"It's All Fun & War-Games" In Russia, Until...

Amid Russia's largest wargames yet, with over 100,000 taking part in "Zapad 2017" according to NATO, independent news site Fontanka.ru has released footage of a rather shocking event.

Reuters reports that a military helicopter on a rural training exercise in western Russia mistakenly fired rockets at a group of parked vehicles, knocking at least one person to the ground, footage posted by Russian news sites and on social media showed.

The clip below shows a helicopter firing a salvo of rockets at a military truck covered in camouflage netting in open countryside, with three vehicles with no military markings visible, parked a few meters away. A man in civilian clothes who had been standing close to the truck was engulfed in a cloud of dust. The person filming the clip, who was slightly further away, could be seen sprawled on the ground.

The Russian Defence Ministry’s western military district, in a statement cited by Interfax news agency, said that during a training exercise a helicopter’s targeting system had mistakenly acquired a target, but denied anyone had been injured.

The representative cited by Interfax did not say when the incident happened, or where, or if the exercise was part of the “Zapad-2017” war games.

“As a result of a strike by an unguided rocket, a cargo vehicle with no people on board was damaged,” Interfax quoted a representative of the military district as saying.


Hugh_Jorgan yomutti2 Wed, 09/20/2017 - 00:54 Permalink

Nah, pilots probably just half crocked. I've heard that Russian a good portion of their armed forces are drunk much of the time. Of course, I mean "drunk" in by Western standards. By Russian standards, "drunk" means just short of dead of alcohol poisoning, outside of that is just having a drink or two... (or six).

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Mr 9x19 ramius Wed, 09/20/2017 - 03:08 Permalink

lmfao!  Sucks when you try to put on a show for NATO and it turns into a comedy. remember me  recent escort of south korea F15 to defend  f35 & B1B  on Nk borders... and you talk about comedy .... a plane that can't talk to others and cant fly under rain.i prefer human apreciation error of target with fully functionnal device instead of eventually a good pilot in a machine that just can't fly strait. your call...  

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land_of_the_few The Black Bishop Wed, 09/20/2017 - 03:49 Permalink

Did you like this one then.British: Two Killed as U.S. Patriot Shot Down (RAF Tornado) Fighter JetCAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar –  A U.S. Patriot missile battery shot down a British Royal Air Force fighter aircraft Sunday near the Iraqi border with Kuwait. The two fliers on board were killed, the British military said."procedures and electronic means to identify friendly aircraft and to identify adversary aircraft ... broke down somewhere."http://www.foxnews.com/story/2003/03/24/british-two-killed-as-us-patrio…

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The Black Bishop land_of_the_few Wed, 09/20/2017 - 03:58 Permalink

Well, I tend to not laugh when people get killed. Nobody got killed in the helicopter "show off" accident except a lot of property got smashed. But it fits into a long line of fuck ups, thats for sure. I would be amazed if nobody got killed in the Russian accident now though. That explosion looked too close for comfort for the guy walking towards the vehicles. They might deny it, but I wouldnt be too sure.

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To all Russians reading and writing on this site, in 1970 while I was part of NATO in the Fulda Gap in West Germany facing the Warsaw Pact forces we had no maps of E Germany and no plans to cross the border in the event of a conflict.  It was to delay and defeat an attack into West Germany. The Same is true for all forces in the Baltics Nobody knows or plans for crossing the border into Russia. I have never been into Belarus but would like to visit one day. I have been by train to St. Peterburg and seen the Russian countryside and flown to Novosibirsk. Very much like the country of Europe. No desire to give you our problems or take yours.  Not sure who would want to invade Mother Russia given the defeats of Hitler and Napolean. It certainly won't be NATO.

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Rapunzal Yars Revenge Wed, 09/20/2017 - 08:01 Permalink

WW 3 is to destroy the US, the NWO is killing its host that served so well.
First they gave all manufacturing overseas, then they made America look stupid with 9/11 and subsequent wars. But last move is WW3 and America will lose it. The question is how much Americans will feel guilty about it. We can build up again without NWO. They did a similar thing with Germany by creating WW2, the Germans never recovered from that.

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BarkingCat QEpp Wed, 09/20/2017 - 10:03 Permalink

I did not down vote it but I did not find it funny either. Nor truthful.Actually if you watch the end of the video you can see that the guy filming it is wearing camo pants. It's entirely possible that those guys they got nailed by the helicopters were not civilians but part of the military. Even if this was a targeting error and civilians got hit it is not at all unusual.A staff sergeant in my unit got relieved of command of his howitzer because he fucked up not once but twice within one year. Both times his fuck ups resulted in live rounds landing outside of the base. First time was completely harmless and his round ended up going smack into middle of the lake that borders the base. Second time  his round hit a building. Luckily enough it was not occupied. I also remember sleeping wrapped around trees when in the field. Why? Because a convoy of Tanks came through an area that was already occupied by another unit and killed a couple of soldiers by running over the tent. I figured if I'm next to a tree I should be safe because they will see that it and avoid it.

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gregga777 Tue, 09/19/2017 - 23:54 Permalink

Russian military training apparently includes realistic examples of "friendly fire" accidents. It teaches everyone to run for cover whenever they hear the "whop-whop-whop" of chopper blades.