America's Inner Cities Are In Chaos... Just Look At Baltimore & Chicago


America’s real war zone is not in Afghanistan or on the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

It’s actually in our inner cities where this forgotten war decades old is plagued with out of control homicides and an opioid crisis tearing America apart at the seams.

The root cause of this chaos is from with-in and linked to 50-years of democratic controlled leadership, along with decades of deindustrialization.

A new crisis is looming and the first shot was heard in Charlottesville. The growing tensions in America between the left and right could spur a “new civil war”,  according to Rush Limbaugh.

The battlefield of choice is America’s inner city, where leftist groups threw the first punch in toppling Confederate statues not just in Baltimore or Chicago, but across the entire United States.

Battlefield Report of America’s Inner Cities: 

The battlefield report for Baltimore is grim so far this week.

There have been 11 people shot and 3 homicides police are investigating in 2 days.


The city is on track for the record breaking homicides this year according to The Economist.


The battlefield report for Chicago was deadly last weekend.

Chicago Tribune reports a total of 63 people were shot and 8 were killed.


Earlier this summer, the Trump administration sent 20 ATF agents as reinforcements to assist with ballistics information intended to help local police solve violent crime quicker.


The casualty count stands at 451 homicides this year, 16 fewer than last.


A total of 2,435 have been shot compared with 2,710 last year.


Coupling the already known fact that some of America’s inner cities are a war torn mess, along with the very real possibility of an American civil war. The millennial generation might have to rethink city living in areas like Baltimore and Chicago.