Paul Craig Roberts: "Behold, A Pale Horse, And Its Rider Is Washington"

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

Two of America’s most populous states, Texas and Florida, are in hurricane ruins, and Washington is fomenting more wars.

The US national debt is now over $20 trillion, and Washington is fomenting more wars.

The entire world is helping Washington foment wars - including two targeted countries themselves - Russia and China - both of which are helping Washington foment more wars. Believe it or not, both Russia and China voted with Washington on the UN Security Council to impose more and harsher sanctions on North Korea, a country guilty of nothing but a desire to have the means to protect itself from the US and not become yet another Washington victim like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Serbia, and Ukraine overthrown in a US coup and now poverty-stricken.

I once thought that Russia and China were checks on Washington’s unilateralism, but apparently not.

Both governments have been knuckled under by Washington and both voted to punish North Korea for striving to be sufficiently armed to protect its sovereignty from Washington.

Why are Russia and China repeating their same mistake that they made when they supported Washington’s no-fly UN resolution for Libya, a resolution that Washington and NATO stood on its head when they launched air attacks that helped the CIA organized “jihadists” overthrow Libya’s progressive government and murder Gaddafi?

Russia knows that it is surrounded by US nuclear and military bases. So does China. The question is: have Russia and China capitulated out of fear? Or is their cooperation with Washington a ruse while they prepare their own strike on Washington, or are the two misguided governments trying to cooperate with Washington a la sanctions so as to avoid having to confront a US military attack on North Korea?

It requires much competence to confront evil, and there is probably more evil in Washington than there is competence in Russia and China, two countries interested in being rich to an extent that it might cost them their sovereignty and existence.

When you see such potentially powerful countries as Russia and China collapse under Washington’s pressure in the UN Security Council, it makes you wonder if the various analyses of Washington’s many weaknesses are real, and if they are real, if Russia and China are aware of them.

How does one go about explaining why two countries, whose sovereignty is in the way of Washington’s world hegemony, help their known enemy bully yet another small country, especially one in their orbit of influence? How can Russia complain of sanctions against Russia based on nothing but Washington’s propaganda when Russia supports sanctions against North Korea based on Washington’s propaganda?

Russia and China have nothing to fear from North Korean nuclear weapons. Indeed, no one does except a country that attacks North Korea. What is the explanation for Russia and China lining up with Washington’s foreign policy against North Korea when Russia and China know that Washington’s foreign policy is hostile to Russia and China?

Just the other day Washington announced that it was increasing its navy warships in the South China Sea to make sure China doesn’t think the South China Sea is Chinese, instead of American, territorial waters.

Just the other day more election interfering charges were leveled against Russia.

This time Facebook was the mechanism by which Russia stole the US presidential election.

These positions taken by Washington are absurd.

Yet, they are becoming the reality. The frightening development is that the entire world, the entirely of the UN and Security Council are now captured by Washington in The Matrix. It seems that not even Russia and China can any longer see their own national interest.

Russia and China are working hand-in-hand with Washington toward their own demise.

It is becoming biblical.


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No insouciance?I agree with much of what PCR has written. The military-industrial complex and the vigorous defense of a failed currency are leading the country to ruin.The time is now to retreat temporarily from imperial ambitions and tend to neglected areas. America is a tired and bankrupt nation. We no longer live in the 1945-1991 era.

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At least we all know what insouciance means now. I am a fan of expanded vocabulary. The English language in unparalleled for expression, it is only the people who speak it who hold it back. This is mostly a deliberate result by the MSM and government monopoly on education.

Remember hearing that Newspapers were written for a 5th grade education? Nobody who made the decisions thought that was going to be beneficial to the plebes in the long run.

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PCR: both China and Russia are gaining time and finishing up their pipeline projects and silk road initiatives, as well as the CPEC.Once most of that is ready (soon), I believe that China and Russia will give their back towards the U.S., and everybody else willl join in and kick the wounded man mercilessly.Venezuela just de-dollarized and it is a massive kick in the groin to the petrodollar.

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lol.I think people need to stop thinking in terms of countries vs countries. The elites do not think that way. This world situation makes more sence when looked at in terms of, they are all in the same club. All leaders are just following orders. It's the people that need to be convinced. Convinced of the shape of the NWO, through fear and decite.

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wealth follows the same path:control as many minions as possible and leverage their labor into their account. so the asshats voting at the u.n. follow a different path? notreally doubt pcr has a handle on this one. highly doubting china and russia are vassels if push becomes shove...also, how stupid is it for china to think that holding treasuries is wealth. the wealth created fiat was used to make weapons and military bases to keep their ass in check. buy those treasuries and ship your junk you fuking idiots. temporarily winning with the reserve currency backed by bought armament aimed at your face. simple shit if china had a middle class this would be a different game. but they don't because their central planners are too fuking greedy to see the big game and duplicate mericas former is all about sharing the wealth to a majority middle class and extrapalating taxes that allow a balance of growth, dominance, and threat of violence to any other power that advances.merica is streatched to the point of no return. china has played the game well by the transfer of intellectual property thereby circumventing 100 years of euro inovation. stollen right out from under mericas eyes. they use it foolishly if they are to conqueer the world. that is the quest of any great power, holding that empire together never lasts long as greed destroys all that is sought...they are all playing the ponzi fiat game right now. which force of debt will catapult the whole balance out of balance with opposing national interest at play. then is is war on with biggest club and best stategy that rules for a while. 

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Exactly!! N Korea is simply another distraction which the global financial elite need to distract blame from themselves for the grand finale of the ongoing GFC. There will be false flags, atm blank screens, non-functioning plastic cards of all kinds, including EBT, all supply chains in ruins, grid down, massive population reduction, all blamed on the loss of government and the anti-globalist who allegedly caused it all, when in fact it was the beast of centralized government that caused it all. After the pain that lies ahead, it is most important that the survivors understand what really caused the worst human tragedy in history, by far, and not allow that beast to return.

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There is a missing puzzle piece, and I think I found it.It was in another box The 911 event wasn't done by your usual suspects. Remember Regan dribbling on about the desire to unite the world against a common (alien) foe? What other puzzle piece can you offer that is a better fit?I won't take Incredulity as an argument.

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Russia and China rightfully hold D.C. in complete contempt. Just as China plays the central banking ponzi scheme, because they don't give a shit if and when it crashes, they have no intention of honoring the agreement any more than D.C. honors any treaty or agreement. It is all propaganda and psyops for the proles.

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p.s. Seriously though... I hope that prepping for Apocalypse* includes the things that really matter in our daily lives, as the Big Reset unfolds. TP and Toiletries would be on the Top 10 of my list, judging by Venezuela. * For those who don't know, "Apocalypse" simply means "Revelation" (of a big secret). Literally. 

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The big secret is the almighty god. Its a strategy made by the desert bandits in the time of the "Amarna Letters"...there they are described as "Habirus" (Hebrews?). The Egyptians had a very developed divine knowledge, but their "Gods" where powerless. The rise of monotheism and the holy war doctrin destroyed all the high cultures which saw the divine within the Nature. America is a big exemple of nomadic invasion, but no one made more profit from this hypocrisy about the existence of an almighty god and his chosen people than the Jews.Monotheism is a war strategy camouflaged as a Religion.PCR always forget the Germans in the list of resistant countrys who have been destroyed by as Hitler described it as the "internationale Finanzjudentum"

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Pray, let the Holy Spirit guide you :) Remember that Jesus loves you. The kid and I are departing the city to get closer to a life of simple satisfaction and greater self-sufficiency. I may be getting older but I still enjoy playing in the woods :) Wisdom, grace, courage, strength, love, laughter, contentment, will serve you well.. don't forget to include some marshmallows and musical instruments in the prep!

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Divine Inspirer, Giver of Life, is not feminine. The Holy  Spirit loves you too :)

Excellent. I'm making progress.(Struth! Don't smile at me like that.)The MALE deity subsumed all the female deities powers. All of them. Even the power to bring forth life. I'm a male. The only life that I can give birth to, you wouldn't want to cuddle.The Patriarch is a cross dresser. (Have you ever wondered why the Pope wears dresses? Probably not.)Ashera wants her cloths back now, please, if the Patriarch has finished admiring himself in the mirror.Look at what the cross-dresser has done to the Kids. They have absolutely no idea which bit fits in which.Of cause they're confused. Its a single parent family with a cross-dressing father.And it's up to me to reintroduce the kids to their Real, well balanced extended family, from whom they were kidnapped by this schizophrenic unhinged monster.

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Don't spend your hard earned money on an underground bunker that may not protect you from contamination from a thermonuclear war of biblical proportions. Don't spend thousands on food supplies and fire power that may be of no use when everthing around you is radioactive. For a mere $10 monthly subscription we guarantee unlimited protection from selected biblical events or your money back. That's right, once subscribed if you are exposed to a biblical event we offer a full, 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. So protect yourself and subscribe today by entering your credit details below and rest assured, we wont use your personal information for anything dodgy.

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Not quite a pale horse.  The rider on that horse killed with the sword, starvation, and an "invisible" (like poison gas) death.  Hell followed with him, and he only took peace from one quarter of the world- such as Europe, the Eurasian steppe, northern Africa, and the Atlantic.No this horse sets global prices: "a measure of wheat for a penny," he says.  He carries a balance (the symbol of market-place justice).  Whatever you do, do not harm oil... or the wine (of her fornication).  No this rider is on a black horse.  But you are close, and yes... it is getting Biblical.

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What are the contents of the UN agreement that would mean that the sanctions are really meaningful?  Otherwise its just placating the US to give NK more time to complete their weapons.

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This will be a collapse of biblical proportions. Rome took a few hundred years to collapse, as will this fiat reserve currency empire.The collapse of current western society (wwi ww2 --> end) will be talked about for centuries.Whatever religious books are around 1000 years plus, this era will be told of  as being filled with great evil and pain.

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Due to the dependence on fragile technology and the speed of computers, this collapse will be more like Greece than Rome, and that day will soon be upon us. The almost complete lack of self-sufficiency by the vast majority in the land currently known as USA assures the finale of this collapse will be a human tragedy on a truly biblical scale.

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China and Russia can use NK to conquer the world. And they really need to do that, since the US economy will fail imminently, so can no longer support them (especially China). The US will have no choice but to concede defeat, since Russia is a vast space-age nuclear power, and American businesses rely entirely on Chinese factories and shipping. However, NK's weakness is its proximity to China, and its potential to release radioactivity across the region. And the fact that NK is run by a lunatic who doesn't care. Kind of means that it's a lose-lose situation for the global economy and America's wealthy elite. No more Walmart, no more Amazon. No more Apple. No more Chinese manufacturing. All because one crazy guy in a little isolated country was desperate to harness and unleash enough destructive power to wreck the planet. Yes, this is real. This is not a movie or an internet conspiracy.

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The answer to the problem is really quite simple and easily managed - give NK a guarantee that the US nor its allies will attack NK and instead leave them in peace.  In return they will be happy to disengage from their nuclear activities. But that is the last thing that the US will offer.  And therefore, the war of words will continue, as will NK's nuke programme.

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 This is the Switch board number to Washington and the Senate:202-224-3121This is your course of action. 1) Call your Senator's offices and inform them they are fired effective immediately.2) Offer them one chance to retain their job; a motion to reconsider and a subsequent yea vote to repeal the AUMF, as offered by Senator Paul.3) If they decline to answer, send them a formal letter asking for their resignation or suffer the consequences; the public humiliation of a firing for cause, dereliction of duty