Trump Prevented War Between Saudi Arabia And Qatar In Last Minute: Report

In what may be the most bizarre news of the day, Bloomberg reports that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were "close to taking military action in the early stages of their ongoing dispute with Qatar", until Donald Trump called the leaders of both countries and warned them to back off; in other words, Trump's intervention prevented yet another gulf war, which if true will make the U.S. Millitary-Industrial complex very unhappy as Trump's peace effort likely cost US offense defense companies tens of billions in lost profits.

As Bloomberg writes, confirming reports from early June that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were inches away from war leading to the mobilization of Qatar's army, Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E., which both have a penchant for using their brand new weapons purchases from the US in the most practical of ways, were looking at ways to remove the Qatari regime, which they accused of sponsoring terrorism and cozying up to Iran. However, Trump told Saudi and U.A.E. leaders that any military action would trigger a crisis across the Middle East that would only benefit the Iranians.

It wasn’t clear when the conversations took place. The Saudis, backed by the U.A.E. and two other regional allies, broke off diplomatic ties with Qatar in early June, imposed an economic embargo and cut transport links. They’ve since issued multiple demands, including the closure of Qatar-based broadcaster Al Jazeera, that haven’t been met. Qatar denies all the accusations and accuses the Saudis of seeking to dominate smaller neighbors.

Of course, Saudi Arabia denied that military action was ever considered". The allegations are entirely incorrect, have already been denied, and amount to nothing more than typically misleading Qatari propaganda", said a Saudi official source familiar with the matter. At least they didn't blame Russia.

Separately, Emirati officials have said in the past that the dispute can only be resolved by political, not military, means.

Still, despite avoiding war, the standoff has yet to be resolved, despite efforts by Kuwait to mediate. Trump made a push to settle it this month, after talks in Washington with Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah. He failed.

The U.S. president made a flurry of calls with Gulf leaders, saying the dispute was distracting U.S. allies from forging a united front against Iran.

Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, told the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Tuesday that the blockade amounted to a “betrayal” by the Saudis and their allies. He said his country is open to dialogue, but won’t be dictated to.

Outlining his mediation efforts at a press conference with Trump, Sheikh Sabah said: “Thank God, what’s important is that we stopped any military thing.” The Saudi-led coalition responded with a statement saying that a “military solution was never and will never be on the table.”

Meanwhile, speaking to reporters during his meeting with the Qatari Emir this afternoon near the UN, Trump denied everything and according to Bloomberg said he "didn't warn the Saudis on military action against Qatar." In other words, everyone denied the story which is all we needed to hear. The question is if tensions between the gulf neighbors pick up again to the point of military intervention, will Trump succeed again.


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 I am just glad no nation in the Middle East with nukes is testing ICBMs, like North Korea.  Trump might have to rain down fire and fury.

On June 20, 2017, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) said it had successfully test-fired its Long-Range Artillery (LORA) system from a containerized launcher on the back of a truck sitting on the deck of a cargo ship. The state-operated firm first unveiled the mobile ballistic missile back in 2006. The experiment, which destroyed a pre-planned target, was part of final trials ahead of “several deals that involve the system,” according to a press release.…

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Fun fact:  If someone could just get the Saudis to stop bombing Yemen, the Middle East (inclusive of North Africa) would be the most 'AT PEACE' since before WW2. Heck it already is even WITH the Yemen situation. Peace in our time.  Seriously.There are NO mass civilian casualities taking place anywhere. Mop-up on ISIS, some action in Afghanistan (but mostly civilian deaths in small numbers), bit of this n that in Libya.HEY MSM!!!  WE HAVE PEACE IN THE MIDEAST AND YOU DON'T GIVE A SHIT!!!FUCK YOU AND YOUR BLOOD-SOAKED ISRAELI-SAUDI-NEOLIBCON NARRATIVE!!!God bless America, and God bless peace for the ordinary people of the world.

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BREAKING: Israel just sent 36 F-16s to Erbil Airport. Israel has told Bagdhad to pound sand.Turkey has taken down the Kurdish flag at Ibrahim Khalil, and blocked the crossing with increased military presenceAsyrian peoples loving the BarzaniVote is still planned for Sept 25thChevron and Rosneft have inked a deal to build a pipeline to Europe through Kurdistan / TurkeyBret McGurk came to see Barzani and ask that he postpone the referendum, the US offered (0) zero in return. Barzani told him to pound sand.BT 

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RUSSIAN NATURAL GAS AGREEMENT Özdemir emphasized that Barzani is in an effort to pull Russia to his side. "There was a news" Yesterday, "Arbil made an agreement with Rosneft to build a gas pipeline". However, Rosneft personally explained that negotiations between the parties still have not been signed yet. In fact, before the referendum, the known topics are discussed. Erbil is trying to give a message to Turkey by distorting some of them. If we look at Konnu from a wider perspective, we have been in Russia's national oil company Rosneft for several years now, along with General Energy, Exxon, DNO and the Turkish company Turkish Energy Company, which have been operating in Erbil for many years. In June, Rosneft provided access to both the petroleum trade and the pipeline, as well as some pre-payment fields in northern Iraq. Russia is trying to pull Russia to the side of the Barzani administration to make a referendum on the role of a new playmaker in the region through the state company Rosneft. In this context, while negotiating between gas pipelines, the response from Erbil continues to be misleading in the manner of the end of the deal, while Rosneft's negotiations are still underway. Moreover, this approach, which shows that Russia wants to establish a new acceptable balance between Arbil-Baghdad-Ankara in the region, used the expressions of postponing the referendum of northern Iraq ".… 

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“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.” Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld

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RIGHT! ogh totally! you see trumpstein is peacenik dincha know??the guy who bombed syria 3 days in eating beatiful chocolate babies while xi was laughing his ass off at our beautiful weapons stopped a war ...but only AFTER he put his hands on the Orb ratfucked the Qataris after they pulled out of 666 building and sold the goat fucking wahabi arabs 700 billion in weapons so they can massacre the yemenis...yup lets give this monkey the nobel peace prize!  trump talking soveriengty and the marshall plan BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA only shitcanned ratfuck zhABCmediaLTD whiggers believe this trash after someone reads it to them

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This article is total deep state BS! The CIA and MI6 ( to later include the Mossad ) have their fingerprints all over the ME since WWII! Qatar is simply getting wise to the failed Syria pipeline game, and looking out for its interests by working with Iran, China, Russia and Turkey.

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President Trump is a smart businessman. He knows a war in the gulf would send oil prices skyrocketing and it would absolutely destroy the US economy. It's nice to see some fake news media outlets finally giving credit to president Trump after bashing him for so long.

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Then,he shouldn't have started the BS regarding Qatar saying that Qatar(after Iran ,of course) is the biggest sponsor of terrorism(they did sponsor it,but compared to the US,UK ,Israel and Saudi Arabia,they are small children).Remember he,with the other Gulf states(SA,UAE) started this ? when he visited the biggest terrorist states in the ME,SA and Israel? and did the sword dance and wahhabi orb thing?

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The world is fed up with US. They bring nothing but death and
Misery where ever they set foot.

Just mind your own country build up your bankrupt economy.

No one hates you. You were the shining beacon of hope and freedom before.

What happened????)?

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What happened was the world was unwilling to stop terrorists from setting up shop in their countries, and then the terrorists started attacking US assets at which time they had to be rooted out and exterminated. If you are not willing to stop the terrorists in your contry from attacking US assets, then the US is going to come in and do it for you. That's the way they are and I for one don't blame them, because throughout the 90's culminating with 9-11, there were a crescendo of attacks against the US that went unanswered. There's only so long you can irritate a gorilla before he gets up and crushes you.You say the world is "fed up with the US" yet they are happy to take $50 billion a month from them in trade. If they hated the US so much, why do they do business with them ? Rather hypocritical. If the US did not intervene to bring order in the parts of the world where it defends its interests or the interests of democracy, the world would be a series of fiefdoms or miniature Soviet Unions where dictators would subjugate their people in order to satisfy their own egos. You already see such places, such as North Korea and much of the Milddle East. The number of such places and the ability of those ditators to do damage to their neighbors and the world would be significantly greater without the existential pressure the US brings to keep these clowns inside tightly defined geographical and ideological borders. Similar circumstances existed in the lead up to WWI, and then the small fiefdoms magnified their respective powers through alliances that made them stronger than they were individually. Once dictators believe they have enough power to expend their control, they usually start conflicts and grab as much territory as their military is able to provide them. Since the end of the WWII, the US has led a coalition of countries willing to stand against such totalitarianism. Your response should make the US think twice about how it performs its work, insofar as they could achieve their objectives without the calumny of ungrteful litte bastards like you being thrown back in their faces. Frankly, it would be far cheaper and perhaps most effective to contain the reach of these dictaters so as to protect US interests, and then let them do what they want to their own people. 

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Every word that you just wrote is pablum, pre-digested pap.WW1 was rich Jews backing Churchill, then him steering theLusitania into U-boat waters, to sucker the USA into Europe.WW2 was the Jew Bolsheviks expanding Westward, and theRothschilds again working with London to create New Zion.10,000,000s died and USA was BEGGARED, twice, for Zion.Those wars had no more to do with 'our interests' than OEF.Read '200 Years Together' by SolzhenitzenRead 'The Conquest of Bread' by KropotkinLearn your real history, instead of Encyclopedia BBC/CFR.

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You forgot the part ,the most important one,where the terrorists were created ,armed,trained by M Eye 6,Mo$$ad and See eye Ayyy! It started with the m Eye 6 supporting and growing an insignificant movement in Egypt,called Muslem Brotherhood,who later metastazised into AlQaeda,then ISIS.This tradition was passed on to the daughter of Britain,US. See Eye Ayy created,armed and funded the mujahedeens in Afghanistan.Osama bin Laden(aka col Tim Osman) was on the See Eye Ayy payroll.Have you  seen him with Zbigniew Brzezinski in multiple youtube videos? How about the Talibans at the White House with Reagan?ISIS was formed (with US knowledge and help),after the Iraq invasion,from Saddam's high ranking officers who were sacked by Murka+with recruitment of criminals,crazy,destitute people from 80 countries.They were given training in Jordan(the Hashemite king is a POS)and lots and lots of weapons ,by the same three agencies.And drugs,captagon. Remember that their so called "caliph" was released from a US prison and then,miraculously become ISIS caliph?SA provided the ideology and money,US,UK,Israel the training,weapons and movement of terrorists.Have you seen the multiple heliborne operations of US airforce,saving the ISIS/Alqaeda leaders and transporting them elsewhere? Documented .How about what Russians asked a few days ago:how come that US/Kurds advanced toward Deir Ezzor,into ISIS held territory,without any documented fight? The Russians did not see any fight done on that territory.How about the fact that the biggest  ISIS attack against the Syrian army comes from the US/Kurd held territory? Could it be that ISIS metamorphosed into the Kurds?Or these are just minor ,inconsequentials details ?There was no Arab terrorism until the creation of the Zionist Entity in the ME by the UK and the Salafist Entity(SA) by the same,and later proped by the petrodollar by the US.Period. 

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