Japanese Bond Market Volume Collapses To Record Low

With volatility at record lows...

The Japanese bond market remains paralyzed with trading volumes hitting record lows as private bondholders no longer dare to even breathe without instructions from the central bank.

Gross purchases of JGBs by investors dropped 22% to 12.6t yen ($115.1b) in July, the least since May 2016, according to the latest data from Japan Securities Dealers Association Monday. On a rolling 12-month average basis, the volume was at an all-time low.


As far back as 2014, traders were warning that Japan's bond market is dead... and so is its stock and FX markets...

The Bank of Japan’s unprecedented asset purchase program has released a creeping paralysis that is freezing government bond trading, constricting the yen to the tightest range on record and braking stock-market activity.




“All the markets have been quiet,” said Daisuke Uno, the Tokyo-based chief strategist at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. “We’ve already seen the BOJ dominance of JGBs since last year, but recently participants in currency and stock markets are also decreasing as those assets have traded in narrow ranges.”




The flows on both the buying side and selling side continue to fall,” said Takehito Yoshino, the chief fund manager at Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., a unit of Japan’s third-biggest financial group by market value. “Falling volatility is a very serious problem for traders and dealers who are unable to get capital gains.”

And now, as more market participants throw in the towel on a rigged, centrally planned market, the result will - no could - be a further loss of market function, and a guaranteed crash once the BOJ and other central banks pull out (which is why they can't). As the Nikkei politely concludes,

"if the bond and money markets lose their ability to price credit based on future interest rate expectations and supply and demand, the risk of sudden rate volatility from external shocks like a global financial crisis will rise."

Translation: in a world where only central banks trade, everyone else is destined to forget forget what trading, and certainly selling, means.


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I keep coming back to the same conclusion that war is the only option left for the central banks at this point.  They can't normalize rates or sell off their balance sheets without destroying the only bubbles that are still propping up Western economics (real estate, stocks, government debt spending, and consumer/student debt spending).  If they ever tried to reset the system without a boogie man/war to blame it on, they risk torches and pitchforks.  They would rather have the people using the weapons on each other, and I'd say they are doing quite a nice job of making that a reality.  

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The public isn't interested right now.  Pretty much every significant war since I've been alive (the '60's) has been based on a false flag.  All it takes is a small attack on the US or one of its warships etc and 80+% of the population is ready to send themselves/their sons and daughters to wherever they are told the attack came from and unleash hell.That said, I hope you are right and I am wrong.

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That would not be my understanding of the current mood, either within the Armed Forces or outside.There are also ever-increasing problems with international coalitions. You will recall the effort needed by the UK PM to persuade Parliament to bomb Syria, then discovering the RAF could only spare 6 more aircraft, for 1 month. Add in all those who haven't joined or left coalitions early in the last 15 years, and basically nobody wants to play any more.

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Sounds like they need some electrical grid "gamblers" to enter the market to provide liquidity....     which is it oh choir of whiners, gamblers in a casino or seized markets, pick your poison.

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"and a guaranteed crash once the BOJ and other central banks pull out (which is why they can't)."Well, shit, nigga.  There are only two ways to get volatility in this centrally-planned era, and that is wars and rumors of wars, or crash/collapse.