 8 months have really taken a toll on TRUMP's original team.America is full of SWAMP CREATURES who are everywhere in the shadowy mist. We saw some of that this past weekend.Untill this past weeking, I had NO IDEA that the Mayor of Baltimore had been removing historical statues on her own authority at night because she did not want anyone to know about it. THIS LADY SHOULD BE IN JAIL!!

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froze25 (not verified) yogibear Fri, 08/18/2017 - 11:43 Permalink

You actually have to do something to be impeached, you can't just impeach a president because you don't like the way they addressed a situation (I thought he addressed this weekends violence fine). What crime has Trump committed? What will the impeachment charges be? ..... exactly there isn't any so he will not be impeached. Obama ran Fast and Furious a clear crime, not a utterance of impeachment from the RINOS.

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Cognitive Dissonance froze25 (not verified) Fri, 08/18/2017 - 12:00 Permalink

" can't just impeach a president because you don't like the way they addressed a situation...Well, no, not technically at least. But they can make some shit up. Remember that ultimately impeachment is a political act, not a legal act. They just like to make it seem like it is legal.Plenty of presidents have done illegal acts worthy of impeachment....but were not.

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equity_momo (not verified) Fri, 08/18/2017 - 11:31 Permalink

How would that be bullish?Bannon is the gatekeeper. He goes , Trump goes. Matter of time then.  The market pricing in positive earnings for civil war? Interesting....