Sarah Sanders Lays Out The Many Ways James Comey Broke Federal Laws In Fiery Press Conference

Sarah Sanders' White House press briefings have seemingly become way more entertaining over the past couple of days.  Maybe it's just us, but 'gotcha' questions from the usual narrative-pushing mainstream media outlets that used to be quickly dismissed by Sanders are suddenly being exploited to put on a daily clinic on how to school brain-dead reporters.

The latest example came today after one such reporter had to seek clarification on why Comey's leaking of confidential FBI property to the New York Times might violate federal laws.  Here was Sanders' response:

“The memos that Comey leaked were created on an FBI computer while he was the director.  He claims they were private property, but they clearly followed the protocol of an official FBI document."


"Leaking FBI memos on a sensitive case regardless of classification violates federal laws including the Privacy Act, standard FBI employment agreements, and nondisclosure agreements all personnel must sign. I think that is clean and clear that that would be a violation.”


“The Department of Justice has to look into any allegations of legality, whether or not something is illegal or not — that's not up to me to decide."


“What I've said and what I'm talking about are facts. James Comey's leaking of information, questionable statements under oath, politicizing investigations, those are real reasons for why he was fired and the president's decision was 100 percent right, which we've said multiple times over and over. In fact, I think the more and more we learn, the more and more that's been vindicated."


Of course, Sanders' response could always be even clearer...we highly encourage the New York Times, CNN and/or Wapo to ask additional clarifying questions on this Comey issue tomorrow.


Manthong Dickguzinya Wed, 09/13/2017 - 21:13 Permalink

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If we were only single , I was 20 years younger and she was 20 pounds lighter… I might be going after her. Maybe a sexist comment, but at least it is not racist…. And she has the cajones to handle it.

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Never One Roach fauxhammer Wed, 09/13/2017 - 21:26 Permalink

Why not appoint her AG of the DOJ and fire incompetent Sessons? Her answers are excellent. They inform all those dumb-nuts in that room, as well as anyone in the world listening of the many crimes committed by Comey, DNC, and on and on. Gives her free advertizing for the Trumpmeister while exposing the Swamp Creatures.

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Paul Kersey HelluvaEngineer Wed, 09/13/2017 - 21:23 Permalink

"No rule of law. No one goes to jail."

Tugging on Superman's cape will not turn out to be a good move for the Trump team. If someone does go to jail, it will not be from Team Mueller/Schneiderman.

The emoluments trial, while in front of Obama appointee Judge George Daniels, in October, will be tried on the NY State level. Discovery is going to be a bitch, and the Trump family has a lot of dirty laundry buried in 12 years of family tax returns. Mueller will have his gang of forensic accountants crawling up Trump's ass like a proctologist with a floodlight. This is not the most propitious time for Sarah Huckabee Sanders to be waving the red flag in front of the bull. Remember that you heard it here first.

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