NASA Unveils Plan To Stop Yellowstone "Supervolcano" Eruption, There's Just One Catch

A NASA plan to stop the Yellowstone supervolcano from erupting, could actually cause it to blow... triggering a nuclear winter that would wipe out humanity.

As we have detailed recently, government officials have been closely monitoring the activity in the Yellowstone caldera.

However, as's Mac Slavo details, scientists at NASA have now come up with an incredibly risky plan to save the United States from the super volcano.

A NASA scientist has spoken out about the true threat of super volcanoes and the risky methods that could be used to prevent a devastating eruption. Lying beneath the tranquil and beautiful settings of Yellowstone National Park in the US lies an enormous magma chamber, called a caldera. It’s responsible for the geysers and hot springs that define the area, but for scientists at NASA, it’s also one of the greatest natural threats to human civilization as we know it.

Brian Wilcox, a former member of the NASA Advisory Council on Planetary Defense, shared a report on the natural hazard that hadn’t been seen outside of the agency until now. Following an article published by BBC about super volcanoes last month, a group of NASA researchers got in touch with the media to share a report previously unseen outside the space agency about the threat Yellowstone poses, and what they hypothesize could possibly be done about it.

“I was a member of the NASA Advisory Council on Planetary Defense which studied ways for NASA to defend the planet from asteroids and comets,” explains Brian Wilcox of Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at the California Institute of Technology.  


“I came to the conclusion during that study that the supervolcano threat is substantially greater than the asteroid or comet threat.”

Yellowstone currently leaks about 60 to 70 percent of its heat into the atmosphere through stream water which seeps into the magma chamber through cracks, while the rest of the heat builds up as magma and dissolves into volatile gasses. The heat and pressure will reach the threshold, meaning an explosion is inevitable. When NASA scientists considered the fact that a super volcano’s eruption would plunge the earth into a volcanic winter, destroying most sources of food, starvation would then become a real possibility.  Food reserves would only last about 74 days, according to the UN, after an eruption of a super volcano, like that under Yellowstone.  And they have devised a risky plan that could end up blowing up in their faces.  Literally.

Wilcox hypothesized that if enough heat was removed, and the temperature of the super volcano dropped, it would never erupt. But he wants to see a 35% decrease in temperature, and how to achieve that, is incredibly risky. One possibility is to simply increase the amount of water in the supervolcano. As it turns to steam. the water would release the heat into the atmosphere, making global warming alarmists tremble.

“Building a big aqueduct uphill into a mountainous region would be both costly and difficult, and people don’t want their water spent that way,” Wilcox says. “People are desperate for water all over the world and so a major infrastructure project, where the only way the water is used is to cool down a supervolcano, would be very controversial.”

So, NASA came up with an alternative plan. They believe the most viable solution could be to drill up to 10km down into the super volcano and pump down water at high pressure. The circulating water would return at a temperature of around 350C (662F), thus slowly day by day extracting heat from the volcano. And while such a project would come at an estimated cost of around $3.46 billion, it comes with an enticing catch which could convince politicians (taxpayers) to make the investment.

“Yellowstone currently leaks around 6GW in heat,” Wilcox says. “Through drilling in this way, it could be used to create a geothermal plant, which generates electric power at extremely competitive prices of around $0.10/kWh. You would have to give the geothermal companies incentives to drill somewhat deeper and use hotter water than they usually would, but you would pay back your initial investment, and get electricity which can power the surrounding area for a period of potentially tens of thousands of years. And the long-term benefit is that you prevent a future supervolcano eruption which would devastate humanity.”

Of course, drilling into a super volcano comes with its own risks, like the eruption that scientists are desperate to prevent. Triggering an eruption by drilling would be disastrous.

“The most important thing with this is to do no harm,” Wilcox says.


“If you drill into the top of the magma chamber and try and cool it from there, this would be very risky. This could make the cap over the magma chamber more brittle and prone to fracture. And you might trigger the release of harmful volatile gases in the magma at the top of the chamber which would otherwise not be released.”

The cooling of Yellowstone in this manner would also take tens of thousands of years, but it is a plan that scientists at NASA are considering for every super volcano on earth.

“When people first considered the idea of defending the Earth from an asteroid impact, they reacted in a similar way to the supervolcano threat,” Wilcox says.


“People thought, ‘As puny as we are, how can humans possibly prevent an asteroid from hitting the Earth.’ Well, it turns out if you engineer something which pushes very slightly for a very long time, you can make the asteroid miss the Earth. So the problem turns out to be easier than people think. In both cases it requires the scientific community to invest brain power and you have to start early. But Yellowstone explodes roughly every 600,000 years, and it is about 600,000 years since it last exploded, which should cause us to sit up and take notice.

So what would happen?


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NASA Unveils Plan To Stop World-Ending Supervolcano Eruption...There's Just One CatchMy response: These people must have been watching the FANTASY movie starring Tommy Lee Jones titled: VOLCANO.Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.=====Movie titled VOLCANOWhen a massive earthquake rocks the city of Los Angeles, Emergency Management department head Mike Roark (Tommy Lee Jones) returns from his vacation to help with the city's response. After geologist Dr. Amy Barnes (Anne Heche) warns that a volcano may be forming in sewer tunnels, another severe earthquake unleashes the lava flowing underfoot, threatening to destroy the whole city. As the fiery molten rock runs through the streets, Roark and Barnes must figure out how to divert it.

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If you are running your vehicle at 195 degrees, and you poke a needle in your radiator, the temperature will shoot up tremendously and crack your block. Would it not make more sense to cap the existing geysers, and send the steam through aluminum pipes back to the source of water seeping through the cracks, with shut off valves and cooling tanks? That would not cost nearly as much as their plan, and saves water by recycling it. Seriously, drilling towards the magma chamber? 

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Government can also be the solution, especially for strategic long term things, that markets cannot handle.For example, Germany ramped up production of homes during the Nazi era, lowering the access price of home ownership.  They also invested into auto's hoping to put a Volkswagen in every driveway.  Loans were given to familes, which helped them buy the homes.  These loans were erased partially with every child that was born.Industrial policy can decide that is is important say to build solar roofs across the entire country.  This would be analogous to Hitler's approach, which directed the energy of the country into a strategic direction.  Every new home would be required to have basements and solar roofs, and government policy could help fund this by direct injection of money.  Nobody can say otherwise, as there is already historical precedent.  Mohamar Khadafi did the same thing in Libya, and it worked there too.It takes intellgence to run governments, and today's governments are filled with knaves and fools who are there only to make a profit.

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Today's governments are filled with knaves and fools who will never vote for a project that would cause even a fractional decrease in the revenues of the corporate structure that owns them. Your plan might happen, but only if the masters are made to propfit by it. The abstract good of the people is never considered.

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It is not just that gvernments are filled with knaves and fools.  The Progressives set up the administrative state so that academics would rule.  The main problem with this is that many academics only deal with the abstract.  Things are a lot easier that way, but the real world is not abstract much.  I have some excellent academic credentials for public management.  I soon found out when I was working in city governments, that most problems involve real people and not abstractions.  That was a pretty steep learning curve...

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mefobills...<<For example, Germany ramped up production of homes during the Nazi era, lowering the access price of home ownership.  They also invested into auto's hoping to put a Volkswagen in every driveway.  Loans were given to familes, which helped them buy the homes.  These loans were erased partially with every child that was born.>>....Close, but no cigar.....the people who tried to redeem their coupon booklet for a new VW got stiffed--NO VWs. WWII was raging and the German govvie did what any self-respecting pos govvie would do---LIED.I heard that many years after the War, the govvie did cover face or partial value of those GermanVW loan booklets.Now THERE is an excellent idea! Let's create a Loan FoodStamp program for blowing Yellowstone to smithereens!If you wanna know how well Govvie will treat this magma force, let's hop WEST about 1k miles to HANFORD REACTORS in Washington State. Yes, these "piles" (reactors) were needed to fission the Uranium and turn it into plutonium that was used in the Fat Man bomb used against Nagasaki. Implosion-style device. If you uttered the word "implosion" anywhere in America during the 1950s and into the 60s, you got arrested by the Goon Squad we witness in power now.The US Govvie needed a bad guy to crucify and they found it in the British physicist Klaus Fuchs. Oh and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg---both who rec'd the electric chair treatment and on their merry way to their next life. The hordes needed bread and circuses and the govvie offered up the Rosenbergs. Sad read.If one digs deeper into the Los Alamos (LANL) history, one soon comes upon the EXCELLENT book written by then University of Wisconsin history professor Geoffrey Smythe: "The Secret History of the Atomic Bomb"--his book was known internally as the Smythe report. Russian agents ARE GUILTY of ordering several copies of this book and delivering a translated version to Russian physicists, whom the last time I checked, are far from naive. Check Amazon, a very good read. Check his and other's bibliographies and read EVERYTHING! My fave is a slim book by Nuell Pharr Davis entitled "Lawrence and Oppenheimer." Excellent read if you have time for just one book to understand the forces at play during this crucial time in history.From a meta-data point of view---the US Govvie and their own myopic stupidity is the group that handed over "atomic secrets" to the Ruskie's, how?Simple---Smythe's report is a fascinating romp through ALL the processes the US Govt funded and explored to create fissile material used on Japan. The Smythe Report  recounted all the processes that FAILED. When Smythe's chapter stumbles upon REACTORS and the CASCADE System used at Oak Ridge, they deleted these chapters---thus handing the Russian a perfect roadmap of the path to actually take to their prodigious successes. Think multiple choice with 4 of the 5 answers crossed out, get it?The Smythe report unintentionally gave the Russians the exact path to pursue. Think cheat sheet in taking an exam. Yet the US Govvie would never admit to their own culpability. They still do not. The Little Boy was a gun-design and used enriched U-235 produced at the Oak Ridge "cascading filters" in Tennesee. The plutonium was Seth Nedermeyer's implosion design...a gun design can never work with plutonium because one cannot "assemble" the mass of plutonium fast enough to create an explosion---it would be a big fissioning dud. Seth later died doing a risky experiment labeled "tickling the Draogn's tail." He was using a screwdriver in a lecture, teasing together two spheres of plutonium---once it became available---and the two halves stuck together, irradiating (ionizing) everyone in the classrom. Seth grabbed the fissioning spheres and pulled them apart. He died a horrible death within weeks. He also cooked everyone in the lecture room---told all to freeze their posisiton and worked out the math and physics of the dosage everyone present in the room rec'd. Calculated and related their radiation hits. He kept his cool.One of the greatest fears of the military heads at the top of the pecking order was that a plutonium bomb would NOT detonate and thus handing the Nips the very material that could be used against US troops. Hence the "Gadget" test explosion became paramount. This is also known as "Trinity Test 16 July 1945." Near Carizozo, New Mexico. The place is still "hot." There's a great story on the greenish fused glass that this first implosion device created(trinitite), but I digress.If one really needs to get up to speed, read the chemistry tracts by Dr. Glenn Seaborg---the Berkeley Rad Lab chemist (and first AEC director) who did all the essential chemistry on plutonium, using a pin prick size created in Dr. E.O. Lawrence's cyclotron. Lawrence was a real schmuck---a grandstander who stole his grad students work. Many paths to plutonium and uranium enrichment worked, all except Ernest Lawrence's electromagnetic separation. His cyclotron approach did NOT scale up. The successful uranium hexaflorine method used at Oak Ridge was one of Lawrence's grad student's from Cornell---not E.O. Lawrence grandstanding. It crushed him. If one is curious as to how this bonding between scientists and big biz 'n govvie got together, read the history of the Manhattan Engineering Project. Their cover story used at Los Alamos was that they were building "electric submarines."US Govvie has yet to seriously address the mess and poisons in abundance at Hanford Engineering works and elsewheres. Kudos to those who can ever clean up this and other colossal messes created in the name of "national security." US Govvie wishes to drop a nuke down into the bowels of the magma chambe---what could go wrong? Fuckheads, all. 

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In a sense you are wrong about the people's car VW.The average German who filled in their savings book was able to finally get their VW, but unfortunately for them it was actually a Kubelwagen Wehrmacht jeep (a new version of which VW  ended up manufacturing again in the 1970's) but the poor Germans had to pick it up on the Russian front and drive it into battle!

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"If you are running your vehicle at 195 degrees, and you poke a needle in your radiator, the temperature will shoot up tremendously and crack your block. Would it not make more sense to cap the existing geysers" I think that NASA wants everybody to do that (poke needles in their car & truck radiators & crack their blocks ~ so then ~ they can take all the junk cars and toss them together into a big pile to cap the geysers) BRILLIANT!

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Let's pump a bunch of water in there, because who needs water? I'm wondering what volume of water would be necessary to cool that thing ... forever... and what would happen if the water ever accidentally stopped flowing?I imagine it'd be something like shooting a bonfire with a squirt gun ... forever.

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They set up the science with the low propulsion over a long period of time pushing an asteroid off target. So a garden hose over a long period of time... I don't understand the science but 'poking it with a stick' comment made sense to this layman.We can make lemonade with this. Turn the area over to the DOD. They can plant a dozen nukes. Blackmail the world into submission. Think Blazing Saddles, "nobody move or the nigger gets it". 

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What a load of utter horseshit.  Every piece of technology ever made is by definition people controlling nature, whether controlling the flexion of wood with a piece of string to make a weapon or controlling the flow of electrons to make a computer.  It's all nature and we are in control of it.  I also own the bow and the computer.Try again, but use your brain this time.

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Honestly as insane and impossible to get done in this political climate I like the idea. If its wilderness park or limitless energy I want the energy. Why does it seem like a bad idea to invest in a brand new highly advanced geothermal plant on there using the best technology man (America) can muster?It's essentially limitless energy. Need more, keep drilling steam taps. Most of the water could be recycled if it was made a technological priority in the project. because Perhaps it doesn't have to be an open system spewing water vapor all around and we could make it an entirely closed system. Energy would still be bled off in the conversion of heat to electrical generation. Water cools down as energy is lost to generator, maybe it sits on the surface for a while to cool, then plung it down again for another cycle.Plus if it all goes bad, we can sabotage it and put the world through a reset w/o the nuclear fallout. You are prepped up right? XD

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@ Dormouse:

When WWII ended in Europe, the Americans found traincars full of scientific documents. Through studying those documents, it was concluded that the Nazis were scientifically way ahead of everyone else. They were not far behind the US in developing atomic weapons, but were farther ahead in rocketry, and many other areas.

The choice was this:

Either America gets some of them, or Russia gets all of them. Having the documents meant nothing, without the minds who came up with the ideas in the first place.

Don't drink the Alex Jones Kool-Aid; the man knows jack shit about WWII, or Nazis.

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No Kool-aid or fancy matching space boots here. The Russians were snatching up Nazi scientists as fast as we were. Nevertheless, you can't create a US Government Agency out of thin air with the help of 1500 Paperclip Nazis and expect them to assimilate into American society while they're working on top secret projects. The ideology of the NASA "family", as they describe it, still exists today.

Oh and Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard and Aleister Crowley were all homeboys. And every alleged moonwalker was a Freemason including Michael Jackson.

Autistic Alan Bean is my favorite. Actually he may be on the other end of the spectrum now after 50 years, retarded.

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The scientist behind the first satellite in space (Sputnik) , the first man in space (Yuri Gagarin), the first soft moon landing (Luna 9) , the first spacewalk (Alexei Leonov) and much of the rest of the Soviet space program was Sergei Korolev.He was the son of a Russian language teacher, and born in Zhitomir, a Polish/Catholic city now located in present-day western Ukraine. One of the 2 primary regions of the city is named after Korolev (or Korolyov) - Koroliovskyi Raion.He is not well known in the West, partly due to him going by the name of "Chief Designer" on a daily basis, to avoid assassination attempts by the West. Many of the cosmonauts were unaware of his surname. deputy at OKB-1 was Vasili Mishin. Mishin was the designer behind the world's first ICBM the R-7, which the first satellite Sputnik's launcher was based on. In fact R-7 derivatives still take most astronauts into space.…"The R-7A was designed to carry a nuclear warhead; however, there was only one occasion where a live warhead was loaded onto a missile, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. After the missile had been armed, it was rolled out to Site 41/1 at Plesetsk, and would have had a response time of 8-12 hours, should an order to launch it have been given.[2] In the event of nuclear war, other missiles would have been armed as required, in accordance with the Soviet policy of storing missiles and warheads separately.(i.e. the same policy as China)"Both these two were sent to Germany to find any remains of the German A-4 rocket program, not much was left behind by the US, but this didn't seem to have too much of a bad effect on their research. 

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Here's what people keep missing:

It's all irrelevant. America, Russia, doesn't matter who got what.

The International Banksters made SURE the world wars happened in the first place, and then the cold war was also dictated by them. The whole US vs. USSR thing was CREATED by them.

This whole time they have had control over EVERYTHING, in every country. Every skirmish has been set up by them and they profited from them.

Learn to look at things from above, as the banksters do. From that angle, all of history makes sense. No other perspective is as fruitful.

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I have a friend called Alan Bean - and he is a bit autistic. A few years ago he inherited I think $6m from his father. He bought a new car (I was trying to persuade him to buy a house too but he did not) - he went to europe for a couple of months. ...3 months later he spent all the money on bicycles, esspresso machines etc - and went broke. $6m lasted 6 months. He now lives with his sister

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And in the end, all America got was an updated version of 'Frau im Mond' called the Apollo Program, and some dandy ICBMs.  Don't forget Arthur C Clarke, the pederast who helped Stanley Kubrick with 2001, and the US gov't sell the Apollo manned Moon landing to the American public.  They promised America world peace and a space elevator that night (July 21, 1969?).After the Soviet space success, the Tet Offensive, and My Lai massacre respectively, Nixon needed some positive propaganda to distract the public...  Werner von Braun called up the Imagineers at Disney, took a little field trip to Antarctica for moon rocks, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Uhhhh...Who's drinking the Kool-aid? You might want to brush up on your history, science, and engineering a little. Reverse engineering has been going on since man began using technology. We based our modern jet engine designs off captured German aircraft and didn't need the people who built them. We didn't NEED Von Braun, having him accelerated our rocket development but he wasn't a magical wizard. How are we still able to build rockets now that he is dead?The Japanese we're performing biological experiments on humans that wouldake Mengelwv sick. After the war, most of the scientists were brought to the US to work on our biological weapons program  These we're evil people of the lowest order.  

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