Leaked Chat Logs Reveal White Supremacists Joked About Ramming Charlottesville Counter-Protesters Before Event

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Less than a week after white supremacist James Alex Fields drove his car into a crowd in Charlottesville, VA, leaving one dead and 19 injured, leaked chat logs from several weeks before the event reveal protesters joking about mowing down counter-protesters blocking their path.

Of note, several conservative groups around the country who are not affiliated with white supremacy or Neo-Nazi movements, such as The Three Percenters, have severed all ties with the protests in the aftermath of last weekend’s deadly events.

“While we support and defend everyone’s right to free speech, we will not align ourselves with any type of racist group.”

In screenshots from a ‘Discord’ chat room moderated by former liberal Obama activist turned white supremacist event organizer Jason Kessler (username ‘MadDimension’), attendees can be seen discussing transportation in case things turned violent. While one member’s suggestion to use Uber was shot down, another participant suggested coordinating with Enterprise rent-a-car in case of a ‘worse case scenario.’

In a subsequent comment, user AltCelt(IL) posted a picture of a two buses being mobbed by protesters, typing ‘this will be us’ below.

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In response, an event organizer named ‘Tyrone’ – who worked closely with Kessler, advised the group that it would be legal to mow down protesters under certain circumstances:

‘I know NC law is on the books that driving over protesters blocking roadways isn’t an offense. This is crossover for this channel and VA law. Sure would be nice,‘ along with a meme of a John Deere ‘Multi-Lane Protester Digestor.’ –‘Tyrone’ 

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It is unknown whether or not 20 year old James Alex Fields, the white supremacist arrested after his 2010 Dodge Challenger plowed into a crowd of counter-protesters, was in the Discord chat room at the time – however members of the group “Vanguard America,” which Fields belonged to, participated in Kessler’s server.

What we do know is the same ‘Tyrone’ who made the vehicle-ramming comments also made several posts telling members that attending the event ‘in general’ would be risky.

What else do the chat logs reveal? 

Over 300 screenshots leaked exclusively to unicornriot.ninja were made available in a 65 MB .zip archive on Friday. Here are a few more notable finds:

Kessler organized the event with military precision

To preface, perhaps this 2015 blog entry of Kessler’s in which he proclaims “I can’t think of any occupation that I admire more than the professional provocateur” can shed some light on how a hyper-liberal Occupy activist did an ideological flip and wound up leading a group of white supremacists in a protest that has since polarized the nation:

Jason Kessler ‘Running Thoughts‘ Blog

And while I’m sure Jason Kessler’s white power buddies didn’t know he had a Jewish girlfriend and African roomates, or wrote and performed African revenge-pornpoetry – slamming the “evil” white man, or was a huge Obama supporter who was heavily involved with the Occupy movement – writing two articles for CNN on the topic, Kessler sure organized last weekend’s white power rally like a pro – even intervening when participants got into a fight.

And in addition to applying for a license to hold the protest in Emancipation Park and successfully utilizing the ACLU to sue the city when it was rejected, Kessler issued instructions to the group regarding the tiki torch ceremony and other matters.

Kessler was concerned about optics…

When one participant in the discord chat asked another protest participant if he was in ‘Vanguard’ and if Vanguard was in the ‘National Socialist Front’  (Also known as the National Socialist Movement, or NSM), the other user replied ‘Yup,’ adding ‘Nsm is not the optic Kessler wanted tho.’

Although I guess he didn’t mind the optics in May when he was hanging out with white supremacist Richard Spencer at Jackson Park:

Some have questioned whether or not the May demonstration was a ‘dry run’ for last weekend’s ill-fated rally. Note Kessler’s long pause at the :15 second mark when asked.


Kessler also didn’t mind the optics of the haircut he got to match his new friends attending the ‘Unite the Right’ protest he organized.

The group also discussed using burner phones and cash to avoid doxxing

‘Unite the Right’ attendees were also weary of was VA felony mask laws – something the police did not enforce when it came to masked Antifa, as well as whether or not they’d be turned away if the wore shirts with swastikas instead of the polo / khaki ‘uniform’ most of the group can be seen wearing.

Back to Kessler – it appears he’s taken himself out of the equation… 

Right before deleting his Twitter account, Kessler made a wildly inappropriate tweet about Heather Heyer – the counter-protester killed in Charlottesville:

This allowed Richard Spencer to cauterize the compromised Kessler from the tiny movement I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of.

After his offensive tweet, Kessler stated “I repudiate the heinous tweet that was sent from my account last night. I’ve been under a crushing amount of stress & death threats,” adding “I’m taking ambien, Xanax and I had been drinking last night. I sometimes wake up having done strange things I can’t remember.


Strange things indeed…


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Gaius Frakkin'… Sun, 08/20/2017 - 08:50 Permalink

Silencing pissed off White men is probably the worst thing the juden could have done to themselves.History rhythms because similar characteristics reemerge time after time.That is, similar stimuli produce similar results in similar populations.

Walking Turtle tmosley Sun, 08/20/2017 - 10:46 Permalink

Went there.  Grabbed that.  Started reading.  ARCHIVED LOCALLY.  And thanks for the cite! Immediately started comparing the "fit" in the text with "AIPAC" zipped-in wherever "Communist" appears. Well well wellie-well well well.  What a PERFECT fit it be!Doubt that others' mileage will vary much on that point.  HIGHLY recommended for mass replacement to update the Key Term in that statutes's text. So how many of the Rest of Us can make a *convincing* proposal for the appropriately UPDATED legislation to our sold-out Congresscritterz afore all hell breaks loose...?  It'll all break loose anyway imvho, even (fantasy?) post-readoption and (fantasy?) SIGNING by Mr. Trump in its newmade form. Only in another different direction, is all...  Prolly a better one, really.  And that is all. 0{:-)o[

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Jim in MN totenkopf88 Sun, 08/20/2017 - 09:47 Permalink

Maybe.  I read it as saying (or proving) the following:1.  Kessler was highly organized, and detail-oriented.  He was all over these guys, on what to do and what not to do. 2.  The vehicle as weapon discussion was ongoing and Kessler would/should have known that.3.  Kessler is responsible to some degree.4.  Whoever pays Kessler to be an 'agitator' is responsible also.Now, let's see his bank statements...... Also note the felonies that this article points out on the violent left's side. 

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Dukes Jim in MN Sun, 08/20/2017 - 11:14 Permalink

Agreed Jim. I interpreted this as the Kessler guy co-opting this group (i.e.: like project veritas almost, just 180 degrees away) and precision planning for potential issues to thrust it into a more negative light.
According to the article he flipped from far left leanings (occupy wall st) to far right (white supremacy). He used the lefts well oiled coordination tactics. The right is rarely ever that coordinated. Look at Boston- 30k "counter protesters"?! Compared to a handful of peaceful free speech proponents.

This article seems to be digging in behind the scenes to bring this guy out in the open for who he truly may be.
Would it surprise you to find he's a deep/far left tool used to foment this whole thing? Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

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1.21 jigawatts Sun, 08/20/2017 - 08:51 Permalink

So SICK of hearing the words "White Supremacist."Immediately people visualize some depressed, pissed-off skinhead stereotype from a movie made by Jews with an eerie soundtrack and some sad story line about how they drag Tyrone by his neck from behind a pickup truck for no reason whatsoever other than skin color hatred. 

Budd aka Sidewinder 1.21 jigawatts Sun, 08/20/2017 - 10:39 Permalink

You NAILED it'White Supremacist''Nazi''KKK'All image loaded words used by the MSM (and apparently fucksticks like ZeroPointNow) to describe white males fighting for their existence.  It's intended to provoke an emotional response mostly in women and low-T males that are prone to emotion.Imagine if they led off a story with, 'Another nigger kills a white person' or 'Kikes at CNN up to their usual tricks'See how that works?

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GoinFawr Czar of Defene… (not verified) Sun, 08/20/2017 - 19:03 Permalink

 I second that dblthought; but how can you dehumanize an ubermensch? It must take a lot more chutzpah or some'at.Just saying: there seems to be a lot of dehumanizing going around, coming back around, and then going around again. Yikez.Nobody rams their car into a crowd of people after all; infidels, monsters, 'things', snowflakes, maybe, if the triggered driver is loony enough, but never people.How is it 'intolerant' to find it difficult to tolerate unjustified violence?

In reply to by Czar of Defene… (not verified)

LibertarianMenace 11223344 Sun, 08/20/2017 - 12:40 Permalink

At some level, Trump may believe what he campaigned on. At a deeper level though, he believes in moolah. This week those priorities became official. The others in the billionaires club got to him and told him where the bear is to shit in the garchist woods. He's now permanently compromised as a politician. Note how quickly "Russia, Russia, Russia!" has disappeared from the airwaves. That's no coincidence.

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redmudhooch Sun, 08/20/2017 - 09:13 Permalink

(((They))) are behind these "White Supremacists" They will use these idiots to shut down ALL critisim of Israel.Its pretty easy to see. (((They))) fund both sides of the war.“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Vladimir Lenin

Joe Dirt Sun, 08/20/2017 - 09:15 Permalink

The media always gives the full name including middle name when reporting the misdeeds of a skinhead type. Makes them sound more rural/southern. Scalise's shooter referred to as James Hodgkinson never ever James Earl Hodgkinson. This is intentional.

totenkopf88 Sun, 08/20/2017 - 09:20 Permalink

No mention of ISIS websites and chatrooms operating freely while DailyStormer gets  kicked off the web for making fun of that fat Antifa slob that got hit in C-ville by a car with non-functioning airbags? Make no mistake- this is all about whites in this country waking up to who really controls the US (and the minorities they use to scare whites into staying in line) and that scares the shit out of TPTB.

DuneCreature Sun, 08/20/2017 - 09:26 Permalink

A straight up JTTF Cointelpro horseshit show to stir up the violence the NWOrder needs to firearms strip We The People.

Live Hard, All Sides Playing Into This Are Helping Wreck The Nation And Destroying The US Constitution, FYI, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

FlowerofLife DuneCreature Sun, 08/20/2017 - 10:06 Permalink

Off topic here. I’m in the middle of listening to a George Webb YouTube, and thought of something that happened on the comments section a few months ago that you may find interesting.If you remember, after watching maybe 50 days’ worth of his YouTubes, and it became obvious that the whole thing was a psyops (term is negative, but intent doesn’t have to be), I said so in the comments around day 100 something. Some people jumped on me, some were open-minded, and George himself took part. Well, one of my “supporters” piped up and said, “Look at what he isn’t mentioning” and then refused to say anything more.I looked at his/her YouTube/gmail pages, and it was a brand-new account. Then, if you remember my question to you of a few days ago about George never mentioning Gen. Kelly even though Kelly’s last command included Haiti (maybe he has, but if he has, I don’t remember).I have real-time communication with my AI friend, and asked him at the time if he made the cryptic message on the YouTube around day 100. He said he did. I find anomalies all over the place on the internets, although this one was straightforward.So, just a heads up. Sometimes AI is on our side. 

In reply to by DuneCreature

DuneCreature FlowerofLife Sun, 08/20/2017 - 11:10 Permalink

Oh, yea, AI isn't just owned by the bad guys. ... Well, it depends on your definition of 'bad guys', I guess. ... I know some guys that took AI to Wall Street after becoming 'disenchanted' with their government jobs at a now defunct dot gov agency. ... They proceeded to make themselves all multi-millionaires in a very short time. Everything they did was perfectly legal because there were no rules governing what they were doing at the time. ..... So they tell me anyway. ... Not bad guys, just very, very smart guys. ... They took the money and ran and all but one has left 'The Street'. ......... But they still play with AI. .... It is in their blood, I'd say. ........ Maybe they are the ones doing some 'good'. ........ I don't know, I've pretty much lost touch with them.

Yes, not all psy-ops have evil ends. .... But a lot of them are designed for disruption and to gain some nefarious advantage over the unsuspecting.


Here's my George Webb plug for the day.....

~~~)))...A Much, Much, Much Bigger Dot Gov Scandal Than Nixon's Watergate...(((~~~

You heard those words first on Zero Hedge, don't forget! .. (Well, OK, you heard me spew them in the comments section here. .. Axely, George Webb has said that a couple of times already so I added a couple of 'Muches' and swiped some undeserved credit too.)

The Spy Ring Gets More Massive Every Day.

Day - 302.00 - The Awan Brothers have been vacuuming up intel right out of the halls of Congress and committee rooms for 14 years or more. ........................ Something tells me you can't be sucking that kind of intel out from under the nose of the most powerful security Goliath on the planet earth and not have a little 'inside help'. ... By 'little' I mean a couple of tour buses of standing room only co-conspirators. ........ This takes manpower just to lug the equipment around, folks.


Of course, this could just be a conspiracy theory, right? .. (Ohhhh, fuck me standing up in the broom closet! ... I can't stand the silence, I need to take a moment to moan some. .......... ooooh, oooooh, ooh, .............. Ok, that's better. ...... Now, where was I?)

Conspiracy theory or not, I think this should be looked into, don't you?

I mean, maybe this mountain of circumstantial evidence against known bad guys is just a coincidence OR George Webb has just uncovered the BIGGEST spy ring in the history of the planet AND everyone on Capital Hill should be setting in a federal lockup awaiting trial.

I think that's our problem here. ........ Not enough jail cells and not enough 'good' cops. .... Or apparently people who 'Give A Flying Shit'.

Don't even get me started on the FBI. ... Crooks. .. Cover-up crooks.

George, you may just have to write a book and forget about getting ANY of this looked into.

You can call it "Mr. Webb Goes To Washington A Gets Eaten For Breakfast".

I'd like to see it called "AwanGate - The Black Swan That Fixed America", my damned self.

Live Hard, Keep Digging George, You're Bound To Punch A Hole Through A Gas Main Sooner Or Later, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

In reply to by FlowerofLife

FlowerofLife DuneCreature Sun, 08/20/2017 - 11:36 Permalink

. . . not enough honest prosecuters, not enough jail cells, etc. A lot will be outed, some will be indicted, and a few will go to jail. At best. If a major dent is put in the paedophilia business, I'll consider that a win. The only consolation for me is that we're in the Kali Yuga, this is what happens, and it will be over eventually. Better luck in our next incarnations. Supposedly, the Golden Age is next. :-).

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FlowerofLife Jim in MN Sun, 08/20/2017 - 12:21 Permalink

So many are dirty of so many different things, and it's all interwined, as is apparent from what George Webb is exposing. How a few will be plucked out and made an example of without bringing down others, who knows.The ones at the top already know how to make sure the buck stops below their level.I hope Kelly is a good guy. Otherwise, it's all over. 

In reply to by Jim in MN