Merkel, Schulz Agree: "It's Clear, Turkey Should Not Become An EU Member"

Having blasted Germany for "abetting terrorists," Turkish president Edrogan was on the receiving end of some ire this weekend as the refugee crisis and the EU deal with Turkey dominated the TV debate between Chancellor Angela Merkel and her coalition ally SPD challenger Martin Schulz on Sunday.

The rivals agreed, however, that Turkey can’t be part of the EU.

"If I become German chancellor, if the people of this country give me a mandate, then I will propose to the European Council that we end the membership talks with Turkey. Now all red lines are crossed, so this country can no longer become a member of the EU,”said Schulz during the debate, forcing the CDU leader to clarify her position on the issue.


“The fact is clear that Turkey should not become a member of the EU,”said Merkel, agreeing with Schulz.

“I’ll speak to my [EU] colleagues to see if we can reach a joint position on this so that we can end these accession talks,” added Merkel, who is hoping to get re-elected for a fourth term.

As RT notes, the government in Ankara is moving away from democratic principles at a “breathtaking” speed, Merkel said, adding that at the moment “the accession negotiations are non-existent.”

However, she refused to completely freeze the relationship with Turkey.

Additionally, Reuters reports that the actions of the Turkish authorities are making it “impossible” for the country to join the European Union, an EU executive said on Monday after German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for ending accession talks.

Quoting European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker from last week, before Merkel’s election campaign comment, the Commission’s chief spokesman told a regular news briefing:

“Turkey is taking giant strides away from Europe and that is making it impossible for Turkey to join the European Union.”

He stressed, however, that any decision on whether to formally halt the long-stalled membership process would be up to the 28 member states of the bloc, not the Brussels executive.

Turkey has been receiving funding from the EU, which will reach €6 billion by 2018, as part of the deal to halt the migrant flow into Europe, signed in March 2016. Turkey was also promised visa free travel and expedited talks on joining the EU, but the discussion of those issues remains stalled due to Ankara’s refusal to relax its harsh anti-terrorism laws. As EU-Turkish ties hang in the balance, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been actively reiterating his threats to withdraw from the deal and again allow migrants to pour into the EU.



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Germany owns the EU..... and who owns Germany? It's been under the same management since the days of the Weimer Republic(nigh on 100 years, for the history-challenged), so one wouldn't think it to be a great mystery.Talmudic kabbalists dressed up as "the Jews" own Germany....plain and simple, elephant in da room kind thing NOBODY will talk about. Mischlinger half-castes like "Adolf Hitler" were dressed up in fancy uniforms and given the task of dissolving Europe into a miasma and terror - all the better to drive the reluctant tribalists to the Palestinian desert. From whence since has emanated the world-wide empire of a $power committed to racial cleansing and systemic 'dumbing down' of the "cattle" they perceive us to be.Under the cloak of their common "angry god"(tm)religious cults, they use Muzzies, and fuzzy-thinkin "Xhristians" alike to advance the cause of terror - terror states - and the abolition of the real. There's not a whit of difference between their puppet potentates like Erdo, Merkel, Drumpf, or even "champion of the white race" Putin ... all play to the same tune ultimately.The breakup and annexation of the rump states left over into the talmudist terror empire was the goal of post-Napoleonic diplomatic strategems which failed to achieve the desired goal due to the unremitting courage and dedication of far-sighted folk like Robert Stewart(Castlereagh)and his allies on the Continent. But the kabbalists never give up a project.And that projects' time has arrived at last! Every piece of the puzzle now coming together, laid out in fine detail by those who paid sufficient attention to have not been duped by the "trump deception" or the various associated machinations which have accompanied the last 18 momths of Sraels' supersize diplomatic offensive to end the west ... and create a global super-state of talmudist terror, east n west. Dupes n exceptionalists played to perfection! "And the people wept."

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BobEore Making Merica … Tue, 09/05/2017 - 05:37 Permalink

And who 'owns' Turkey?

As I've gone to considerable length to point out over the past 18 months, in articles like

the phony Islamists 'folded' in June 2016... were "folded" into the talmudist stable of puppet states(like saudistan)at that time, and remain firmly directed by the TERROR STATE IN tel aviv in advancing their agenda of destablizing Europe (and Merika!)in common cause with the Russian puppet princeling also owned by Chabab Inc.

One ring to bind them.

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MsCreant Tue, 09/05/2017 - 03:03 Permalink

I have an important question.Does Erdogan have an upper butt lip, or a twat lip? What is that thing sitting below his nose? He cultivates it. 

Sugarcandy Mountain Tue, 09/05/2017 - 03:03 Permalink

No fan of Erdogan, but I'm pretty sure at this stage that Turkey wants no part of the EUSSR either. I just wish Erdogan would release all those "refugees" being housed in Turkey into the EUSSR (as he has threatened to do on many occasions already). It may be the only thing that wakes up those EU cucks to the agenda that is being played out in front of their very eyes. Last I heard, the Germans were rather keen on them, anyway.

Sugarcandy Mountain MsCreant Tue, 09/05/2017 - 04:39 Permalink

Refugees? Generally speaking refugees include many women and children. What we are witnessing are mostly low-IQ, foul-tempered, military-aged "men" invading Europe. FACT. The pictures don't lie, shill.I do not in any way condone or support the illegal zionist wars of destruction in the middle east.If you're an American, YOU need to wake up to what YOUR government has been doing, with YOUR tax dollars, in YOUR name.P.S. Since when did anyone bomb central Africa forcing the poor people there to risk their own lives to cross the Mediterranean?

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MsCreant Sugarcandy Mountain Tue, 09/05/2017 - 04:53 Permalink

America is the problem. We need to stop. Folks voted for Obama and Trump hoping it would stop. Both have broken their campaign promises. America is the one I meant that needed to wake up, I was challenging the idea that it was Germany or Europe, unless it was to wake up to the USA. There are very few of us who want to be the world police or government installers. We keep falling for the idea that voting matters when it does not.

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We didn't bomb them.  Go through this UNWFP and see how they can't feed themselves due to their infighting, corruption and lack of education.Zimbabwe use to export large amounts of food until the likes of Mugabe killed off the white farmer and turned it over to his thugs. Now we are feeding them to which I imagine much of the food is doled out by Mugabe to his thugs who are told he is going to get rid of the last of the whites.  About that time I am going to one-punch a number of bleeding heart Swedes and Norwegians who insist on supporting this genocide.

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Fireman Sugarcandy Mountain Tue, 09/05/2017 - 03:13 Permalink

"I just wish Erdogan would release all those "refugees" being housed in Turkey into the EUSSR (as he has threatened to do on many occasions already)." It is ongoing and the former "night flights" only of muslims are now a daily feature at German airports 24 7. Germany is being flooded as I write. Ask anyone who has visited any German airport in the last 3 months.

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Fireman Tue, 09/05/2017 - 03:07 Permalink

Agent "Erika", who CIA asset Kohl said "couldn't use a knife and fork when I pulled her out of the pond", is ready to lead the USSAN vassal Germanistan down the toilet as her muslim hordes rape, pillage and plunder what is left of a once proud nation. Did Kohl even know know that his scruple less Teutonic cigar sucking Lewinsky like Madchen had actually been hooked and hung there by his own CIA handlers? Probably. Now we get "Mutti with a beard" as the Germans call it, from the evil Pedophile Politburo from Natostan sewer Brussels "debating" the future of "German democracy" with his coalition partner and CIA asset Merkill...if you will pardon the ridiculous spectacle. Meanwhile the German atlanticist aristocracy like their USSAN owners demean and insult anyone and everyone who rejects the evil and disgusting Coudenhove Kalergi nightmare being enacted throughout the once sovereign states of Europe.  Europeons are angry and just as their USSAN cousins are sick to death of the politically incorrect zombies tearing their nations apart, the seething anger is mounting and the backlash will come. Merkill is in for a very big surprise and it will take a hell of a lot more that the retarded screams of "Russian interference in our democracy" to quiet the storm that  is ready to sweep agent "Erika" and her CIA STASI claptrap.   Germans (in the middle of the oozing swamp of crime that Merkill's slash Soros' ISlamization has wrought on their nation) are not buying the filth oozing out of their aristocracy's organs of propaganda and will finally have their say in the fast approaching "elections". Electoral fraud there definitely will be, no doubt but like BREXIT and Trump the backlash may very well be too big to smugly deny.   The kalediscope of Merkill's muslim criminals that is staining all of Europe.…  
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Good deal! Now the world can start to shape up again. The European unity fantasy has collapsed. European nation states from Spain to France to Italy to the UK are fracturing. The more intelligent of the eastern European countries see what a fraud those west of them are. The neo-Ottomans are resurgent. America's destroy Islam-for-Islam project is on the rocks. The non-existent existential threat of (shudder!) North Korea will force the Americans to piss away a few trillion more protecting Los Angeles from "nuclear" attack.WHY ON GOD'S EARTH WOULD ANYONE WANT TO SAVE LOS ANGELES? FLASH! CASH! TRASH!American's living in Hoovervilles! Multiples more soon to be living in Hoovervilles! And all because of those communists who run the multinationals. Sure, communists! Lenin, Stalin, Hitler! Best friends the multinationals had. Lincoln's universe: destroy diversity and put one man in power. Absolutely no redundency in one-man rule. Unitary military! Unitary Federal Reserve! Unitary executive! "'Make it so!' is my only command."But I rant, don't I. So tired of all this gerbilsprach! So tired of all those Rambos who're gonna take this country back with their Daisy air rifles. So tired of the Hitler look-alike contests, the slack-jawed yokels, the snowflakes who have to hide under their beds unlesws they're beating up unarmed Hitler look-alikes.

Thordoom Tue, 09/05/2017 - 03:30 Permalink

I am no fan of Erdogan either but i think Turkey should join SCO. Those  NATO twats  do not know how to control this prick while Russia keep him little bit sane.I dont think Turkey would leave NATO and for SCO members it could be beneficial if they would stay there as a disraptor.I think SCO has much more leverage over Turkey. The question is  what will happen when CIA  and MOSAD agents "ISIS" will be kicked out and YPG is not needed anymore.Turks will not tolerate them.IT might get ugly if CIA and Pentagram will support them after ISIS is gone. And at this point is clear they will support them jsut to be asshole and keep Syria destabilized.

are we there yet Tue, 09/05/2017 - 03:37 Permalink

Turkey sucks the life out of whatever it touches except for criminals. Europe is already in self destruction. Turkey only speeds up European gravity for a hovering European road runner.

WallHoo Tue, 09/05/2017 - 03:45 Permalink

Firstly,who the fuck in their right minds wants to join the EU?Why would erdogan accept a huge loss of sovereignty and power,monetary decimation and put those fat idiots over his head to dictate to him what to do,as he(erdogan) has made a hugge stride to take power over the years?And why do sissy faggots EU politicians always threat other heads of states with not being able join the EU?Who the fuck cares about joining the EU,SHITHEADS??

ukipboy Tue, 09/05/2017 - 05:48 Permalink

Even though the accession talks have been stalled for months, the news that Turkey has no prospect of joining the EU is a turning point. Erdogan will go into a rage. The flow of refugees through Turkey will start again, perhaps in time for the German elections. A new wave of terrorism is inevitable. This is just the start.

Vageling Tue, 09/05/2017 - 05:57 Permalink

Who cares. Nothing but hot air because of the elections. Meanwhile that Italian tranny Mogherini (which yada yadaas for the EC) says otherwise. They are just fishing for votes with hollow crap. So the EP votes to halt while the EC just continues the talk anyway. Just theater from these two clowns.

Aristofani Tue, 09/05/2017 - 06:47 Permalink

The piece of steak that just flew out of my mouth is on the floor with me rolling around laughing.I'm guessing the conga-line for joining the EU isnt a long one these days. Beggars shouldnt be choosy they say.