John Williams Warns "A Move To Impeach Trump Will Tank The Dollar"

Outspoken exposer of the establishment smoke and mirrors, economist John Williams spoke with USA Watchdog's Greg Hunter this week in a far-ranging interview from Trump impeachment to economic collapse and from the demise of the dollar to physical gold ownership as the "ultimate hedge."

A big factor in the dollar’s value is political stability or the perceived political stability. Right now, you have a circumstance in Washington where there is tremendous political discord. I can’t remember seeing anything like this in the past.


The President has effectively had his options shut off in terms of moving the economy. I was looking for him to get elected because of the weakness in the economy. . . . This intensifies the problems for the economy, but I can tell you right up front it’s a big negative for the dollar...


If you have a move for impeachment for the President, that will tank the dollar.

It appears the trend is in place for sure...

What does John Williams’ gut tell him to do before this Fall?

Williams says,

I would be out of the stock market, and I’d have my money in gold. I mean physical gold, physically owning the gold...


Suppose the things I am looking for begin to break. You may see rioting in the streets. You may see disruptions in the supply chains to grocery stores...


Gold is the ultimate hedge against all the craziness in the world and very bad financial markets, dangerous currency markets and bad inflation.  Physical gold is the ultimate hedge because it retains its value over time... I have been looking for it to go higher, and it is going to go a lot higher as the circumstances deteriorate."

Williams conclude rather ominously...

"As the dollar plummets, so will U.S. stock prices. They are heavily supported by the influx of capital from abroad...


Given the underlying fundamentals in the markets and in the economy, I think all the components are in place for one of the great financial panics of all time."

Judging by the recent moves in markets, they are inching that way...


ET (not verified) BaBaBouy Sun, 08/20/2017 - 15:19 Permalink

For this scenario to unfold there will either be strategic US retreat to the second island chain and continued contest of navigation through South China Sea to conserve military power or a defeat on the scale of the Battle of Trafalgar, a defeat in which the US air and naval power are nearly annihilated.

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two hoots DEMIZEN Sun, 08/20/2017 - 16:02 Permalink

Trump is the Republican Congress's scapegoat.  They (Ryan/McConnell) will keep the impeachment though going as their protection for incompetance.   The last thing these asshats need to do is ram through some big and ill-planned/poorly thought out legislation in an attempt to look good.  This is my fear as I'm starting to believe they Congress and its entire overpaid/overstaffed entourage is useless, just a people in suits playing a part for the rest of us.

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doctor10 two hoots Sun, 08/20/2017 - 20:57 Permalink

Its a two party system....US and THEM.

THEM is at most about 5000 people inside the DC Beltway-and about another 3000-5000K mostly in LA/Boston/NY.

THEM has no idea of the whoop-ass waiting for them if they
continue to ignore and impede the will of the American People -temporarily and at the moment expressed through Donald Trump.

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The Cooler King (not verified) BaBaBouy Sun, 08/20/2017 - 15:30 Permalink

OH ~ I 'get' it now... A 'fiat' currency: - printed, at whim, by jews- which has lost 98% of it's value since inception- & whereby, basically, the only VALUE it still retains is so that other jews at HAMPTON's parties this weekend, can roll up & snort lines of coke out of Is now IN DANGER, the day before a SOLAR ECLIPSE  (that ancient Hebrew 'experts' used to <3 to dupe the masses into thinking they were all powerful 'seers' OK ~ I 'get it' now... The only HEBREW prediction that I believe will occur (between now & Tuesday), is that I'll get FUCKING KICKED OFF of ZH for stating the obvious (&/or that sometime within the next 6 months when you try and locate a THE COOLER KING comment, you'll get a comment back that says 'USERNAME NOT VALID'.

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swmnguy The Cooler King (not verified) Sun, 08/20/2017 - 15:36 Permalink

Tha Jooz don't have anything to do with the 98% loss of value.  That's the completely predictable result of basing one's financial system on debt at interest.  To create money by calling it into existence when a loan is taken out, requires a rate of inflation roughly equal to the going rate of interest on loans.  Otherwise nobody would take out a loan, if they didn't think it quite likely they'd have more money in the future to pay off said loan.It's not a nefarious plot but an integral part of the system.

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John Williams Warns "A Move To Impeach Trump Will Tank The Dollar"My response: I AGREE COMPLETELYLatest exonomic news from Mr. Williams ( listed below ...========No. 905: July Industrial Production, Retail Sales, Housing Starts, Freight IndexAugust 17th, 2017• For the Second Time, Industrial Production Has Regained Its Pre-Recession Peak of December 2007, Now Up by 0.14%, but Still Down 1.07% (-1.07%) from Its November 2014 Two-Month Recovery Peak• Once Again, the Production Recovery Reflected Tops in Oil and Gas Exploration and Extraction, Which Are Vulnerable to Low Oil Prices• In the Dominant but Still-Faltering Manufacturing Sector: A Record 115 Months of Continued Non-Expansion, with No End in Sight• July Manufacturing Was Shy of Recovering Its Pre-Recession Peak by 6.04% (-6.04%)• Non-Recovered Freight Growth Slowed Anew• Headline July Retail Sales Surged but Were Not Credible• Recession Signal Continued from Low Annual Real Retail Sales Growth• Building Permits and Housing Starts Showed Deepening Contractions: Permits Fell by 2.8% (-2.8%) in First Quarter, by 11.0% (-11.0%) in Second Quarter; Starts Fell by 3.4% (-3.4%) in First Quarter, by 21.9% (-21.9%) in Second Quarter; Both Series Trended Lower in Third Quarter, Based on July Detail• Activity Held Shy of Regaining Pre-Recession Peaks by 46.0% (-46.0%) for Building Permits, 49.2% (-49.2%) for Housing Starts and 53.0% (-53.0%) for Single-Unit Starts, While Multi-Unit Starts Have Fallen Back Anew by 33.6% (-33.6%)

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The Greek horse American Psycho Sun, 08/20/2017 - 15:52 Permalink

I believe as a professional Forex trader I know a thing or 2 The dollar is going down because Trump has to win the trade wars. Cheaper Dollar translates better trades between countries.. If trump gets impeached the Dollar will take off meaning uptrend for the dollar. I put my money were my mouth is and have been riding EUR/USD since the DXY was around 103.40 planning on selling once it hits the 90 area on the DXY..   

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equity_momo (not verified) backspaceone Sun, 08/20/2017 - 15:51 Permalink

You wont see any discernable move in the $ cross markets. There will be some low single digits moves in the big 4 against one another but if King $ breaks because of what Williams says , you can be sure every other currency breaks , especially the clownshow that is the Euro.  

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Gold is going above $2100 before the 2018 elections and then to $7000.The raid on Bitcoin exchanges will lead to Bitcoin's demise.People will learn fast what real assets are and what are imaginary.

Father ¢hristmas (not verified) Sun, 08/20/2017 - 15:05 Permalink

There's no reason to impeach Trump now.  The GOP is ideologically diametrically opposed to anything Trump proposed during the election, and his administration is stacked with plutocrats and generals.He's dead, Jim.

Silver Savior Sun, 08/20/2017 - 15:08 Permalink

As soon as I studied the dollar it became apparent how much of a peice of shit it is. Wasn't it Henry Ford who said something like if the public knew about how the financial system works there would be a revolution tonight?

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It's not a piece of shit if you can print dollars and spend them first.The power to print money is the power to transfer wealth from the whole world to the US since the dollar is the world reserve currency. By printing money the US does not need to engage in trade to become wealthy. It just needs to print and print and confiscate the purchasing power of all the people worldwide who use dollars.As long as the perceived rate of inflation caused by money printing is 2% per year, hardly anyone will notice the theft.The money printers can claim justification for this taxation by citing the convenience and durability of dollars, compared with the next best alternative, to settle transactions.

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